Dell XPS 14 Guide – What Makes This Notebook So Great? What Are Your Customization Options?

If you want a notebook that can handle 3D graphics and demanding multimedia, then the Dell XPS 14 might just be for you. This system is designed to keep up with any tasks you throw at it. It really stands out among the other notebooks on the market due to its large hard drive, 3rd Generation Intel Core processor, and more.

As soon as you take it out of the box, you will notice its attractive appearance. Its precision-cut body is made out of a single block of aluminum. Even though it has a tough build, it’s still nice and sleek. The silicone base keeps it cool to the touch. You won’t have to worry about this notebook overheating. The keyboard and touchpad are easy and comfortable to use.

The default graphics are pretty impressive. The integrated Intel HD graphics (4000) makes it easy to run most games and software. For more intense 3D applications, you might want to go with the NVIDIA graphics it’s compatible with. You’ll get the option to choose the graphics when you place your order.

Other features are configurable as well, including the memory, hard drive, and processor. As mentioned above, the processor is a 3rd Generation model. The standard option is an i5, although you can go with an i7 if you wish. You can choose either 4 GB or 8 GB of memory. The hard drive that comes with the Dell XPS 14 is a 500 GB model with an additional 32 GB mSATA. You can choose a 512 GB solid state drive if you would prefer it over an HDD.

Networking With the Dell XPS 14

Whether you want to use this notebook at home or on the go is entirely up to you. You can use it whenever and wherever you want, thanks to its wireless technology and long battery life. You can expect up to 11 hours of battery life, depending on which battery you choose. The keyboard is backlit, so you should be able to type in any lighting condition.

As for the display, the 14-inch screen has edge-to-edge glass. It has a full HD resolution which provides you with amazing views. The colors and contrast are amazing. Text is displayed nicely, and you won\t have to strain your eyes in order to read what\s on the screen.

In summary, the Dell XPS 14 is a must-have notebook that offers just about anything a user could want: portability, wireless technology, fast speeds, nice appearance, etc. No matter what you want to use it for, you can count on it to provide you with the performance you need for getting the task done.

Dell XPS 14 reviews are mostly positive, as everyone seems to be impressed with this notebook and its performance. If you want to order one for yourself, you can customize it with the features you think you’ll need. Check out some Dell coupons to help you get a good deal on the notebook and accessories for it.

Dell XPS 15 Review – Why is This Such a Wonderful Notebook? What Does it Have to Offer to Users?

If there’s one notebook that has been receiving a lot of praise as of late, it’s the Dell XPS 15. Dell has always been notorious with its manufacturing of great notebooks, and this one is no different. In fact, some would say it’s even one of the brand’s best.

So, what’s so great about it? For starters, it has some great workmanship. It’s obvious that a lot of planning has gone into the design and build. The lid and enclosures are manufactured from a single block of aluminum. The interior has a soft-touch surface made out of silicone coating. Everything from the keyboard to the touchpad is pleasant to touch. Overall, the XPS 15 has a sturdy build, yet sleek appearance.

It’s not surprising that a notebook with such a great design would also have good connectivity. It comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports, including a PowerShare feature for charging USB devices. A mini DisplayPort connection offers high-resolution output to monitors up to 30-inches. Larger displays, such as high definition televisions, can also be used with this notebook thanks to the HDMI port. Users can expect some pretty fast syncing rates when transferring files back and forth between this notebook and other devices.

As for the display, the Dell XPS 15 comes with a 15.6-inch screen that provides amazing illumination. It offers a full HD display (1080p), which contains nearly twice as many pixels as the standard definition for screens (720p). This results in finer details and lines for images and clearer text.

The notebook offers incredible power and speed, as it’s compatible with the latest generation processors and graphics. The processor it comes with is a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 model. If that’s not enough, users have the option to go with an i7 (3632QM) processor. As for the memory, the system can handle up to 16 GB. This is more than what the average desktop offers! The standard option for the XPS 15 is 8 GB of memory, with the option of going up to 12 GB or 16 GB.

Graphics Options for the Dell XPS 15

NVIDIA GeForce graphics power this notebook, making it a great choice for those who want to turn it into an entertainment machine. A 1 GB version and 2 GB version are both available. Consumers can choose which GeForce GT graphics they want when placing their order online.

When it comes down to it, the Dell XPS 15 is a must-have notebook for any type of user. Its graphics, memory, and fast processor empower it so that it can handle just about any task. It can even multi-task with ease. In addition to being able to perform impressively, it also has a nice aesthetics.

