Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha: Details of the Battery, Processor, Memory, Storage, Display and More

While Galaxy books aren’t as cheap as many other laptops, they are much higher quality and always ten to have very high ratings of 4.3+ out of 5 stars. So whatever you want to use it for, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha will surely get the job done. The un-boxing, setup and installation processes are all simple as well.

When taking the laptop out of the box, its light and thin design are noticeable. The computer weighs just 2.62-lbs, and the dimensions in L x W x H in inches are 12” x 7.95” x 0.55”. The package weighs a bit more since it comes with accessories like a data link and adapter.


The 4-cell / Lithium-Ion battery is 3530 mAh watts and can get up to 54-Wh. Samsung advertises it as lasting for 18.5 hours with just one charge. So go about your work or school day, or take it with you on a long plane or bus trip with peace of mind that the Flex2 Alpha will get low on battery power.


With a QLED display, everything appears bright and colorful on the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha. It’s a 13.3-inch touchscreen, which is pretty standard for a 2-in-1 of this price. This monitor is an FHD touchscreen that emits an impressive 400-nit indoors and 6000-nit outdoors. There is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Any generic pen/stylus is compatible with the touchscreen.

Processor & SSD

Like with all Galaxy Books, users can expect this model to come with a powerful processor. The Intel Core i5 1135G7 processor has speeds ranging from 2.40 GHz (base) to 4.20 GHz (turbo boost) and an 8MB L3 cache.

The capacity of the SSD drive in the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha is 256GB. An SSD drive is much, much faster than the traditional SATA drive that older laptops have.

Memory & Graphics

The memory type for this device is LPDDR4x. It has a maximum of 8GB or 16GB, depending on the exact model/configuration you order. (onboard). As for the graphics, the Intel Iris Xe chipset is more powerful than other integrated graphic chipsets.

Other Info

Overall, this is a quality 2-in-1 that has a lot to offer. The I/O port selection is valuable and convenient with 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB-C port, HDMI, microSD multimedia card reader, and headphone-out / mic-in combo. The I/O port selection is useful and convenient. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha has some good durability features, such as the spill-resistant keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review – Fast 2-in-1 with AMOLED Display / 11th Gen Processor / Windows 11 OS

Samsung is known for making high-quality notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. This new Pro 360 book comes with a brilliant 13.3-inch for 15.6-inch (depending on the configuration) Super AMOLED touchscreen. With the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, users can expect vibrant viewing almost on par with cinema-quality. The screen also reduces harmful blue light to protect the eyes from strain.

Its display isn’t the only thing great about it. The battery is super fast and powerful, as it can get up to 21 hours of runtime on a single charge. Samsung describes the charger as being the “smallest, lightest” one yet. The Galaxy Book charges up quickly, and the device doesn’t feel weighed down due to the light design.

Not every tablet or notebook comes with 5G connectivity. This ability is something that sets Samsung apart from its competitors. Even though 5G connectivity is optional with the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, it’s still worth getting. The base configuration comes with fast Wi-Fi 5 connectivity or next-generation Wi-Fi 6E.

The design includes a durable finish in Mystic Silver or Mystic Bronze. With the hinges, you can turn the Pro 360 book into laptop mode or tablet mode. It’s pretty impressive how much hardware comes inside this slim device. With the latest Intel 11th Generation Intel Core processor, 8GB – 16GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage, you can accomplish entertainment and productivity. Use it for various tasks, whether you want it for personal use, business use, or a bit of both.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Display and Productivity

Choose the AMOLED screen size: 13.3-inch or 15.6-inch, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. No matter which display you end up with, a new S Pen comes with the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, designed to replicate natural handwriting and draw as accurately as possible.

If you don’t want to use it as the main screen, set it up as the second one for extra productivity or entertainment. For example, play your favorite mobile or web games on a larger display, or multitask by keeping in touch with friends and doing work. There is also the option to share files between multiple devices with Quick Share.

As for the graphics, the Galaxy Book Pro comes with Intel Iris Xe graphics. Depending on how much memory and the display size your model comes with, the SSD capacity ranges from 256GB to 1TB.

Lastly, order the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 now to get the brand new Windows 11 OS and security features such as TPM technology and a fingerprint reader.

Samsung Logo

Samsung Watch Promotion Code Overview – Learn About These Smart Watches and All of the Current and Upcoming Deals

As far as smartwatches go, none are quite as fashionable as those offered by Samsung. The Thom Browne collection, for example, includes some impeccably-designed watches that offer a balance of creativity and innovation. So whatever it is you are looking for in a smartwatch, you should be able to find with this brand, whether it’s a newer piece or a classic one. Just use a Samsung watch promotion code to get a discount price.

