Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A

Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A Review: Must-Have Device w/ A10 X Fusion Chip / Pen Support and 512GB Storage

Whether you just want a new tablet for entertainment or work, want to learn digital drawing, or need something you can easily carry around with you when you travel, this new Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A should meet your needs. It has an impressive build quality, superior display, excellent pen support, and many other great features.

It’s good at handling multiple apps at once. You can use split screen while streaming audio or video at the same time. There is never any lag to be concerned about, thanks to the Apple A10 X fusion 6-core processor and its 64-bit computing capabilities.

Newer versions of the iPad Pro come with not only Wi-Fi technology but cellular technology as well (3G and 4G) with advanced cellular protocols. There is also Bluetooth 4.2 technology combined with wireless 802.11 a-b-g-n-ac connectivity. In many Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A reviews, users mention that it is the closest tablet one can get to use as a laptop replacement.

It even LOOKS very attractive – especially the model with the Rose Gold finish. A Silver version is well for those who prefer something less flashy but still sleek. It’s much lighter than older versions of the iPad Pro and weighs 16.82-oz (or barely 1.05-lbs).

Some other features include AirDrop, VoiceOver screen reader, charging via USB, Dictation, parental controls, iBeacon microlocation, Night Shift, Family Sharing, and Assistive Touch. There are useful sensors like an accelerometer, three-axis gyro sensor, ambient light sensor, barometer, and digital compass.

Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A Specifications

• Display: 10.5-inch IPS TFT / LED backlight / multi-touch / 2224 x 1668 resolution (264-ppi)
• Processor: A10 6-core A10 X Fusion
• Memory / storage: 512GB
• Battery: Lithium Polymer 30.4-Wh capacity / maximum 9-10 hours runtime
• Interfaces: 1 headphone mini jack (3.5-mm) / 1 x smart connector / 1 x lightning

The great thing about the iPad – or ANY iPad – is that they are very easy to setup and install. Whether you’re new to tablets altogether or want to make the switch from Android, you won’t have any problems whatsoever. It is very easy to use.

There are two very useful cameras, including a 7MP FaceTimeHD camera (front) with auto HDR, and a 12MP camera (rear) with auto HDR capabilities and 4K video (30fps). Most digital audio and video formats are supported. Additional features include four speakers, two microphones, and digital fingerprint reader.

The Apple iPad Pro MPMF2LL/A is definitely a must-have, and you can find it at a low price if you know where to look.

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Apple iPad MRM82LL/A

Apple iPad MRM82LL/A Review: All You Need to Know about This Advanced Tablet and Its Superior Technology

This 9.7-inch iPad is designed to offer new ways to learn, create, work, and play. Whether you need it for a specific reason or just want to enjoy all of the features, it’s an affordable and popular model. There are literally 1 million+ apps available on the Apple Store. Be sure and order the Apple Pencil so that you can expand the power of the Apple iPad MRM82LL/A. It allows you to perform tasks such as drawing, writing, and taking notes with greater precision. Since the iPad features palm-rejection technology, you can easily rest your hand on the display while using the pencil without any accidents.

The processor is an Apple A10 quad-core Fusion chip that delivers excellent graphics performance and fast CPU. The maximum battery life of this iPad is around 10 hours.

Thanks to the iOS 11, there are many multi-tasking features like Split View, Slide Over, Picture in Picture, and so forth. There is a Drag and Drop function that allows you to easily move not only text but files between apps and images, and even select multiple items at once. With the Apple Pencil, make up screen shots, images, PDFs, and web pages. You can also sign documents.

Expect fast Wi-Fi technology with 802.11 ac w/ MIMO, which delivers up to 866-Mbps throughput. Certain models have fast LTE cellular connectivity and support for up to 23 LTE bands. Thanks to the Apple SIM, you can purchase data plans through the device itself in nearly 200 regions and countries.