Now is your chance to find out why there are so many positive Dell XPS 15 reviews. If you want to order this notebook online, you can find some helpful Dell discount offers. You really can afford a notebook like this – just as long as you make use of promo codes.

Dell Studio XPS 9100 Review – Advanced Performance and Vast Expandability

When you have demanding computing jobs and need a truly powerful computer, you do not need to look any further than the Dell Studio XPS 9100. This premier product is certainly amongst the most advanced computers in the market today and hardly has a competitor. It is the ideal PC for multitasking and gaming.

The features that make this computer stand out include a very powerful processor (quad core i7-960) with the option of a six core i7-980X upgrade for more demanding jobs. Add to this the installed Nvidia GeForce G310 and you have the ideal computer for the most advanced graphics. The computer also has acres of storage space. The standard memory provided is 3GB but you can upgrade it to a staggering 24GB. Hard drive storage also goes up to 2TB. The computer comes with a G310 graphics card but, should your graphics job require more punch, you can replace this with several ATI options. Other upgrade options available include the insertion of dual optical drives and WiFi. You are also given the option of Blu-ray and a TV tuner.

The processors featured in this computer make it one of the fastest in the market. It guarantees that you will be able to multitask and perform data transfer at lightning speeds. In addition to providing excellent graphics, this computer will be ideal for creating and watching videos. To enable you expand when the need arises, you are provided wqith 6 DIMM slots.

Dell Studio XPS 9100 Optical Drive

The computer’s Blu-ray disc option enables you to use it to watch movies. Moreover, you could connect it to an external TV or monitor through the HDMI port provided. The computer’s operating system is Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and you are also provided with spyware protection for one year. Each Studio XPS 9100 comes pre-installed with 2GB of Dell’s DataSafe software.

The computer is also very stylish and elegant. Opening and closing it whenever you need to upgrade is easy as no opening tools are needed.

The Studio XPS 9100 is simply a monster and, as you would expect, is one of the priciest in the market today. The goods news, however, is that you can reduce the purchase price substantially if you have Dell discount coupons. These coupons enable you to receive discounts on this computer and other Dell products. Obtaining the coupons is fast and easy because they are available online and you could get yours instantly.

As this Dell Studio XPS 9100 review has shown, you cannot go wrong with this high performer.

Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A Guide – What Kinds of Features and Technology Does This Apple Computer Offer?

Don’t ever pass up a chance to get a great notebook – especially a 15.4-inch model with the Apple logo. A computer like the Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A will provide you with everything you need for work, school, entertainment, etc.

One of the first things consumers notice about this MacBook is its neat unibody closure. It’s a thin mobile computer crafted out of a single block of aluminum. The glass trackpad and LED-backlit display add to the aesthetic appeal.

Since there are no buttons on the trackpad, there is more room for maneuvering your fingers. If you’re used to having buttons on a trackpad, you’ll find that this smooth, glass trackpad is easy to get used to. You can do a variety of multi-touch gestures, including rotating, scrolling, pinching, swiping, etc.

The system is powered by an Intel Core i7 (2.3 GHz) processor. With the Turbo Boost technology, which accelerates the processor speed whenever you need extra power, the i7 can get up to 3.3 GHz. This is considerably more than what a standard Windows-based notebook has to offer.

Speaking of the operating system, this computer comes with the OS X Mountain Lion. A variety of useful apps and software run smoothly with this OS: Safari, iTunes, iLife, iPhoto, iTime Machine, the Mac App Store, and many more.

You can connect the MacBook up to many different peripherals and high definition displays. With its two USB 3.0 ports, high-speed Thunderbolt port, HDMI port, etc., there are plenty of connectivity options. You can turn this machine into an entertainment hub for your home.

If your job requires you travel a lot, you can carry the MD103LL/A around with you easily.

The hard drive is a Serial ATA model with 500 GB of storage space. This is much more storage than most users need. The optical drive is a slot loading SuperDrive (8x). The installed RAM is 4 GB (1600 MHz), which is upgradable to 8 GB.

Graphics Card of the Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A

When you use the MacBook for general day-to-day tasks, the built-in Intel HD graphics processor (4000) is all you need. However, you might want to add a NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics processor to your order if you plan on editing 3D software and/or playing games.

Another great feature is the integrated webcam. You can have video chat sessions with your friends and colleagues in high definition. The technology behind the FaceTime camera (720p) allows you to communicate with users of other Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

Now you know why many laptop buyers are putting their trust in Apple. The Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A is one of the best computers money can buy. It can handle games, downloading sessions, video chatting, 3D software, and more. Whether you take it with you on the road or keep it at home, you can trust that it will provide you with the performance you need for just about any task.