Black Friday is coming up soon, so there will be some deals to look forward to. However, if you can’t wait that long, some Samsung coupons are probably available right now. The online store always has some promotional offer for various products, no matter the time of year.

If you’re not all that familiar with Samsung watches, they are designed with superior quality and guaranteed to last. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a new watch that allows users to take real-time readings of body composition, blood oxygen levels, and ECG to track and assess wellness. In addition, the BioActive Sensor, a superfast chip, is incredible innovation to the Galaxy Watch.

Tracking physical activities and fitness scores is something you can easily do if you use a Samsung watch promotion code to help you buy one of these products. Sync essential data about your health between the watch and your phone. Over 90 types of exercise and routines are supported, and the tracking and reporting are highly accurate.

Samsung Watch Promotion Code to Stay Active

It’s always good to measure your ECG in real-time. The Samsung BioActive sensor will let you know any abnormalities with your heart rate and rhythm. You can easily share this information if you need to let your doctor know.

Another practical benefit of having a smartwatch by Samsung is that some of them can detect and analyze your sleep stages. You might not even be aware that you have sleep issues. Instead of undergoing a sleep test at a clinic, the smartwatch will let you know if there are any issues, such as blood oxygen levels, snoring, and other sleeping behaviors.

If you’re searching for a Samsung watch promotion code, don’t forget to check out the “Offers” page of the official site or app. In addition, there will often be deals on the smartwatches under the “Watches, Audio, and Accessories” section. Once again, don’t forget about Black Friday.

Several designs to choose from, including analog and digital faces with various backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. Which models are on sale right now? Grab a Samsung watch promotion code, check out your options, and keep an eye out for future deals.

Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D

Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D Info: A Glance at This 17.3-inch Budget Laptop, Design, and All Features & Specs

It’s always good to see a 17.3-inch laptop with a Full HD display available for under $500. So if that’s something you’re looking for, be sure and take advantage of this Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D deal while it’s available. You can describe it as a “multimedia all-rounder.” If the cheapest configuration doesn’t come with the specs you need, some features are upgradable.

The case is made entirely out of plastic, which does provide better durability than one might think. The back of the lid and palm rest come with a shiny matte that feels smooth to the touch. You can access a firmly installed battery (Li-Ion 2-cell) after removing the bottom cover.

This laptop also looks nice with its Pure Silver color with a standard keyboard and touchpad. Starting weight is 5.73-lb, and measurements are 0.82-in Height, 15.9-in Width, and 10.4-in Depth. However, it still offers easy portability despite being a 17.3-inch laptop. You can also use it as a desktop replacement for any home or office desk.

There are a total number of 3 USB ports 2 x 3.2 Generation 1 and 1 x 2.0, network (RJ-45), HDMI, headphone jack, and audio line out. In addition, Wireless LAN standard and Gigabit Ethernet technologies come with the Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D and Bluetooth 5.0.

Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D Speakers and Display

Like all laptops, two stereo speakers put out decent sound. However, the audio and volume levels are much better when using headphones. Intel GeForce MX330 / UHD graphics are suitable for a low-priced laptop such as this. While not powerful enough for gaming or resource-demanding applications, you can use the Aspire 17.3-inch Aspire 3 for just about anything else.

The display is LCD Full HD with LED backlight technology and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. An Intel Celeron dual-core processor with a 2.80 GHz turbo speed powers the laptop. Storage needs with the Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D are taken care of with a 1TB Serial ATA drive. Opt for 4GB or 16GB of memory with the two memory slots (DDR4 SDRAM).

Users can get around 7 – 9 hours of runtime with the 2-cell Lithium-Ion battery. The power supply offers a 45 W maximum wattage.

Some of the additional features and components of the Acer Aspire 3 A317-33-C49D include a 0.3 megapixels webcam, built-in microphone, and security protocols like a Kensington lock slot, Firmware Trusted Platform Module, and BIOS passwords for User / Supervisor / HDD. This PC is also a Green Compliant laptop.

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL Overview – Perfect Gaming Laptop for Consumers Looking for Value and Upgradability

Gaming laptops aren’t known for being the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean some offer a whole lot of value for their money. You can easily find a quality laptop that can handle most if not all of your gaming needs with a model like the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL. It has a lot going on: good build quality, fast processor, decent expansion possibilities, powerful 1650Ti graphics, and more.