Apple iPad MRM822LL/A Display

The 9.7-inch display is IPS TFT (LED backlighting) with anti-fingerprint technology and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 / 264-ppi. This is a very attractive Retina display that enhances the overall appearance of the Apple iPad MRM82LL/A, which is available with a rose gold or silver finish.

There are two excellent cameras, including the FaceTime HD camera that captures 1.2MP videos and photos and performs face and body detection, and an 8MP camera that captures 1080p HD videos. There are a variety of useful functions with these cameras, such as a video stabilizer, HDR, geo-tagging capabilities for photo and video, 5-element lens, auto image stabilization, Retina flash, and so forth.

For the operating system, the MRM82LL/A comes with Apple iOS 12. The memory / storage is 128GB, which is a pretty impressive amount of storage space for a tablet.

There is no reason NOT to invest in this tablet – especially models with Wi-Fi + Cellular technology. The Apple iPad MRM82LL/A comes with everything any type of user could need, whether you want to use it for your own entertainment, work, staying in contact with family and colleagues, school, etc.

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Apple MacBook Air MRE82LL/A

Apple MacBook Air MRE82LL/A Review: Many Reasons Why This Superbly Built Laptop is Worth Buying

This thin, light MacBook comes with a new keyboard, stunning display, Force Touch trackpad and long battery life. You can unlock all of your data and files via the integrated Touch ID sensor, which can also be used with Apple Pay for making secure internet purchases. One of the first things people notice when seeing the Apple MacBook Air MRE82LL/A is how attractive and sleek it is.

The display in particular is very sleek with its 2560 x 1600 screen resolution and glass that goes all the way to the edge of the screen, and the bezels are 50% thinner than those on the previous models. This Air model weighs just 2.75 pounds and is constructed from custom aluminum alloy, which helps reduce the carbon footprint considerably.

The keyboard has a nice design and features Apple’s butterfly mechanism for responsive and precise typing. There is individual backlighting for each key. For a more uniform illumination, the backlit keyboard works with an ambient light sensor. Another great design feature is the Force Touch trackpad. It is 20% larger than the trackpad on previous models, and has haptic feedback and pressure-sensing capabilities.

Apple MacBook Air MRE82LL/A Specifications

• OS: macOS Mojave (10.14)
• Processor: 8th Gen. Intel Core i5 (1.6-GHz) / dual-core / 3.6-GHz max turbo speed / 4MB cache
• Storage: soldered PCIe SSD 128GB
• Memory: 8GB 2133-MHz / maximum 16GB supported LPDDR3 SDRAM
• Display: 13.3-inch IPS LCD backlight / LED / widescreen / 16:10 / 2560 x 1600 resolution
• Battery: Lithium polymer 50.3-Wh / 12 hours maximum runtime
• AC adapter: AC 120 / 230 V or 50 / 60 Hz
• Graphics: Intel UHD 617

There are two USB 3.1 Generation 2 / Thunderbolt 3 / DisplayPort interfaces and a headphone output. The 227-ppi display is mercury-free, arsenic-free, BFR / PVC-free, and beryllium free. There is also a 720p built-in camera with FaceTime HD technology and three microphones. The Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11 a-b-g-n-ac wireless technology will keep you connected no matter where you are.

In addition to the fingerprint reader, this MacBook Air has a 2nd-generation custom silicon T2 chip, which was designed by Apple to make the machine even more secure. This chip has a Secure Enclave coprocessor that helps build the foundation for encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities.

You really can’t go wrong with the Apple MacBook Air MRE82LL/A. Not only does it look great, it’s designed and programmed to provide you with great performance. The battery even has a standby time of up to 30 days.

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Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A

Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A Guide: Fast A8 Chip & Metal Technology and Fully Laminated Retina Display

There are always good reasons to invest in a new iPad. If you don’t to spend a bunch of money on a Pro, then a mini model is still an excellent choice. You can expect a sleek design, brilliant screen, and an impressive app library. On the newer 128GB / A8 chip models, such as the Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A, there is up to 30% faster CPU performance compared with the previous A7 chip models. It sits comfortably on most people’s lists of “best affordable tablets”.

