Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A Guide: Why Are MacBooks So Great? What Does This Model Have to Offer?

Even though the initial purchase costs more, a lot of experts consider MacBooks to be better long-term investments than Windows-PCs since they don’t need to be repaired, traded in, or expanded. The former is also more energy-efficient than the latter. The Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A in particular stands out, due to its high-performance processors, fast storage solution, long battery life, etc.

The IPS display is 13.3-inches and very bright. On the newest version of this model, the display is 67% brighter than predecessors. It supports a widescreen format, has LED backlight technology, and supports a widescreen format. The display is complemented by a sleek, silver aluminum case.

Another thing for which Apple is known is providing its devices with high-powered CPU. With the MLVP2LL/A, you get a 2.9GHz or 3.1GHz (Turbo Boost) i5 dual-core processor. Combined with Intel Iris graphics (550), it’s possible to do graphic designing, editing, color grading, etc. smoothly.

On top of that, 8GB of RAM (soldered) is included in the machine with a speed of 2133MHz, which ensures that your favorite tasks and applications open quickly. Save all of your important photos, documents, images, and other information on the 256GB flash storage unit.

Touch Bar of the Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A

A couple of new features found on the Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A are the Touch Bar and Touch ID. The Touch Bar replaces the function row keys and the Touch ID enhances security. You can even make secure purchases through Apple Pay with just a swipe of your finger.

The speakers have been entirely redesigned to be more aesthetically-pleasing and to provide up to 58% more volume and nearly twice the dynamic range. If you love bass, you’ll be glad to know that these speakers offer 2.5-times louder bass for extra boom.

Windows laptops and desktop PCs come bloated with a bunch of third party software, while MacBooks come with mostly with Apple related apps and programs, such as iTunes, Keynote, Numbers, iCloud, the Safari browser, etc. This is another advantage Apple MacBooks have over them. Everything, including the hardware and software, works together for a seamless experience.

The macOS Sierra (10.12) features Apple Pay, Universal Clipboard, Siri integration, and more. It’s always easier to upgrade the mac Operating System, unlike Windows. The transition process is a lot smoother.

What comes in the box when you purchase this computer? In addition to the Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A, a 61-Watt USB-C Power Cable and USB-C charge cable come included. The bright display, high-definition speakers, fast operation, sleek aluminum design, and long battery life are some of the benefits cited in reviews about this MacBook.

If you have to travel a lot for business, or simply want a laptop for personal use, it’s essential that you invest in the right one. Save on the initial investment with the use of Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2LL/A coupons. Look into other Apple discounts to find a good deal on accessories.

Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A

Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A Guide: An Expandable, Durable, and Powerful Computer with Dual AMD Fire Pro Graphics

Apple is the one brand that is consistent with its ability to put out high-quality computers. A lot of thought and planning is put into the design of any of its products, including the Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A. Made in the US, the machine and its high-precision components are assembled by experts across multiple states.

Everything centers on a “unified” thermal core, resulting in a lighter, cooler and quieter structure. The tower is just under 10-inches tall and has a 6.6-inch diameter. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it lacks power. The 16GB of RAM and Xeon six-core E5 processor ensure that it delivers on performance and speed.

You can also get fast transfer speeds when syncing with compatible devices, as the MD878LL/A is equipped with SIX Thunderbolt 2 ports, capable of moving data up to 20 GB/s. This far exceeds the speed of USB 3.0 standard ports. There are still four USB 3.0 ports included as well, so that you can have a full native connectivity solution with your USB-enabled devices and peripherals.

Additional I/O includes an HDMI 1.4 port and DVI for connecting the machine to any display, including HDTVs and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. If you want to connect to an additional DVI display, you can simply use an active DVI adapter for dual linking.

Another essential thing to mention is the dual AMD Fire Pro D300 video graphics cards. With this kind of graphics power, you can enjoy all of the gaming and 3D content you want. The Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A is also a great computer to have when it comes to photo and video editing software.

Memory and Connectivity of the Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A

Flash storage and RAM are essential for users who love to multi-task and work with demanding software and apps. The 16GB of memory is pretty impressive for such a small PC.