There are a few configurations of the Nitro 5 available. Still, the AMD version is the most popular and the one being reviewed today. Starting price is in the $1,000 – $1100 range. Since Acer is a better brand that knows how to make a long-lasting laptop, this is a reasonable price for a model that will satisfy most gamers.

The keyboard spices things up with its 4-zone RGB backlit themes. It looks neat with the WASD keys highlighted for easy visibility. There is only a 1.6 mm travel distance between the keys when typing. Gamers can take control of the inner workings of the Nitro 5 thanks to the NitroSense Key, which is also highlighted and located on the right side of the keyboard deck.

An 8-core AAMD Ryzen 7 processor delivers up to 4.40 GHz (turbo) speed to the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL. The base speed of the 5800H processor alone is capable of up to 3.20 GHz. This speed, combined with PCI Express storage and up to 32GB of memory, makes the laptop superfast. In addition, the NVIDIA GeForce MX330 / RTX (3050Ti) graphics are dedicated with 4GB GDDR6 memory capacity.

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL Memory and Connectivity

16GB DDR4 SDRAM memory is with the base configuration, and the two memory slots allow for up to 32GB. There is always room for some upgrades with Acer’s gaming laptops. The PCIe SSD drive has a 512GB storage capacity. This particular model of the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL has a 15.6-inch screen with LCD / IPS / ComfyView technology. It’s a full HD display with an LED backlight and 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

USB 3.1 Generation 1 Type-A ports (2x), USB 3.1 Generation 2 Type-C (1x), and USB 3.2 Generation 1 (1x) ports are all included, as with the essential ports such as HDMI and headphone jack. In addition, the adapter provides a maximum of 180 watts of power supply.

The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R0DL is 5.07 lb, and it comes in Shale Black. The Lithium-Ion battery is 4-cell and has a pretty decent run time of up to 10 hours.

Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU

Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU Touchscreens – Learn Why These 2-in-1s are the Best & What to Expect

With an all-metal body and just 3.31 lb weight, this Spin 5 convertible laptop is easy to carry around and durable enough to withstand some drops and bumps. The design includes a 360-degree dual-torque hinge that allows the device to be twisted and turned into various modes. Whether you want to use it as a regular laptop, tablet, “view mode,” “tent mode,” etc., the Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU is a versatile model that you can use for just about anything.

One of the best things about Acer’s Spin series is their touchscreens and the intuitive digital pens designed to go with them. The Active Stylus features 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity – this means it can replicate as natural and accurate a writing/drawing experience possible on the touchscreen. In addition, you can charge it up very quickly via the dock. Also, the Acer Active Stylus is universally compatible with any touchscreen display, with its Wacom AES 1.0 technology.

The optimized DTS Audio and Acer’s TrueHarmony (select configurations), when combined, deliver quality sound through the two front-facing speakers. Other built-in features include a microphone and fingerprint reader. Wireless Technology with the Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU is IEE 802.11 a-b-g-n-ac-ax (LAN standard). Sync it with all the other devices in the home, office, car, or anywhere else with Bluetooth 5.0.

Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU Processor and Graphics

An Intel Core i7 processor powers everything. It is about as powerful as you can expect for a processor for a 2-in-1 of this size. It’s a quad-core processor with a base speed of 1.30-GHz. With LPDDR4X technology, there are up to 16GB of standard memory. MicroSD is also supported with the memory card reader.

What about graphics and display features that come with the Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU? There are integrated Intel iris Plus graphics with shared memory accessibility (LPDDR4X). The 13.5-inch LCD / LED touchscreen has CineCrystal anti-glare and IPS technology. Its screen resolution is 2256 x 1504. The touch capabilities are awe-inspiring and intuitive, regardless of which mode it’s in. In addition to the touchscreen, the touchpad of the Spin 5 has a great design as well. The keyboard also comes with backlighting.

Lastly, the storage capacity of this 2-in-1 is 512GB – and the drive is SSD for better speed and performance. Regardless of where users take it, the Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N-70PU has a long battery life with the 4-cell Li-Ion battery (Acer advertises it as a 15-hour maximum run time). The maximum supply wattage through the adapter is 65-W. These are also included accessories with the Acer Active Stylus.

Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3

Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3 – Review of One of the Best 2-in-1s Available Right Now

The latest lineup of Acer’s Spin 2-in-1 consumer notebooks comes with Iris Xe and Intel GeForce MX330 graphics. In addition, the newest generation Intel Core mobile processors add even more to the overall power and performance. As with most convertible laptops, the Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3 has a touchscreen. In addition, there is a stylus built-in with Wacom AES 1.0.