One reason why this particular model is getting a lot of praise is because of its optimized display, which is also superior to those of previous generations. The display on the mini 4 is designed to offer realistic colors, sharp and vibrant images, and greater contrast. There is no internal reflectance caused by any gaps between the layers.

Integrated into this small tablet is leading-edge innovation that allows users to get excellent graphics performance out of iOS 9: Metal and A8 chip. “Metal” is Apple’s impressive API technology for GPU-accelerated 3D graphics. You can enjoy an immersive gaming and multitasking experience on your favorite Apple apps, whether they’re games, videos, work-related tasks, etc.

The Wi-Fi technology on the Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A is twice as fast as it has been, and you can easily stay in touch and up-to-date no matter where you travel to, or if you are simply at home. Nobody will ever be able to steal any of your sensitive data, because you can keep it protected with the Touch ID technology. Some models also come with cellular technology.

Display of the Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A

The 7.9-inch IPS TFT multi-touch display has LED backlighting, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare technology, as well as a resolution of 2048 x 1536 / 326-ppi. It is a fully laminated display. There is a front 1.2 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel rear resolution.

Get up to 10 hours of runtime with the lithium polymer battery w/ 19.1-Wh capacity. Expansion and connectivity includes 1 headphone jack and 1 lightning interface. A power adapter and lightning to USB cable are included with the mini 4.

How small is the iPad mini? This particular model weighs 10.54-oz and measures 5.3-inches x 0.2-inches x 8-inches (WxDxH).

Overall, there are a lot of positive Apple iPad mini 4 MK8E2LL/A reviews as users are happy with its Metal technology, 128GB of storage, A8 chip, and sleek design. It also comes with all of the essential built-in apps you’ll need, like Siri, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, Safari, Apple TV, Find My Friends, and many others.

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MacMall – Apple’s Products at Low Prices

Apple Computer Store Deal Guide – What to Look for in a Reseller

Apple electronics – especially iPads and iPhones – are among the most popular electronic products in the world. If you’re looking for deals on these products, then you need to make sure that you shop at a discount Apple computer store. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on an iPad Pro or MacBook Air.

Choose a good direct reseller that offers deals on new and refurbished products. There is an increasing demand for the highest quality consumer electronics at inexpensive prices, and the ideal store will recognize that. The online shopping experience should be excellent. Everything from browsing for deals to the checkout and verification process should be straightforward.

Customer service is another important consideration at an Apple computer store. The website you order from should have been around for years and years and have a good reputation. There should be a way for you to contact the company via email and phone, as well as check on an order status. Are you looking for MacBooks and iPads for a company? See if there is an option for you to receive business credit. Sometimes organizations qualify for special discounts.

Discount or free shipping and handling is always nice for online shoppers. Shop at a site that has a free shipping and handling policy on orders if you spend a certain amount of money. The lower the minimum purchase amount requirement, the better. Don’t forget about rebates, either. Even if you don’t order from the official Apple computer store, and opt for a retailer instead, you should still be able to get a rebate.

If you’re not sure exactly which product or model you want, the search tools should be intuitive. Look at the “Best Selling” product section and read reviews on the Macs, iPads, iPhones, and accessories.

Use Deals at an Apple Computer Store

Found a good deal on a product you are interested in? It’s a good idea to snatch it up before the deal goes away. Due to the fast-moving nature of Apple and IT supply industries, prices and availability are always subject to change.

Keep this in mind also when searching for Apple store promo codes and coupons at your favorite e-coupon site. You can search for discounts on the type of product you want to see which stores are offering the best deals, or search for a specific store if you have one in mind to see if there are currently any promo codes you can use.

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Top Laptops to Buy: Recommendations for Every Type of Laptop in 2019

What kind of notebook are you looking for? A budget sub-$500 laptop? 2-in-1? A powerful gaming machine? Business notebook? The number of options right now can seem overwhelming. To help you with your decision, here are some of the top laptops to buy in various categories, to suit different types of users.