Apple dubs this computer as their “most expandable Mac yet”. It was designed with the future in mind, with features such as the built-in Thunderbolt 2 technology and HDMI 1.4 ports. It has all you need to build a workstation entirely personalized to meet your requirements.

The overall construction ensures longevity, even for the heaviest of users. Use it for several hours a day, every day if you want to, and trust that it won’t wear down. It will run quietly and quickly as well.

If you want a high-end multimedia PC that is capable of doing literally anything, the Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A is well worth the investment. Since it will last for years, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one or having it repaired for a long time.

Consumers are so inundated with all of the latest gadgets and electronics; it’s hard to keep up with technology. Luckily, all you need is one good Apple computer to get the best technology money can buy. With Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A discounts, you won’t even have to spend that much money.

Apple iMac MK442LL/A

Apple iMac MK442LL/A Review: A High-Quality 21.5-inch All-in-One with Magic TrackPad, Wireless Keyboard, & Fusion Storage Drive

A great deal of engineering and design was put into the construction of this all-in-one computer. If you want clarity and brightness in a display, lightning fast storage, performance, and quad-core processors, you will get it all with the Apple iMac MK442LL/A.

The 21.5-inch Retina display is just 5-mm at its edge. As thin as it is, it still manages to hold plenty of quality hardware components. There are also Thunderbolt 2 ports that deliver fast-data transfer for external devices like hard drives and digital cameras. Additionally, four USB 3 ports, three-stream Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology (4.0) are included.

The Apple OS is one of the most standout features of any Mac computer. The newest version is designed to be very easy to use and intuitive. It’s engineered to work flawlessly with the Retina display, so that you will see everything on your screen with stunning visuals.

The MK442LL/A is easy to set up, since it’s an all-in-one and has no tower. All you have to do is plug it in the wall and add it to your home wireless network. The mouse and keyboard are wireless.

Storage isn’t just about space, but also about performance and speed. The Fusion Drive gives the best of both worlds. It’s an innovative type of technology that intuitively combines a high-capacity hard drive with fast flash storage. It can be configured with a maximum of 3GB of storage. But if you really want superfast performance, you can select the “all-flash” version.

The Iris Pro Graphics (6200) performs similar to a dedicated GeForce 940M or GT 750M. A lot of games, including recent ones, are playable on this Apple computer.

If you want to use a desktop setup with the Apple iMac MK442LL/A, just connect it with the mouse and keyboard. If you want a notebook experience, make use of the trackpad. The Magic Trackpad 2 gives you a laptop experience. Its design has a low profile, making it comfortable to touch.

Connectivity and Keyboard of the Apple iMac MK442LL/A

It’s also possible to use another display or go with a multiple display setup. The iMac simultaneously supports the full native resolution of its own display as well as up to 4096×2304 pixels on a secondary display.

The Magic Keyboard has a Bluetooth interface so that you can use it wirelessly. It also comes with a USB to Lightning cable for when the battery gets low. Apple claims that the keyboard lasts for up to a full month before it needs recharged.

With all of these great features it’s not surprising that there are positive Apple iMac MK442LL/A reviews, many of which are first-time Mac users. There is plenty for more experienced users to like as well.

It is simply untrue that Apple products are rarely on sale; there are venues that offer Apple iMac MK442LL/A discounts. It’s important to educate yourself about options if you want an iMac – don’t let price be too much of a concern.

Apple iMac MK472LL/A

Apple iMac MK472LL/A Overview: An Excellent All-in-One for Graphics Work, Photo Editing, & Family Entertainment

How about a computer with a Retina 5K display? Bigger screens allow you to use much more than you would ordinarily see on a “normal” sized screen. For this reason, many graphics designers and artists prefer working with a PC like the Apple iMac MK472LL/A. The machine has all of the power needed for running programs for illustrators. The 27-inch display also looks great in any workplace environment. You can also set it up in the home for enjoying family entertainment.

Even though the display is large, it’s not bulky as you might think. It is 25.6-inches in width, 20.3-inches in height, and 8-inches in depth. The aluminum case is thicker in the middle and tapers down to a mere 5-mm at the edges.

The OS X makes it highly intuitive and easy to work with. Plenty of apps are pre-installed to help you get started: GarageBand, Keynote, AirDrop, FaceTime, Time Machine, Spotlight, Dashboard, Photo Booth, and many, many more.