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Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A Review: Why is This MacBook a Must-Have? What Kind of Technology Does it Offer?

So many people are used to Windows-based notebooks that they don’t think to give MacBooks a try. This is a shame, since notebooks like the Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A have a lot more to offer than the standard laptop. Everything from the aluminum build to the OS X Lion software makes this computer a must-have.

With its 17-inch screen size and 1920×1200 resolution, the MD311LL/A makes a great replacement to a desktop PC. It takes up less desk space than a desktop yet it still comes with a large display and a powerful processor. You can still carry it around with you if you want to take advantage of its mobile features and Wi-Fi capabilities. The wireless technology makes this computer compatible with 802.11 a/b/g networks.

This MacBook has high-speed Thunderbolt technology (input/output). This technology is capable of transferring up to 10 gigabits of data per second. You can connect any other peripheral, such as a digital camera or mp3 player, to the computer, and transfer files back and forth at very high speeds.

If anything, the trackpad might take a bit of getting used to, considering it lacks buttons. However, your fingers will have extra room to move around. You will find the multi-touch gestures to be easy to learn. It’s an intuitive touchpad that supports gestures such as swiping, rotating, inertial scrolling, pinching, etc.

What about the graphics? Once you get the hang of the trackpad mechanisms, you might want to edit some software or play some games. The great thing about the MD311LL/A is that it can handle two graphics processors by automatically switching back and forth between them. It’s compatible with both integrated Intel HD graphics and AMD Radeon HD graphics.

Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A’s Processor Details

The processor is an Intel Core i7 (2.4 GHz) quad-core model with a 6 MB shared cache. This type of processing power allows for smooth multi-tasking. The base memory that this MacBook comes with is 4 GB of RAM. If you think you will need more memory, you can order up to 8 GB with your order. As for the hard drive, you can expect 750 GB of storage space in the form of a SATA drive. The rotation speed of the hard drive is 5400 rpm. The optical drive is a DVD writer/rewriter.

Users of the Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A can expect a great deal of performance and speed. Not only does it offer more than a standard notebook, it’s also built out of quality aluminum and glass. The LED display and trackpad are made out of the highest quality glass imaginable. This MacBook can last for a very long time.

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Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A – A MacBook with an Omnidirectional Microphone, Dual-Core Processor, Turbo Boost Technology & More

You can’t go wrong with a third-generation Intel Core processor and an omnidirectinal microphone. These are just two of the many great features that the Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A comes with. It’s built to deliver performance levels that are several times better and faster than those of standard notebooks.

This machine has a 13.3-inch widescreen display. The screen is protected by edge-to-edge glass. You can view images and text in 1280×800 pixel resolution. If you would prefer a larger display, you can connect it to any compatible monitor or television. Just watch all of your favorite movies and videos on the big screen.

Since this is a lightweight system, you can easily haul it wherever you want to go. It’s an ideal mobile companion – especially considering it features wireless networking and is 802.11 a/b/g compatible. The battery can last a full 7 hours if you choose the power-saving settings.

The MD102LL/A has a 2.9 GHz dual-core processor. With Turbo Boost technology, it can get up to 3.6 GHz. The hard drive has a storage capacity of 750 GB. It’s a fast hard drive as well, with a RPM of 5400. You get to decide how much RAM you need, and your choices are 4 GB and 8 GB (1600 MHz).

Like every MacBook Pro, this system comes with the X Mountain Lion operating system. Many experts and consumers alike consider it to be superior to Windows. It’s an advanced operating system that’s easy to learn.

Software Additions to Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A

There is plenty of great software built into the Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A. This software, along with the OS X Mountain Lion, is a fully integrated system. You can expect everything to work together perfectly. The software includes Apple FaceTime, Safari, iLife, iPhoto, GarageBand, and many more useful applications.

As mentioned above, one of the best features of this MacBook is its omnidirectional microphone, which is compatible with the integrated subwoofer and stereo speakers. The most amazing audio imaginable is delivered right to your ears. You’ll also get clear audio whenever you participate in video chats with your friends. The 720p FaceTime HD camera makes video chatting a simple process.

You can get some pretty impressive graphics out of this machine, thanks to the integrated Intel HD 4000 processor. Most applications run smoothly with next-generation graphics processor, which is several times faster than the previous Intel HD 3000 graphics.

Overall, the Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A is a good, affordable mobile computer that comes with flexibility, speed, and performance. You can either accept the standard configurations or go with some upgrades. Since each and every part is built to last, you won’t have to buy a new PC for a long time to come.