This particular model sets a precedent for ultrathin touchscreen portable laptops. With its advanced GPU setup, long battery life, touchscreen and stylus capabilities, etc., it’s easy for professionals to complete their projects and get some work done. It’s a good choice for a personal laptop. The graphics and processor performance can handle streaming from top video services, light gaming, and regular web activities.

The Acer Active Stylus has 4,096 pressure points, making it very accurate and precise, whether used to draw or take notes. If the battery runs low, it can charge back up quickly by being placed back in the dock. In under 30 seconds of resting, the stylus can get nearly two hours’ worth of time.

Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3 Specifications

Here is a list of many of the features of the Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Display: 13.3-inch LCD WQXGA / 16:10 / IPS / 2560 x 1600 / LED
  • Storage: 512 GB – Solid State Drive
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (1135G7) / quad-core / up to 2.40 GHz
  • Memory: 8GB LPDDR4X
  • Ports and I/O: USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 3.2 Generation 2 Type-C / HDMI / Audio Line-Out / headphone jack
  • Battery: 4-cell Li-Ion
  • Power supply: 65-W maximum

While there is a touchscreen and Acer Active Stylus, a typical touchpad is included too. For working or typing in the dark, there is a quality backlit keyboard.

There is, of course, a webcam on the front with a 1280 x 720 resolution, as well as a built-in microphone. The Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3 has two speakers with stereo output mode. These speakers do a pretty good job of delivering quality sound, and while the volume isn’t the loudest, it’s still decent for a laptop like this.

Since this is a 2-in-1, it can be folded or rotated into various modes, allowing for versatile use. Acer is one of the better brands when it comes to creating versatile 2-in-1 / convertible Windows laptops.

The Pure Silver finish gives the Acer Spin 3 SP313-51N-50R3 a classy appearance. With the specs mentioned above, it weighs around 3.11 lb. In addition, there are several security features such as the fingerprint reader, Noble Lock TZ08, firmware TPM solution, and various BIOS passwords for User and Supervisor levels.

Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU

Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU Laptop – Ultrathin, Super Long Battery Life, 16GB Memory & Intel Core i7 Processor

The newest models of the Swift 3 laptops are ultra-light, sleek, and engineered to deliver mobile performance that users need while on the go, whether it’s to and from school, work, business travel, family vacation, etc. In addition, the battery life is above average with the Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU. It has a 4-cell Lithium-Ion battery that can take up to around 16 hours.

The 10th Gen. Intel Core processor still performs optimally even when the machine is unplugged. The battery runs for several hours. When the battery does run out, it only takes around 30 minutes for it to get charged up to as much as 4 hours of runtime. Acer has done an excellent job of co-engineering this laptop experience with Intel.

Dual-band Wi-Fi technology improves average network throughputs by as many as three times. It also decreases the latency by up to 75%. These new models of Swift 3 come with Wireless Wi-Fi 6 (AX201) technology with IEE 802.11 standards: a/b/g/n/ac/ax. This model can be used wirelessly with any other device or PC in the house or office, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU Specifications

Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU Specs and Features

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Memory: 16 GB LPDDR4X
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 1165G7 / quad-core / 2.80GHz – 4.80GHz max speed with Turbo
  • Storage: 512GB PCIe
  • Display: 14-inch LCD Full HD / IPS / ComfyView / LED backlight / 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Graphics: Intel GeForce MX330 / Iris Xe
  • Battery: 4-cell / Li-Ion / up to 16 hours runtime
  • Power supply wattage: 65 W maximum

With the embedded fingerprint reader, it is quick and easy to log in to the laptop without a password. Also, the Cortana digital assistant that comes with Microsoft 10 utilizes “Wake on Voice” or “WoV,” which lets the user interact with the machine even when it is in Modern Standby Mode.

The high-resolution display on the Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU brings out the details and makes the colors pop. In addition, the text is easy to read and won’t cause any eye strain.

A decent selection of ports – such as USB 3.2 Generation 1 and Generation 2 (Type-C) – are located along the sides of the laptop. Of course, all the other essentials (HDMI, audio line out, headphone jack) are included as well.

Weighing at just 2.65-lbs, and featuring a “Pure Silver” finish, the Acer Swift 3 SF314-511-70TU is a very nice-looking laptop. It comes with the Li-Ion battery, AC adapter, and security features such as BIOS passwords and fingerprint reader.

Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD

Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD Convertible Laptop Overview: AMD-Powered, Great Design, and Fast PCIe SSD

There are many impressive things about this Spin 3 2-in-1, including its build quality, sturdy keyboard, and AMD Ryzen / Radeon setup. The chassis of the Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD features magnesium-aluminum metal for a sleek look. As durable as it is, it is also very light at around 2.6-lb.