On the hardware side of things, the MK472LL/A comes with:

• CPU: 6th generation Intel Core i5 / 3.2GHz / 3.6Gz (Turbo Speed)
• Memory: 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1867MHz
• Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 (M390) / 2GB video memory
• Storage: Fusion Drive 1TB
• Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 / 802.11 ac
• Display: 27-inch 5K Retina / 5120×2880 resolution

Apple iMac MK472LL/A Memory Options

The memory is upgradable and configurable up to 32GB. With nearly 15 million pixels, the display is able to present up to 4.5 to 7 times the resolution of a typical high-definition TV. The card reader supports all types of flash memory cards: SDXC, SDHC, and SD.

Everybody has tons of USB-enabled devices these days, from smartphones to tablets, so it’s important that computers have plenty of USB and Thunderbolt ports. The Apple iMac MK472LL/A comes with two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports to handle all of your syncing needs.

There is no need to buy a separate keyboard and mouse, unless you have a specific preference. Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard are both included in this package. These are wireless components that can last for a long time without charge. Whenever they do need charged, simply connect them via Lightning to USB cable. No batteries are required.

Apple wanted to create the “ultimate desktop experience”, and so it has with this model. It delivers the best of visual technology as well as high-performance processors. Photo editing capabilities, vibrant display, ease of setting up and using, and speed are just some of the many reasons Apple iMac MK472LL/A reviewers give for liking this computer.

As costly as they may be, iMacs can still be affordable if you use the right Apple discount. Just use an Apple iMac MK472LL/A promo code and use it when you are checking out. Make sure it really does reduce the total before finalizing the order. It’s really not hard to save on an Apple computer.

Apple iMac MK452LL/A

Apple iMac MK452LL/A Review – Looking for an AiO That Supports 4K Technology and Runs Multimedia Smoothly?

All-in-One PCs combine the power of a desktop tower with the sleekness of laptops. The big name brands are all offering AiOs now, but not all of them are equal. If there’s one that gets a lot of high ratings and praise from consumers, it’s the Apple iMac MK452LL/A, with its 4K display and quad-core processors.

An advanced welding technique called “friction-stir” welding was used in the construction of this computer so that the back and front could be joined directly. The display has a mere 5-mm profile, making it a very thin, yet strong product.

Apple has done a good job at crafting an impressive desktop experience by placing high-performance processors, storage and graphics all inside of a thin, seamless enclosure. If you can’t afford the 27-inch version of the iMac AiO, this model is the best alternative. Like its larger countertop, it still features a Retina display that is capable of delivering spectacular image quality, vibrant colors, and perfectly clear text.

Just how good is the display quality on the MK452LL/A?

The text appears so sharply that it will be like reading an actual printed document and not just words on a computer screen. There is a wider color gamut, thus allowing the display to deliver 25% more colors that that of a typical monitor. Every image or video you view appears true to life.

The Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics make it possible for graphics to run smoothly. The 6200 model exceeds the performance of the typical Intel HD graphics 4600 found on a lot of mainstream laptops. It’s even comparable to an over-clocked AMD Radeon R (250 X) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX (no-Ti 650) video card.

Apple iMac MK452LL/A Processor

A fifth-generation, quad-core Intel Core i5 processor with a speed of 3.1GHz (maximum Turbo speed 3.6GHz) is also found inside of the Apple iMac MK452LL/A. The base memory option is 8GB of installed LPDDR3 SDRAM (1867MHz speed), and the hard drive is a 1TB SATA (3GB/s / 5400RPM spindle speed).

Expect a fast internet connection with the 802.11 ac Wi-Fi technology, which offers three times the speed of the previous 802.11 n standard. Connect accessories such as the mouse and keyboard wirelessly with the Bluetooth 4.0 feature.

For connecting peripherals and other devices such as a digital camera or second monitor, take advantage of the Thunderbolt 2 ports, which can also be doubled as mini DisplayPorts. USB 3.0 can be used to transfer large files in a short amount of time.

Overall, the Apple iMac MK452LL/A is good 21.5-inch all-in-one to invest in. It’s also affordable considering that it supports 4K technology and has impressive specs.