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Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/A Review – What Can Users Expect with This Awesome MacBook?

Don’t settle for a typical notebook when you can get something superior: a MacBook with the OS X Mountain Lion. The operating system for the Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/A is superior to Windows. This system is also equipped with great hardware and software both. Some of the features can even be customized.

The only thing it doesn’t come with is an optical drive. However, you really won’t need one considering that the OS X Mountain Lion allows for you to wirelessly use the optical drive of another Mac or PC. If you have to take the MD213LL/A with you when you travel, you can simply connect an optical drive to one of the USB ports.

Additional mobile features include ultra-fast Wi-Fi networking and the latest Bluetooth technology. Since the machine doesn’t weigh very much at all, it’s easy to carry around. You’ll be able to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere.

This machine comes with a 13.3-inch Retina display. With millions of pixels, it offers a superior viewing experience to say the least. Graphics and text look incredibly sharp. From a normal distance, the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. You will notice textures and details in images like never before. The native resolution is 2560×1600. The display uses innovative IPS technology in order to provide users with a very wide viewing angle. You can see everything clearly from almost any angle. If the 13.3-inch display isn’t enough, you can expect the same amount of quality if you connect the MacBook to a large high-definition television.

Processor of the Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/A

The processor is an i5 dual-core model at 2.6 GHz. With Turbo Boost technology, it can get up to 3.1 GHz. There is 8 GB of onboard memory (1600 MHz), so you can expect plenty of speed when you want to run your favorite programs. The i5 processor and 8 GB of memory make multi-tasking an easy process.

Speaking of speed, the transfer rate for this MacBook is much higher than that of the previous generation. Two Thunderbolt ports allow you to transfer data at superfast speeds. Turn this notebook into a versatile workstation. Hook a variety of peripherals up to it via USB 3.0 ports.

You can also expect speed with the flash-based architecture. The system comes with 256 GB of flash storage. Since there is no standard hard drive, the MD213LL/A is lighter and faster than other notebooks. Whenever you run programs, you can expect them to be fast and responsive.

The Apple MacBook Pro MD213LL/A offers most users what they need for doing their favorite tasks and running important programs. Whether you’re looking for a notebook to handle your day-to-day tasks, homework, entertainment, etc., you can’t go wrong with Apple.

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Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A Review – A Look at the MacBook’s Video Processors, RAM, Display, & More

These days, Windows-based laptops are a dime a dozen. They are affordable yes, but they become outdated in no time at all. If you want a portable PC that comes with advanced technology, you should consider investing in the Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A. MacBooks have always had a superior build compared to standard laptops. This model is designed to provide you with all of the performance you need.

This device measures just 0.71-inches thick and weighs less than 5 pounds. The Retina display is an innovative Apple screen that can support up to 5.1 million pixels. The pixel density is so high that it’s impossible for the human eye to distinguish individual pixels. Images and text look extremely sharp – especially with the native 2880×1800 resolution.

The MC975LL/A comes with a 2.3 GHz i7 quad core processor. With turbo boost technology, it can get up to 3.3 GHz. The speed dynamically accelerates whenever you need that extra boost of power.

How much RAM do you typically use with your regular workload or gaming? This MacBook comes with 8 GB of installed memory. If that isn’t enough for your needs, you can go all the way up to 16 GB of RAM.

This portable machine comes with plenty of connectivity options, including two USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports. You can connect your high definition television and digital devices up to the MacBook. If you want to use it as a mobile companion, you can expect around seven hours of battery life per charge.

Hard Drive Capacity of the Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A

One of the best things about the Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A is its flash based architecture. Since there is no fixed hard drive, the system has a super-fast startup and shutdown speed. The flash storage has a 256 GB capacity, which means you’ll have plenty of space to save your files and documents.

There is plenty of flexibility with the graphics since the MC975LL/A can hold two video processors: an integrated Intel HD Graphics model (4000) AND a discrete NVIDIA GeForce model. This amount of graphics power enables the user to run just about any program or task imaginable. You’ll be able to multitask all you want without any problems.

It’s easy to stay connected to the internet since this MacBook comes with advanced Wi-Fi technology. Its wireless networking is 802.11 a/b/g compatible. Bluetooth 4.0 is also available for this computer.

Since the Apple MacBook Pro MC975LL/A comes with so many advanced features and superior technology, you can count on it lasting for years to come. If you’ve never had a MacBook Pro before, then this one is a great one to start with.