Whether you want to do FaceTime or Zoom with family and friends or have remote work meetings, Acer Purified Voice allows crystal clear communications via the two integrated microphones. In addition, most background noises, including the sounds of typing, are filtered out.

The AMD Ryzen 7 (3700U) quad-core processor can get up to 4GHz with a Turbo boost: Its base speed is 2.30 GHz. AMD Ryzen 7 is an advanced processor for laptops that delivers the best performance possible. This laptop is equipped with a long-lasting battery too. Acer claims that the 3-cell Li-Ion battery has a maximum run time of 12 hours.

Right out of the box, the Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD has a classy look in Pure Silver, with a smooth-looking trackpad and standard keyboard with backlighting. Since this is a touchscreen, a fast-charging stylus is included in the box as well. The 14-inch screen is designed for full-flex rotating, allowing users to turn it into a tablet, tent, or laptop.

Medium-sized black bezels surround the display to give a bit of extra viewing room. However, the top and bottom bezels are normal-sized to accommodate the logo and webcam (1280 x 720). As for the touchscreen itself, it’s full HD with IPS technology and 1920 x 1080 resolution / 16:9.

Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD Graphics and Storage

This PC is an AMD convertible with GeForce MX330 and Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics with shared memory accessibility. The Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD has a good amount of graphics performance. Standard memory is 8 GB with DDR4 SDRAM technology. There is also a memory card reader that supports microSD cards. PCI Express SSD storage is the fastest type of drive for a 2-in-1 of this size and price, and it comes with a 512GB capacity for storage.

The sound level and overall audio quality are pretty good. The speaker grille stretches across the top part of the keyboard deck, where the hinges are located. USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and Gen 2 Type-C ports, a USB 3.2 Generation 1 port, HDMI, audio line-out, and headphone jack are available.

Quality convertible / 2-in-1 laptops built like this are rare. However, Acer is also known for making computers that last for a long time and is probably among the best mainstream electronics brands. So grab an Acer Spin 3 SP314-21N-R3KD coupon code today and get started.

Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT

Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT – Should You Get It? What is All the Hype About?

Catch up on all of your favorite games on a laptop featuring a powerful hexa-core Intel Core i7 processor and GeForce RTX (2070) graphics. The Predator Triton is a top-rated gaming laptop series offered at a reasonable price through Acer. With this model, you get everything you need for playing mainstream games for UNDER $2,000. The Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT also looks good with its multi-zone RGB backlighting setup.

Its metallic shell, dark finish, 15.6-inch FHD or QHD display, and slick touchpad are also attractive. The HDMI Specification 2.1 that some select models come with supports a higher range of external video resolutions – all the way up to 10K. The 15.6-inch display the 300 comes with is full HD with LED backlight technology and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 240Hz screen refresh rate.

The cooling system the newer Triton 300 comes with has ultra-thin, 5th Generation “AeroBlade” 3D fans. A dual-fan approach is utilized to ensure that the custom-engineered AeroBlade 3D technology works proficiently. In addition, the speed of the fans is supposed to increase to keep up with the amount of heat being generated to keep critical areas adequately cooled.

Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT Specifications

Here are some details about the Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT:

  • Intel Core i7 (10750H) / 6-core / 2.60-GHz
  • Windows 10 Home – OS (64-bit)
  • 15.6-inch LCD ComfyView display with IPS technology / Full HD mode / LED backlight / 1920 x 1080
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics – up to 8GB graphics memory capacity / dedicated GDDR6
  • 4-cell battery Li-Ion
  • 230 W power supply wattage
  • 16GB standard memory – DDR4 SDRAM technology – 2 slots
  • Storage: 1 x 512GB Solid State Drive

Along with the HDMI, the Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT also has a total of 4 USB ports: USB Type-C, USB 3.2 Generation 2 (up to 10-Gbps), and USB charging 5V; 3A, as well as Network RJ-45.

Online shoppers can opt for GeForce RTX 3080, up to 32GB of memory, and 2TB of storage capacity with some models. In addition, there is room for expandability for those hardcore gamers who want to go all out and win.

Once again, this is a highly rated gaming laptop. The Predator Triton series is among the best in the computer gaming industry. In Acer Predator Triton 300 PT315-52-73WT reviews, users seem to appreciate the lightweight design for such a powerful laptop, the 240hz 3ms screen, cool and silent fan setup, upgradable options, gaming performance, and the free Windows 11 upgrade option when it comes out.