It’s always a good idea to look for Apple deals online – especially when it comes to an iMac computer. This is because online shoppers can take advantage of Apple iMac MK452LL/A discounts that can’t be found anywhere else.

Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A Info: A Quality Model with Lightweight Design, 8GB Memory, Retina Display and Much More

If there is one brand that has consistently put out quality laptops, it’s Apple. This particular model comes is powered by 6th-generation Intel Mobile Core i5 processor. The dual cores share 4MB of level 3 cache, and each core has its own dedicated 256k level 2 cache. With Turbo Boost technology, the processing speed on the Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A can go up to 3.3GHz. The Hyper Threading technology permits the system to recognize an additional two cores or “threads”, bring the total two four (two virtual and two real).

Users get all of the ports they need, with the universal USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. A headphone output is included for audio. The speakers on this model are redesigned and deliver up to 58% more volume and 2.5 times louder bass than previous versions. For video conferencing, a 720p webcam is built-in to the laptop.

The 13.3-inch Retina Display (2560×1600 resolution) features bright LED backlighting and an increased contrast ratio. Its power efficiency is also highly efficient, thanks to its variable refresh rate and larger pixel aperture. Since it supports the P3 color gamut, users can expect to see more vibrant colors. The MNQG2LL/A is an excellent machine for graphics artists.

Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A Specifications

In addition to the 6th gen. dual core processor, the MacBook Pro also comes with:

• Memory: 8GB LPDDR3 SDRAM / speed of 2133MHz
• Primary storage: 512GB Flash
• Intel graphics: Iris 550
• Battery: lithium polymer / maximum run time of 10 hours / 49.2Wh capacity
• Power cord: AC adapter with 120/230V input (50/60Hz) and 61-Watt output
• Force Touch trackpad (on select models)

The dimensions, in inches, are 12×8.4×0.6 (WxDxH) and weight is 3.02lbs. This is a lightweight machine available in silver and space gray.

The Force Touch Trackpad is pretty large: nearly 50% larger than that of the previous generation. Force Touch technology allows the user to have a deeper connection and better interaction with the content on the screen with the use of force sensors and haptic feedback.

Another useful feature on the Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A is the Touch Bar. It eliminates the need for keyboard shortcut memorization and complex menu navigation, as it replaces the function keys along the top row of the keyboard. It’s engineered to adapt in certain ways to different apps and supports multi-touch inputs. It doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of using the Touch Bar instead of the typical function keys.

There are a lot of praises and high-ratings in Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A reviews. Users appreciate its quiet operation and light design.

Consumers interested in buying this laptop should look into Apple promo codes to see if they can get a good deal. They may be able to bring down the price and save money with the use of Apple MacBook Pro MNQG2LL/A discounts.

Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A

Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A Review – A Must-Have Mini-Computer for Students and Anyone Else Who Wants to Save Space

While marketed as a desktop for college students, this Mac is really a great option for any type of user. It’s so small that it barely takes up any space on dorm room desks or office. If you are looking for something that combines the performance of a desktop with the compactness of a laptop, the Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A is definitely a great choice.

The powerful components inside of the small tower all work together to boost performance. Everything runs on the Mac OS X, which is designed with streamlined controls to make navigation through the applications easy.

This mini tower weighs no more than a lightweight notebook at just 2.65-lbs. It is 1.4-inches in height, 7.8 inches in depth, and 7.8 inches in width. Since it comes with 802.11 ac wi-fi, no physical connection is required to get internet access on the MGEQ2LL/A.

A 1TB Fusion Drive comes standard on this model. It combines a SATA hard drive with a fast PCi-e based flash solution. It’s faster than the typical SATA, yet still slower than a flash drive. For most users, it will be sufficiently fast, due to its ability to launch frequently used applications almost immediately, as the files you use the most will be top priority. Resources aren’t wasted on rarely used programs and data.

The Intel Iris graphics are proof that the PC can be used for more than just academic purposes. You can watch videos and movies in your free time or even play a few games.

Connectivity of the Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A

The Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A has the ability to adapt to just about any type of display, keyboard and mouse. You can save money by using the peripherals of an older computer. Just connect the mini to everything via HDMI and USB.

