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Get The #1 Cheap Gaming PC And Play For Much Less Than $1,000

Are you looking for a new gaming PC? Searching for one is a big nightmare. You are constantly hit with technical details such as “SSD” or “RAM” with no clue what to choose. You see amazing computers with state-of-the-art specs that cost well over $1,500, but they are way out of your budget. This keeps you stuck on the most important question at hand – which computer to choose?

What You Did Wrong Until Now – And How We’ll Make It RIGHT and FAST

Until now you read specifications of several computers and tried to decide. Because of that, your mind is now full of useless information. You want to be a gamer and enjoy the latest video games, but you also want to stay in budget. It’s very easy to get lost in upgrades and demands of people who pretend to be super-gamers. You can easily hit over $2,000 for a computer that will be much more than you need. Too much information can cause confusion. We have a totally different approach.

We did all the work for you. Read reviews, looked at technical specifications, and found out what actual users are saying about each and every gaming PC available for sale. After doing so, it became very clear that one computer stands above them all. It has everything a gamer needs and will keep your bank account safe. We highly recommend this computer and think you have no reason to look any further. Looking even more will probably just confuse you.

Can’t Wait? Get The Best Gaming PC Now

You Wouldn’t Believe What’s Included In This Computer

Technical specs can be boring, so we won’t go over all of them. Just the important ones that make us sure that this is indeed the best possible gaming computer available today for people under a budget.

8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor

This is the current state-of-the-art processor for gaming. Firstly, it provides great performance (with specific capabilities available in i7 and not in i5 processors). Secondly, it does so with a great price so you get a bargain.

16 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD Storage (+ 1TB HDD To Save EVERYTHING)

This computer has an incredible 16 GB RAM, which means it has enough memory to run the latest games without a single hiccup. You also get 128 GB of SSD storage, which is the fastest storage available right now. This means your computer will load in seconds. SSD stands for solid-state drive, which is very similar to an ultra-fast hard drive. In addition, you also get 1 TB of regular hard drive to save everything you need, from family photos to your favorite videos.

NVIDIA Graphics Card

When it comes to gaming, NVIDIA is one of the top brands for graphics cards. This card takes off the load from the computer’s processor, enabling it to run faster during games. Every serious gaming PC has a good graphics card, and this computer’s card is great.

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So, Which Computer Is It?

This one:

Lenovo Legion T530

This is the Lenovo Legion T530. We’ve shown you why it’s the best budget gaming computer available right now. It has everything you need to play games like a pro and it comes at a very affordable price. It even has some improved versions that can get you even better components for just a small price.

Not Convinced? Read What Actual Users Are Saying About This Computer

Runs a lot Faster than i expected, Very Quiet,allows for a very multi function system

– Robert, TX

When I bought this it was as an emergency to replace my broken one. The service was amazing. It arrived for schedualed. The product is amazing, I love my new tower.

– Jay Dogwin

Got this pc last month, runs amazing. Quiet and very neat inside for future upgrades. Runs dual monitors and high speed mmo on ultra with no issues!

– Jaded2blac, Lenovo website

I bought this for my 5th grade daughter as a reward for good grades. I didn’t want to get anything too elaborate or pricey, so I decided on this one and I’m glad I did. She loves it. She’s already been playing a lot of Minecraft on it for the last several weeks, and it plays wonderfully. But make no mistake I realize Minecraft isn’t the most demanding game on the planet; it will run pretty much anything else I throw at it as well.

It’s solidly built, and I can tell it should last her all the way through high school, maybe even longer after being upgraded at some point down the road. I half-expected the included keyboard and mouse to be of sub-par quality, but have so far been impressed. Lenovo does not skimp on the quality of the accessories.

Can’t overstate it — Lenovo will continue to receive my business for as long as they deliver quality like this.

– Codefenix, Lenovo website

Not Enough? Well, We Have More

I’ve had this computer for about a week now I really love this computer it’s blazing fast runs games really smooth on the Ultra settings. Would definitely recommend This beast!

– ampwarlord, Lenovo website

I bought the system a month ago and so far it is performing quite well, very pleased.

– Steve C.

I bought this for my 10 year old son as he is an avid gamer and has an interest computers. He’s moved away from laptops to desktops because they are more customizable. It has everything he needed and he can add on or swap out as his knowledge grows. Great investment

– Kodes, Lenovo website

I purchases the Legion Y720 Tower a few months again and could not be happier. It’s and incredible “VALUE” for the price point. I searched other manufacturers and for it’s value and performance no other manufacturer came close.

– RPM45, Lenovo website

Don’t Be Afraid Of Breakdowns

In order to assure your confidence, Lenovo provides a complimentary one-year hardware protection package. They cover hardware problems and everything that can prevent your computer from working.

Looking For Alternatives? These Are The Top 3 Budget PCs Available

Here are our top three gaming computers which are guaranteed to make you satisfied. Each and every one of them is great and provides incredible value for money.


HP OMEN Obelisk 875-0030qdLenovo Legion T530Alienware Aurora
Model Name
HP OMEN Obelisk 875-0030qd
Lenovo Legion T530Alienware Aurora
Value For Money


#1 – Best Value


8th Generation Intel Core i58th Generation Intel Core i78th Generation Intel Core i5
8 GB16 GB8 GB
1 TB Hard Drive128 GB SSD + 1 TB Hard Drive1 TB Hard Drive
Offer Price (Without Special Discounts)






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