Acer Aspire 3 Laptop

Certain models of the Aspire 3 series are under $500. These are great choices for those who are looking for a reliable budget laptop. You can even find configurations with a 15.6-inch display, AMD Ryzen 3 processor, and AMD Radeon VEGA 3 (w/ shared memory) – still under $500.

Acer laptops, in general, are highly durable and affordable.

HP Chromebook x2

If you prefer Android, yet still want an inexpensive laptop, here is the perfect option. This HP 2-in-1 is highly versatile and comes with an impressive Intel Core m3 GPU, high-resolution 2K (2400 x 1600) 12.3-inch display, and long battery life. The eMMC storage ensures superfast performance. The battery life can last for up to 12 ½ hours.

Dell Alienware 17

This is among the top laptops to buy due to its gaming capabilities AND affordability. Who says gaming laptops have to be expensive? While it’s no budget PC, it’s still affordable compared to other high-end gaming computers. Get features like VR-ready technology, upgraded cooling technology, and new-generation over-clocked processors.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Those who need a business notebook will find everything they need with Lenovo’s ThinkPad series – especially the Carbon models. The X1 Carbon features the best in-class keyboard, RapidCharge technology and a battery life of up to 15 hours, (optional) Global LTE-A connectivity, and an elegant design. It’s highly customizable and comes with PCIe – NVMe OPAL 2.1 M.2 storage options.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11

This is the top laptop to buy for students of all ages, as it can be easily carried around all day from class to class, on the school bus, around campus, or at home. Its military-grade durability means that it can survive being knocked around and dropped; the keyboard is spill-resistant. The Spin 11 comes with an 11.6-inch touchscreen display and Wacom technology pen for sketching, taking notes in class, creating lists, etc.

Other Options

• Dell XPS 13
• Apple MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar (13-inch)
• Acer Predator Helios 300
• Lenovo Yoga Book
• HP Spectre x360
• Microsoft Surface Pro 4
• MSI GS65 Stealth

These are all the top laptops to buy in 2019. Carefully look over what each has to offer and determine which machine will best suit your needs.

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Lenovo Legion T530

Good Gaming Desktops Guide: Some Great Options and Deals on Multimedia PCs and Macs

2019 is looking to be a crazy year for gaming PCs and Macs, especially considering VR content is becoming more mainstream. There will always be options for those who don’t have much money and just want something that will run MMOs as well. Here’s a short guide on some good gaming desktops to suit various budgets right now.

Lenovo Y Series

These machines come with features like over-clockable Intel Core i7 processors, RAID 0 SSD storage options, NVIDIA GeForce GTX (10 Series) video graphics, and tool-less upgradability. This is a higher-end series, yet some models and configurations are still fairly affordable. Newer models can be equipped with AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon RX 570 for VR.

XPS Tower Special Edition

This series of Dell high-performing desktops ranges considerably in price. There are various configurations available to suit any type of gamer. They can be configured with up to 9th Gen. processors and the most powerful VR-ready graphics. The black chassis allows for easy expandability and is made from molded plastic and sheet metal.

Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition

What would a list of good gaming desktops be without Alienware? Dell’s more expensive (and these machines really DO come with a high-price) gaming series really pushes the limits of technology with the new Threadripper line, which varies from a couple of thousand dollars to several thousand. Those who have the money though really will get all of the gaming power they could really need, like a AMD Ryzen CPU 16-core with 32MB cache (950X).

Acer Predator Orion 5000

These are good gaming desktops with really pretty blue lighting and see-through chassis. With VR-ready configurations and IceTunnel 2.0 technology, they really do deliver true performance. The lowest-priced model comes with Intel Core i5 hexa-core processor, 16GB DDR SDRAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB), and SSD storage. While certainly more affordable than Dell’s Threadripper Edition, these Acer desktops still might be a bit high-priced for some.