Speaking of which, the Thunderbolt 2 I/O is included. This is the fastest and most versatile I/O setup in any desktop, regardless of size. You get 20-Gbps channels for transferring data between USB-enabled devices.

The computer is powered by a 4th gen. dual-core Intel i5 processor with a base speed of 2.8-GHz and maximum speed of 3.3-GHz with Turbo Boost technology. 8GB LDDR3 SDRAM memory comes installed with speed of 1600-MHz.

Not only is this little thing packed with hardware, it’s also packed with useful software that you will likely be using. Once the machine is setup and ready to go, you’ll find iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote, etc… all waiting on you to start using.

The Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A is such an environmentally-efficient computer (Energy Star qualified) that you will actually save money on the electric bill when using it. In time, it will pay for itself!

Savings are possible with the use of Apple Mac coupon codes. As with any coupon, be sure to read the fine print. Look over Apple Mac mini MGEQ2LL/A discount offers to determine which one is the best for you.

Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A

Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A Overview: An Affordable Laptop with Long-Lasting Battery, Fast Wi-Fi Technology, and Thunderbolt 2

One of the most important factors of any laptop is its battery life. The longer a battery can last on a single charge, the better. Most people can agree that twelve hours of battery life is pretty impressive, and that’s exactly what you will get with the Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A. Not only does it come equipped with a good built-in battery (lithium polymer 54-watt per hour), it also comes with an Intel-Core, dual-core architecture.

Space is saved in the design thanks to PCi-e based SSD (128GB) storage solution. There are no moving parts, therefore no need for the additional space. As a result, the MacBook Air has a streamlined look ad weighs under 3 pounds.

As mentioned above, the CPU is a dual-core Intel Core i5 unit (1.8GHz) that is designed to be ultra-efficient, yet powerful. It uses less power, but still manages to deliver high performance. You’ll get additional performance from the integrated HD graphics (6000) – especially when doing graphics-intensive tasks.

The MQD32LL/A supports dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 ac). When connected to a base station, including AirPort Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme, the wireless performance of the PC is up to three times faster than standard 802.11 n technology. With the included Bluetooth technology, you can connect your MacBook to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For devices that do require an actual physical connection, Thunderbolt 2 ports boost the speed of file transfers. There are two USB 3.0 also equipped. Backwards-compatibility means that you can connect older USB 2.0 devices to the laptop, such as earlier versions of the iPad or iPhone.

Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A Display and Camera

Other important features to include in this Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A review are the display, camera, and audio. The display is a 13.3-inch model with a screen resolution of 1440×900. It only measures .19-inches in thickness. LED-backlighting makes the colors vibrant and bright, from edge to edge. The FaceTime HD camera lets you see friends, family and acquaintances in a widescreen format during video chat. During the chat, the dual microphone setup reduces background noise. The Dictation application also helps to mute background noise and adjusts automatically to your voice.

The multi-touch trackpad allows for a variety of gestures such as a three-finger swipe and four-finger pinch. Responses are always realistic and smooth. Apple still managed to equip this slim MacBook with a full-sized keyboard featuring LED-backlighting, which detects changes in the lighting condition and adjusts the brightness on both the keyboard and display automatically.

Needless to say, the Apple MacBook Air MQD32LL/A is an excellent laptop that comes with everything you need for productivity and mobility.

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Apple MacBook MNFY2LL/A

Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A Review – A Look at the Processing Power, Force Touch Trackpad, Battery Life, & More

If there is one company that can be counted on to create the lightest, thinnest notebooks possible, it’s Apple. Despite of its small size (a mere 2.03 lbs), it also manages to feature a full-size keyboard, 8GB of RAM, and a 12-inch (2304×1440) Retina display. The 802.11 ac Wi-Fi ensures fast internet access with the Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A.

For storage, a PCIe based SSD drive is included. Not only does it have a 256GB capacity, it delivers better performance than a standard SATA drive.

Even though the Intel Graphics 615 lacks dedicated memory and has to access the main memory, it is still around 20-30% than the previous generation of Intel Graphics. You should be able to pull off some lower-demanding games. Speaking of memory, the 8GB DDR3 SDRAM comes standard.

