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The Best New Laptop You Can Get Right Now

Looking for a new laptop? You must be hit with all types of technical details, weird terms like “RAM” or “SSD” and no clue what to choose. You have options for super-computers that cost $1,500 and above and “bargain” laptops that cost under $300. But which one is right? Which one is the best laptop you can get right now?

What You Did Wrong Up to Now – And How We’ll Make RIGHT and FAST

Until now, you read specifications of different laptops and tried to decide. Because of that, your mind is now flooded with almost-useless information. Since you plan to use this computer for day-to-day tasks (and maybe play a game or two), a super-computer with the best-ever-made components will definitely work for you, but also drain your bank account. Too much information can be confusing and delay a decision. We have a totally different approach.

We did all the work for you. Read reviews, looked at technical specifications, and found out what actual users are saying about each and every laptop available for sale. After doing so, it became very clear that unless you have very special needs, there is one laptop that stands above the crowd. We only recommend this laptop and think that you have no reason to look and further. That is because it will just confuse you.

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You Wouldn’t Believe What’s Included in this Laptop

Technical specs can be boring, so we won’t go over all of them, just the ones that make us sure that this laptop is definitely the best one out there:

8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor

This is the current state-of-the-art processor available to everyday laptops. Firstly, it provides a great performance, which is what you look for. Secondly, it does so with a great price, so you can enjoy it without breaking the bank.

8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Storage

The memory and storage abilities of this laptop are great for everyday uses. Memory of 8 GB is enough to run everything you need, while an SSD storage will guarantee that you computer will be super-fast. SSD stands for solid-state drive, which is a similar to a very-fast hard drive. It allows the computer to access data very quickly and load the operating system in seconds.

Full HD Display

Since you are about to look at the screen for a long time, it’s a big deal to have a full HD display. It allows your computer to show clear text and video and make everything look much better. You eyes will only benefit from such a display.

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So, Which Laptop Is It?

This one:


This laptop is the HP ENVY 13t. We’ve already shown you why it’s the best laptop available right now. It has everything you need for a very affordable price. HP even lets you get better components (such as extra memory) and get a fully customized laptop.

Not Convinced? Read What Actual Users Are Saying About This Laptop

Here are some reviews by actual users of this computer. These have a much larger value than review sites, because reviews sites are often biased. These are unfiltered, with people saying exactly what they feel.

I am very impressed with this product. It was worth the pricd

– Ellen George

I bought this laptop about two weeks ago to replace an older HP and I am thoroughly impressed. It is lightweight, has incredible graphics, and the design is stunning. It’s perfect for the average college student who takes their laptop everywhere.

– Danic

Awesome laptop, excellent build quality. I love the speed, performance and size.

– Antrocco

I bought this for my daughter as a high school graduation gift. She’s used it since in preparation of attending college in a couple weeks.

– Von Dub

Not Enough? Well, We Have More

I bought the computer about 3 weeks ago it is a ready to go with your programs in less the 30 seconds. Open the screen (lid) and push the power button and 30 seconds later open the program you want.

– Bimmer

I searched thoroughly for a lightweight laptop that didn’t get hot while on my lap, that had a fantastic keyboard and could handle my 120 wpm of diligent daily writing. The HP ENVY Laptop 13t does all that and more. Cannot recommend it highly enough for the reasons already stated herein. I you want a great screen, easy operation, large and responsive keyboard, non-frustrating mouse, all in a super light laptop this is your baby! Don’t forget it’s quite and doesn’t get hot! Love it.

– Ar The Writer

I wanted a lightweight, highly efficient laptop for both work and leisure use. The HP ENVY has exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased I made this purchase.

– Tam S.

Have had this laptop for 1 week and love it more by the day. Got the gold color which is really nice looking and nice change from the ubiquitous sliver. This thing is super fast, easy to set up, and easy to open and close. The backlit keys are cool looking and very useful at night for this old man’s eyes. Fingerprint thing is a little wonky but who cares – it is amazing technology. Great job hp!!!!

– Hank

Don’t Be Afraid of Breakdowns

In order to assure your confidence, HP provides a complimentary one-year hardware protection package. If you think an extra protection is necessary, you can also get extended coverage for up to three years. HP offers instant refunds, accident coverage, and a great support system so you can get your laptop quietly.

Looking For Alternatives? These Are The Top 3 Laptops

Here are our top three laptops which are guaranteed to make you satisfied. Each and every one of them is great and provides incredible value for money.

Dell XPS 13HP ENVY 13tLenovo Legion Y530
Model Name
Dell XPS 13HP ENVY 13tLenovo Legion Y530
Value For Money


#1 – Best Value


Recommended if you want a 15.6″ screen

8th Generation Intel Core i58th Generation Intel Core i78th Generation Intel Core i5
8 GB8 GB8 GB
256 GB SSD256 GB SSD1 TB HD (much slower than SSD)
Offer Price (Without Special Discounts)







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