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7 Best SMS Marketing Software Tools for Small Businesses

Gone are the days where small struggling businesses would struggle to market their services with the new technology and the proliferation of messaging apps, text messaging remains a powerful tool for marketing.

Many platforms today allow, and SMS are marketing free software tools, and they are used for marketing purposes today. Don’t conclude that SMS marketing is only useful for huge businesses or enterprises. Small scale businesses can also make the most of such services as well. This post covers the seven best marketing SMS free software tools for small businesses.

Before we proceed, not that some of these tools SMS run on Android, and it is convenient to incorporate them into your computer. However, to run Android apps on your PC, you need emulators like Bluestacks, which is available on different sites, and there are also its alternatives.

Best SMS Marketing Free Software Tools Lists

1. Express Text

Express Text software tools are an ideal tool for small businesses such as restaurants, salons, retailers, NGOs, or politicians. The Express Text tool opens a 2-way messaging (Send and Receive Replies),

To test the waters with the device first, take a free trial. Once you decide to take the premium package, it goes for $49.00 per month, the lowest plan per user.

This tool runs on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. If you get stuck in any way and need instant help, they have someone on standby to train users. Get in touch with them anytime you are in need since the support team as it has a 24/7 live representative support that is reliable and easy to reach.

2. eSputnik

eSputnik is a web-based SMS Marketing Automation Service that manages messages across different platforms. With eSputnik, you are at the disposal of advanced eCommerce projects, such as dynamic content changing that relies on stock availability, browsing history, geo, or feed. Based on your previous pattern of messages, you can control message frequency and priority. You can also queue messages by priority. Begin with the free version so that you know how it works or decides to pay $1.99, which is a one-time payment. You have the privilege of training documents and 24/7 online support and a representative.

3. ShoutOUT

A ShoutOUT is an international SMS software tool that serves an excess of 400 brands across ten different nations, and it has over 4000 clients. The software has an all-in Customer Communication Platform that enables you to keep in touch with your customers. You can integrate the tool into other apps like WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger. Communication with customers is mainly through the automated, customized service within the software.

ShoutOUT lets you get a 2-Way Messaging platform, Contact Management, Mass Texting, Message customization, among other features. You can take the free trial, and its price starts at $10.00 annually per user. They also have 24/7 customer support, including live representatives.

4. Flexy SMS

Flexy SMS is an SMS marketing platform, running SMS advertisements, SMS marketing business solutions, SMS contests, SMS surveys, mobile promos, mobile marketing, 2-way SMS messaging, and API in mojsms integration. Flexy is free; then, you can decide to pay $155.00 each month per client. Flexy is compatible with Android besides a web-based system for the same. You can determine what kind of training you need from the various training methods they offer like such as one on one, live online, and webinars. Also, there are online and business hours and customer services apart from the 24/7 live representative.

5. RumbleUP

RumbleUp is an engagement platform, and it will work best for those who opt to engage their clients. Text messages are a 2-way conversation via text messages and a read rate of 98%! The tool is utterly user-friendly, offering a scalable peer-to-peer (P2P) text messaging platform.

More offers by RumbleU are Contact Management, MMS, Message Personalization, Polls/Voting, Reporting/Analytics, and Text-to-Win. There is a free version, then a premium package of about $50.00/month. You can use it on iOS or Android. Besides the many services, RumbleUp has different training methods like live online training, webinars, and documents. You also get support during business hours, including online customer service. For the Android version, you need an emulator to run the software on your computer. Bluestacks download is available for download on several sites.

6. TxtSync

The TstSync is a tool that allows the sending of customized bulk SMS, and you can also track SMS delivery as well as engagement. Incorporate the SMS capabilities into any existing products or business workflows that work for you. TxtSync has no monthly subscription, but you only pay for messages sent.

The tool offers one on one customer training in person and webinars on top of documents. There’s customer service online, during working hours, and a 24/7 live representative.

7. SendSMS

SendSMS has international SMS marketing services, and it’s its edge against other SMS marketing software. You can send text messages, even in massive numbers, globally. Any business can avail of its service.

SendSMS marketing tools have a free trial and a $0.01 one-time payment. However, there is no training offered, while customer service would be business hours and online. SMS marketing software tools will be beneficial if you are creating awareness about your business, providing new functions, or reinforcing your already existing clients. It is fast and engaging, as well. Do try it and let me know how it works for you. Leave a message in the box below.

Why You Should Use Text Message Marketing

1. It’s a direct, immediate channel

The read rate of SMS has a read rate of 97% in 15 minutes after delivery. As a result, you have a guarantee that your time-critical messages are received and read almost instantly which means, an excess of two-fifths of SMS campaigns succeeds using ROI.

2. The Use of shortcodes in responses

Customers rarely respond to promotion SMSs. However, once when they are familiar with a brands’ code or keyword. SMS marketing allows the customer to make first moves as shortcodes or keywords are added to print collateral such as social media, adverts, and advertising boards.

3. You can integrate the tool with other channels

The SMS marketing mix means that all avenues are worked together including SMSs. They are a significant standalone channel that can also reinforce other marketing channels, such as social media and email. SMSs by serving as reminders to either check mails or other communication platforms. They(SMS) also reinforce an increase of 20% – 30%.

4. Learn more about your customers

With the SMS platform, you can gather feedback from customers if you send out surveys. An average of 31% of consumers respond to inquiries sent via SMS, which happens in about 5 minutes. So, expect to get significant results within a short time.

5. Engage customers more

SMSs change the way a brand engages with customers across the lifecycle. A business that varies the content sent out as customer value updates customer interests. Such information could be detailed through emails, but the SMS serves the purpose of calling a recipient’s immediate attention to an email.

6. SMS Response monitors, tracks, and improvements

With an SMS, you can track ROI, identify customer engagement, and monitoring delivery rates. Today forget the myth that says an SMS is untrackable. With proper analytics, you can create a more targeted campaign.


SMS marketing software tools are handy in any business, especially if you want to engage your clients or target customers. Try it and give us your feedback on how you find it by leaving a message below.

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