Apple iMac MK142LL/A

Apple iMac MK142LL/A Guide to a Sleek, All-in-One Machine with Great Display, Mouse, Keyboard, and More

Looking for an all-in-one computer with a sleek appearance? With a stunning design and thin enclosure made from aluminum and glass, the Apple iMac MK142LL/A is a gorgeous computer. It packs powerful computing capabilities and speed into a 5-mm, 21.5-inch display. The IPS monitor is widescreen and has a 1920×1080 full HD native resolution. The latest version of the OS X system is integrated onto the computer.

Expand the machine’s capabilities with the Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 technology. Data can be transferred at high speeds. The USB 3.0 ports allow for file transfers of up to 10x faster speeds than those of USB 2.0 ports. Connect all of your compatible devices, such as your iPod, iPad, iPhone, digital camera, etc… with the iMac.

While the 21.5-inch display is nice enough, the computer supports full native resolution up to 3840×2160 on external monitors. Support for external display connection is provided. If space is a problem in your home or office, this all-in-one computer is the perfect solution. Not only is everything packed neatly into the display, it comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard to help reduce cable clutter. The Magic Mouse supports smooth clicking, swiping and scrolling gestures. The Magic Keyboard is island-style and features volume control and chiclet keys. The “Lightning” Cable is provided to keep the mouse and keyboard charged up.

Specs for the Apple iMac MK142LL/A are:

• Intel Core i5 processor (1.6GHz 5th Gen) dual-core with 2.7GHz MaxTurbo Speed
• LPDDR3 SDRAM 8GB memory 1867MHz speed
• 3MB installed L3 cache / 3MB cache each processor
• Display: Type LED IPS monitor with LED-backlight
• SATA 3GB / s 5400RPM 1TB HDD storage
• Power supply with AC 120 / 230 V or 50 / 60 Hz
• Apple OS X newest Sierra

Apple iMac MK142LL/A Bluetooth and Other Device Connections

Don’t worry if you’ve never used an Apple PC before. For every Windows program or app there is an equivalent with this machine and its OS. It is compatible with all other types of Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad. Some of the pre-installed apps include Dashboard, iMovie, iPhoto, AirPlay, Keynote, iBooks, and all of the social media essentials like Twitter and Facebook.

The Bluetooth 4.0 interface also allows you to sync data and information with compatible devices. Wirelessly transfer all of your music, photo albums, documents, etc. Keep this all-in-one machine connected to home or office internet network wirelessly, thanks to 802.11 ac technology.

There are a lot of positive Apple iMac MK142LL/A reviews, with consumers praising features such as its sleek design, easy setup, mouse and keyboard, good syncing capabilities, and overall quality.

Luckily, this iMac all-in-one can fit just about any budget. Money should never be a factor, as Apple coupons and discounts are always available. Look over Apple iMac MK142LL/A promo codes and you will surely find one that will help you get the best deal possible.

For prices, check out the Apple computers page.

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