Apple 27-Inch iMac -5K Retina Display

Depending on how you configure this one, you might be able to get it for under $2,000. Just be sure and use Apple promo codes. Like other iMacs, it has an all-in-one design, making it a great choice for those who do not have room for the giant, bulking towers that the other gaming desktops come with these days. There is good hardware inside of the stunning 5-mm thin display. If you really don’t need the 27-inch display, you can save money by opting for a 21.5-inch model.

If you’re really want a gaming rig to enjoy your favorite games over the next year, all of these are good gaming desktops that are worth investing in.

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Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A

Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A Guide to a Superior Tablet with 4K Support, Flawless Display, and A10 Fusion Processor

With so many different models of iPad, how do you know which one to get? If you’re taking the time to read Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A reviews, you’ll know that this one is very popular. It has an amazing display and works brilliantly with a compatible pencil. Its 10.5-inch screen is crisp and clear and surrounded by a slim bezel. A lot of people are impressed with its fast response time and precision with the Apple Pencil.

This is a powerful and portable tablet with a redesigned Retina display. It’s the perfect size and can easily be carried around and used while traveling. There is a total of four speakers, with two at each corner, and a headphone jack on top of the device.

The screen offers a whopping 120Hz, which means it refreshes twice as much as what a regular iPad offers. There is a coating on the screen that assists with outdoor usability and reduces glare. The 10.5-inch IPS / TFT – LED display has a 2224 x 1668 resolution. In addition to anti-glare and anti-reflective coating, it also features full lamination, anti-fingerprint coating, and True Tone technology.

The new, six-core Apple A10 Fusion processor outperforms even some of the Intel laptop chips. It’s capable of 64-bit computing, and responds to just about any task without any effort. For storage, there is 256GB. This is plenty of storage space for a tablet.

The Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A can be configured with a large Smart Keyboard (sold separately). Most people prefer to use the Apple Pencil since it works so seamlessly and precisely. The drawing speed is good as well. Whether you want to draw or write, the angle, tilt, and pressure are all recognized.

Cameras of Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A

There are two cameras, including the 12-MP rear camera, which is capable of taking 4K HD videos (at 30 fps) and 1080p (60 fps). You can take color-accurate photos with this optical-image stabilized camera. The other camera is a front 7-megapixel camera. These cameras have a lot of nice features such as a video stabilizer, Burst mode, noise reduction, photo / video geo-tagging, and quad-LED True Tone flash.

The device weighs 16.54-oz and measures 6.9 x 0.2 x 9.9 inches (W x D x H). It’s available in different colors such as Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and Rose Gold. Expansion / connectivity includes 1 Smart Connector, 1 x Lightning port, and headphone mini jack.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A, as it is vastly superior to its predecessors. The best place to order it is at an online discount store like MacMall.

While it’s true that Apple products can be costly, that doesn’t mean you can’t get any Apple iPad Pro MPF22LL/A discounts. There are affordability options for this device – all you have to do is use MacMall coupons. Look over all of the current deals to find out which one will help you save the most money.

Apple MacBook Pro MR942LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MR942LL/A Review – The Many Reasons Why This Notebook is a Must-Have

If you are looking for a pro notebook that comes with fast SSD storage, 15-inch True Tone display, six-core processor, and dedicated graphics, then this model is a good place to start. It offers all of this and more. You can expect double the performance with the Apple MacBook Pro MR942LL/A, thanks to turbo boost technology.

There are four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which can be used for charging the notebook itself and for connecting it to an external display with DisplayPort technology. While there is no Ethernet or internal modem, you can still use a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The 802.11-ac Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth 5.0 are standard.

Don’t worry about anyone trying to steal your information. The Apple T2 chip comes with a Secure Enclave coprocessor that provides encrypted storage capabilities and secure booting. Many discrete controllers such as the audio controller and system management controller are consolidated. Security is also at your fingertips, and you can use Apple Pay for making online purchases.

The Retina display is very easy on the eyes, as it features a high contrast ratio and bright LED backlighting. The brightest whites and deepest blacks are delivered. P3 wide color is supported and True Tone Technology adjusts the color temperature to match the light around you for a natural viewing experience. It is a 15.4-inch widescreen display with 2880 x 1800 native resolution and brightness rating of 500-nits.