The display is super-thin (.03-inches), and the edge-to-edge glass that covers it was developed through an automated manufacturing process. Apple reduced the space between the display components for a more seamless, tighter design. LED-backlighting is 30% more energy efficient than the Retina display on earlier models.

The Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A is powered by a 1.2GHz 64-bit Intel Mobile M3 processor. Two independent cores, each of which has a dedicated 256k cache (level 2), are placed on a single silicon chip. The two cores share 4MB of cache (level 3). To give the machine an extra boost, the system supports Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, which utilizes hyper-threading so that the system recognizes two virtual cores in addition to the two “real” ones. As a result, the 1.2GHz is increased up to 3.0 GHz.

Battery of the Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A

Expect up to ten hours of “wireless web surfing” or even twelve hours of “iTunes playback” with the 41.4-W lithium-poly battery. The Apple notebook even has a standby time of up to 30 days with the battery charge. A USB-C power adapter (29W) is included.

While it may look like any ole’ trackpad on the surface, the Force Touch trackpad has force sensors underneath that detect the amount of pressure you are applying when you are performing a gesture. A click sensation is provided whenever you press down anywhere on the surface.

How does it work?

The trackpad’s sensory capabilities then allow you to tell the computer what you want to do based on the subtle differences in how much pressure you apply, thus making it possible to perform different actions in different applications all using the same surface. In other words, you’re personalizing your own clicking experience in a way that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

The Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A makes a great, ultra-portable notebook for any type of user, from professionals to students.

Are you tired of your current laptop or desktop and want to replace it with a MacBook? Take a look at Apple discounts and sales to see what all is available. You might be able to get your hands on Apple MacBook MNYF2LL/A coupons or promo codes.

Apple iMac MK462LL/A

Apple iMac MK462LL/A Overview – A Sophisticated Business AiO With AMD Radeon Graphics and Large 5K Retina Display

What kind of computer is ideal for your business? Business-class laptops and desktops are sold by all of the top manufacturers these days, but what about the all-in-one computers? Apple is proving itself to be the leader in AiO business computers. If you want a 27-inch display, AMD Radeon R9 graphics, and plenty of RAM, your best bet is to go with the Apple iMac MK462LL/A.

What it offers it a large display with a 5K (5120 x 2880) resolution, Intel Core i5 (quad-core processor), 8GB RAM, and 1TB of storage space (7200RPM SATA). You can expect plenty of video memory thanks to the AMD Radeon graphics processor (2GB). If you find that you need more than the included 8GB of RAM, you can take it all the way up to 32GB. The base configuration is 2 x 4GB.

In the business world, a high-quality display is a must. Presentations must be flawless. A cheap monitor will only reflect negatively on your company. With this iMac display, show of any presentation with spectacular image quality.

Even though it’s marketed as a business computer, you can still use it for entertainment if you wish. Set it up in your living room or den and let the entire family enjoy watching movies in the highest definition possible. Do a bit of gaming on it as well – the Apple iMac MK462LL/A can handle anything with the specs it comes with.

The newest macOS is integrated into the computer and tailored to take advantage of the Retina display. All of Apple’s most popular apps are pre-installed, as well as social media apps, business tools, and more.

Apple iMac MK462LL/A Magic Keyboard and Mouse

The Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 come with iMacs. Both are wireless and rechargeable (via USB) with an ultra-compact design. Despite being compact, the keyboard has full-size function keys designed to provide accurate typing. The Mouse 2 glides smoothly across any desk or table. It supports multi-touch gestures allowing you to do things such as scroll through documents and swipe between pages. If you prefer to use a trackpad, the Magic Trackpad 2 is available. It introduces Force Touch to the desktop and provides the entire range of multi-touch gestures.

Some of the additional features include Thunderbolt 2 ports, multiple USB 3.0 ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, Fusion Drive storage solution, two speakers (left / right), and SD / SDXC / SDHC memory card reader.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, business owner, graphics designer, or a consumer who simply wants to have a powerful all-in-one in the home, the Apple iMac MK462LL/A is a great choice.

Planning on making a purchase after having read this Apple iMac MK462LL/A review? Hold on a second! First, you will want to get yourself an Apple discount or promo code that you can use in order to save.