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HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition: An Affordable Laptop That Comes with Innovative Technology & Several Configuration Options

There are so many advanced, expensive laptops out there that the simple ones sometimes get overshadowed. If you’re just looking for an affordable laptop that can handle your day-to-day computing tasks, then you might be interested in the HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition. Even though it’s not as advanced or as powerful as a multimedia laptop, however, doesn’t mean it lacks a good processor or decent amount of memory. In fact, it offers a lot of value for its affordable price.

One area where it really stands out is its processing power. The Quad Edition actually comes with a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor, yet it’s no more costly than a desktop that offers a 3rd generation i7 processor.

The base memory is an 8 GB (2 DIMM) model. This is more than what most people need to do their daily tasks. If you still want more, however, you can upgrade to 12 GB or 16 GB. It’s not necessary to add 16 GB of RAM to a notebook unless you really plan on using programs with intense 3D graphics and playing a lot of games.

The battery life is pretty impressive for this PC. It comes with a 6-cell lithium battery that can be upgraded to a 9-cell battery. You can also go with two 9-cell batteries (lithium-ion) if you want. On average, the battery life will last five to six hours, depending on the settings and configurations.

The Quad Edition comes with plenty of innovative technology, which is exclusive to HP. The SimplePass feature allows you to sign on to your notebook with just a swipe of your finger. The only person who will be allowed to access your important files is the user, since the user’s password is their fingerprint.

HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition Temperature Safety

The CoolSense technology will keep the temperature nice and cool. The temperature is automatically adjusted based on settings and usage. Even if you have a lot of heavy graphics running, CoolSense will still prevent overheating.

The hard drive this system comes with is a 750 GB (5400 rpm) mode. It comes with ProtectSmart hard drive protection technology. There is an option for a 7200 rpm model if you want something a bit faster. If you prefer hybrid hard drives, you can go with a 750 GB model (7200 rpm). The optical drive is a SuperMulti (8x) DVD writer/player with dual layer support. You can add a Blu-Ray player as well if you want.

All in all, the HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition is a “simple” notebook that can do just about everything a more advanced laptop can do – and it’s available at an affordable price. There are many great options you can choose from when you configure it, and you can easily turn it into your dream laptop.

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HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition – A Great Multimedia Laptop That Delivers Speed, Performance, & Superior Sound

HP has built a lot of fine laptops over the years. Their laptops always come with the newest technology in the industry. The HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition is no exception to this, with its fast and powerful processors. You can download media quickly and keep your applications running smoothly. If you’re out to buy a laptop that can handle your every need, then this model is a great choice.

Many people choose to use this laptop for entertainment, and with its superb display, decent graphics performance, and quality sound, it’s no wonder. The amazing audio comes out of the Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer. You can carry the laptop around with you and enjoy your entertainment wherever you go thanks to the Select Edition’s wireless technology and long-lasting battery life. The battery can last for up to 9 hours per charge, depending on the settings you select.

The notebook is powered by a 3rd generation Intel core processor (i5 model) at 2.5 GHz. It can go up to 3.1 GHz with Turbo Boost technology. If that isn’t enough for your needs, you have the option of upgrading to an i7 model for even better performance.

How much graphics power do you think you’ll need? The system comes with integrated HD graphics (4000). However, if you want to play games with 3D graphics, you might want to go with a NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics card, which includes 2048 MB of dedicated video memory. Don’t worry about cost – the great thing about HP laptops is that there are usually promo codes going around which help online shoppers save.

RAM and Hard Drive Specifications for the HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition

Another feature you have the option of upgrading is the memory. The HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition comes with 8 GB of system memory (DDR3), with options to upgrade to 12 GB or 16 GB. Most users find 8 GB to be plenty enough, so you might not have to upgrade unless you think you’ll really need an extra boost of RAM and speed.

The hard drive is a 750 GB (5400 rpm) model. If you’d prefer a hybrid hard drive, you can choose a model that has 750 GB of storage space (7200 rpm). This laptop also comes with room for an optical drive. It’s up to you whether you want to add a Blu-Ray player/writer or not.

Overall, the HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition gives exceptional performance. It can be customized as a gaming PC if you’d prefer the flexibility of a laptop rather than a gaming desktop. You can keep it at home or take it out with you wherever you go as a portable companion – the choice is yours.

As mentioned above, there are ways to save when it comes to HP computers. With HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Select Edition discounts, you should be able to get this great laptop at an affordable price. There are tons of positive reviews on the Select Edition, so order your laptop today to find out why everyone loves it so much!