The keyboard is easy to type on and operates quietly. Its butterfly mechanism provides far more key stability than that of a traditional scissor mechanism. There is plenty of room to click and make gestures on the spacious Force Touch trackpad.

Apple MacBook Pro MR942LL/A Specsifications

• Processor: 8th generation Intel Core i7 / 2.6-Ghz – 4.3-GHz (with turbo speed)
• Operating system: macOS 10.13 High Sierra
• Storage: 512GB SSD (soldered)
• Memory: 16GB (soldered) / 2400-MHz
• Display: 15.4-inch IPS / LCD – LED backlight / 2880 x 1800 WQGA+
• Video memory / graphics: 4GB AMD Radeon Pro 560X
• Battery: Lithium Polymer 83.6-Wh capacity / runtime maximum of 10 hours
• AC adapter: 87-watt output / 120/230V or 50/60HZ input

This model actually supports up to 5120 x 2880 resolution at 60-Hz on tow external displays via Thunderbolt.

Like all Apple devices, this Macbook comes with plenty of useful software, like iTunes, iCloud, Siri, Apple Stickies, Safari, GarageBand, Apple numbers, iBooks, and many more.

With its versatility, six-core processor, and excellent performance, there is really no reason NOT to buy the Apple MacBook Pro MR942LL/A. It’s a must-have notebook for any type of user.

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Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A

Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A Overview – The Benefits of Using This Sleek, Versatile Device and Its Useful Features

Consumers buy this iPad for a variety of reasons. It’s an ideal device for students, entrepreneurs, business owners, travelers, and regular tablet users. It features great hardware and a durable aluminum design. In Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A reviews, users are happy with its fingerprint reader, long battery life, superfast performance, FaceTime HD camera, and more.

The Apple Pencil is great to have as it really expands the power and versatility of the iPad. It offers a lot of creative possibilities. Since it’s sensitive to tilt and pressure, it’s easy to write, draw, create subtle shading, and a wide range of artistic effects. In other words, it works just like a conventional pencil.

The 8-megapixel rear camera captures images at a 3264×2448 native resolution and creates 1080p HD videos. Features include a time-lapse video, 120 fps slo-mode, exposure control, timer mode, burst mode, and panorama mode (high-resolution). There is a FaceTime HD front-facing camera that has an f / 2.2 aperture and 720p video recording capabilities.

There are a lot of built-in apps that help you make the best out of the Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A:

• Camera
• FaceTime
• Safari
• Music
• Photos
• Find My Friends
• iTunes You
• News
• Maps
• Siri

You can run Augmented Reality apps on the iPad, thanks to the Retina display, cameras, A10 Fusion ship, and motion sensors.

Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A Connectivity

Some configurations include support for mobile broadband, which means you can use the MR6Y2LL/A almost anywhere you go, and reach speeds of up to 300 Mb/s. You can connect the device to cellular data networks with dozens of countries and regions. The LTE cellular connectivity is fast and has support for over 20 LTE bands. Wi-FI technology is 802.11-ac Wi-Fi (866-Mbps throughput).

The 9.7-inch IPS TFT / LED backlight display has a 2048 x 1536 resolution (264-ppi). It’s a multi-touch display with anti-fingerprint coating. The A10 Fusion processor can perform 64-bit computing. For memory / storage, you get 32GB. Expect up to 10 hours runtime with the Lithium polymer battery with a 32.4-Wh capacity.

What is included with the iPad? The power adapter, Lightning to USB cable, and Apple SIM come in the package with the device. It works seamlessly with all other Apple devices with HandOff technology. You can start a message on the tablet and then finish it on your iPhone, or copy text or images on one device and paste them to another. The AirDrop feature can be used sharing files and documents instantly and wirelessly between devices.

The Apple iPad MR6Y2LL/A is a great mobile companion. It’s capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, and you can get plenty of entertainment out of it.

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