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Budget Gaming PCs at Bargain Prices – You Can Play for Under $1,000

You are looking for a new gaming PC. The first search results are usually super-computers that cost more than $1,500. These are great computers, but they are very expensive. However, getting a gaming PC is easier and cheaper than you think. There are computers with great components that won’t break the bank and save you enough money to have all the games you want.

What a Gaming PC Needs

Since a computer for gaming needs to run more complex calculations, it needs better components. These are the important hardware parts that make a good gaming PC:

  • Graphics card – processes your game’s graphics and displays it on the screen. Helps with making games run faster.
  • RAM – the fast memory which keeps your computer running at full speed.
  • SSD – much fasted than a regular hard drive, provides a smooth gaming experience.
  • Processor – does most calculations, important for performance.

Get The Best Gaming PC Now

What Happens When You Click That Link?

After clicking that link you will be redirected to HP’s website, directly to the page of this amazing computer. All you have to do to get it is click “Add to cart” as you can see in this picture:

Add to cart

Once you’ve added the computer, click on the cart symbol to go to the shopping cart:Cart icon

Choose a checkout method:

Enter your contact information:

Contact Information

Write your shipping address:

Shipping instructions

Type your credit card information and click “Review Order”:

Then, finally, review the details you’ve typed and click “Place Order”

Now sit back and wait for your new computer to arrive.

Get The Best Gaming PC Now

Why You Should Act Quickly, Especially on This

There are times when this computer is offered for a discount (as you can see above), but these savings are ALWAYS time-limited. If you don’t act quickly, you WILL lose this discount and have to pay a higher price for this computer or waste valuable time to find a new computer. Save your time and money and get this computer now.

What Proof Do We Have?

We know that it’s not easy to trust just any website. However, you can read the following reviews from actual people who purchased this computer. They can tell about it more than anyone else:

Fastest computer I ever had.

– Rob H

After working on it for several weeks now, I am constantly surprised by how fast it comes up, load programs, processes internet pages. The solid state drive is a fantastic feature and I am more than happy with this machine.

– Steve

My first gaming PC and I love it. It runs very well.

– From HP website

Are There Any Other Options?

Of course there are! We work with HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo to create the best experience for you and offer you the best options. While we think that our suggestion is the best budget gaming PC out there, you are welcome to see other options:

First, you have the New Alienware Aurora. Alienware computers are a part Dell’s gaming brand and are excellent choices. The only problem with them is the price. These PCs start at $1,400, and the most basic one does not even have SSD. It may be worth customizing it with SSD, but that takes time and costs even more.

Then, you have the Lenovo Legion. It’s a great computer of a great brand, but as before, it’s more expensive than our recommendation and does not come with SSD. With SSD, price goes way over $1,000, making it too expensive.

Finally, you can get a non-gaming PC. If you choose this option, we must warn you that some games will be much slower than you want. When you want a gaming PC, get a proper gaming PC.

If you’ve decided to go with our recommendation, just click the following link:

Get Our Recommended Gaming PC Now

Still Unsure?

That’s understandable. Feel free to contact us at any time and ask any question you want. You can also check out the discount pages for HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer to see if there is anything that looks interesting to you. Contact us at

So, what are you waiting for? Get your new gaming PC right now!