Alienware Aurora R11

Alienware Aurora R11 Review: A Look at the Cooling Technologies, Ports, Memory and Speed, AlienFX, & More

The R11’s design is a mainstream PC, but it can be anything you want it to be. There are many models, and the cheapest one runs games at 1080p and comes with a single drive. There is room for upgrades to get more out of this PC. The more costly versions of the Alienware Aurora R11 can have a dual drive solution.

There are many USB 3.1 Generation 1 & 2, USB 2.0, USB-C Generation 1 ports located on this tower. Many of them are on the front panel. There are a headset and microphone plug-in on the front as well. Everything on this chassis is convenient and flexible. The power supply delivers, and it does so while saving power. Both air-cooling and liquid-cooling solutions are available. You can get them with either a 1000-W or 550-W power supply, depending on the customization.

The Aurora is a great looking machine with a cylindrical design and a clean internal layout. AlienFX RGB LED lighting gives it an iconic look. On the “Lunar Light” model, there is a front-facing light ring unique to this brand’s engineering. The other tower option for the Alienware Aurora R11 is “Dark Side of the Moon”. Regardless of the choices of color, the desktop has a smooth, satin finish.

More performance-enhancing features include optimal over-clocking and Enhanced AlienFX. The user can get extra performance out of the system by utilizing the over-clocking module. The AlienFX technology consists of software and hardware that support full RGB, going all the way up to 16.8 million colors.

Alienware Aurora R11 Processor Choice

The processor choices are all 10th Generation Intel Core, i5, i7, and i9. The higher-end i9 models come with Thermal Velocity Boost. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (Super – 4GB GDDR6) is the dedicated graphics card in some of the cheaper models. GTX 1660 Ti (6GB GDDR6) is available for those who want a VR experience.

The Aurora may have up to 64GB of memory with available memory speeds of 2933-MHz and 3200-MHz. You can customize the Alienware Aurora R11 with a dual-storage solution like other Alienware PCs. Or, to save money, a single 1TB SATA drive comes with the cheapest model.

The new R11 models have a PSU swing-arm. The swing-arm provides many benefits such as easy-to-access expansion bays, tool-less graphics, and a compact tower size. The graphics card(s) connect to the motherboard in a position that allows optimal airflow.

Anybody who has at least $1,000 to spend on a gaming desktop should consider the Alienware Aurora R11.

Dell XPS Desktop 8940

Dell XPS Desktop 8940: Guide to All of Specs, Details, and Options Available with This Newly Designed Desktop

Dell has been doing an excellent job of refreshing its popular computer models of late. The new XPS desktop is no exception. It has promising configurations. These configurations include NVIDIA GeForce RTX or AMD graphics cards, 512GB or more in graphics memory, and more. The Dell XPS Desktop 8940 is reliable. It also looks great with its new (optional) Arctic “Frost” white aluminum chassis.

For graphics, the GeForce RTX 2060, in particular, is nice to have. NVIDIA Turing architecture powers this graphics card. Besides its superfast GPU, the 8940 has a processor with more cores and plenty of memory. The GPU helps you unleash creativity and productivity. Besides that, it allows any user to do their favorite web activities and tasks.

There is proper, regulated cooling due to the hard work of the engineers. They designed this desktop to feature “voltage regulator cooling” with the ideal processors. This cooling mechanism ensures that the system is always cool and maintains adequate airflow. The Command Center connects all devices. There is a total of 10 USB ports alone, including four located on the front for easy access. You also get other essential ports and slots, such as HDMI and 10/100/1000 RJ-45.

There is headroom for plenty of performance and upgrades with the Dell XPS Desktop 8940. You get a 360-W PSU, which supports a 65-W processor plug as well as 150-W graphics. The optional 500-W power supply unit supports up to 95-W K series CPUs and 225-W graphics.

Dell XPS Desktop 8940 Graphics

As mentioned above, the graphics card that you get is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB – GDDR6). You can get an AMD graphics option with some configurations. The cheapest option is a GeForce GT 1030 (2GB), which might not be enough for many users.

The processor options are all 10th Gen. Intel Core, either i7 or i9, with 8-cores or 10-cores, and up to 48-GHz or 5.2-GHz. What’s impressive is the amount of memory this one desktop can have. Imagine how much speed you can get with 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 – 2933-MHz, let alone 64GB or even 128GB. These are options offered by the new Dell XPS desktop models.

There are single drive and dual-drive options, with M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (1TB – 2TB) alone as the single drive, and an optional 7200-RPM SATA hard drive. Several different drives and potential configurations are available. Yet you get another slot for an optional optical drive.

Are you interested in owning this machine? Get a hold of some Dell XPS Desktop 8940 coupons or discount options to help you finance it.

Lenovo Legion T530

Which Gaming PC to Buy: List of the Best Looking, Good Performance Gaming Laptops & Desktops Right Now

Many companies are putting out brand new gaming PCs these days. There are so many, so it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. The good news is that everybody can find a computer. A computer for those on a budget. One for those who want the ultimate performance. There are even computers for those who wish to compromise with a solid performance in a mid-priced model. Here are some good choices to consider right now. Try these options if you are figuring out which gaming PC to buy or want a few recommendations:

Alienware Aurora R11 Desktop

The Aurora is a neat looking desktop from Dell’s Alienware line with a starting price of under $1,000. Its design supports over-clocking and custom upgrades. It has a bus speed of 8 GT/s. The Aurora also includes Intel Rapid Storage and Platinum Trust technology. You can also get up to 32GB Dual Channel HyperX and 10th Gen. Intel core i5, i7, or i9 processor with this desktop.

HP Omen Ryzen 7 – Gaming Laptop

HP is another well-known brand in the computer industry that has been around for decades. This PC is an AMD Ryzen 7-series laptop. Its design is skinny and has superior construction for portability. For that, it deserves its spot in the “which gaming PC to buy” list. This laptop has many benefits, such as a 144Hz refresh rate FHD and a 12.5-hour battery life.

CHRONOS (OriginPC) Small Form Factor

This SSF gaming desktop comes in elegant colors such as Red and Blue. Its design resembles an old classic cassette boom box. You can also choose from a variety of paint styles, like metallic colors, unique themes, or your very own custom design. If aesthetics are important to you, then this gaming SFF tower will be something to consider.

Acer Nitro 50 series

People on a budget who don’t want to spend $1,000 on a gaming PC will want to check into this series. The Nitro 50 models, in particular, are around mid-range pricing and capabilities. These models are for more casual gamers who don’t need the extra power and enhanced graphics. VR games or AAA titles on ultra settings will not work as well on this series.

Lenovo Legion 5 Laptop

This 15-inch gaming laptop is affordable and good looking. Consider the AMD model, which is especially popular these days.

So, which gaming PC to buy? Any of these desktops or laptops would be a great choice. Get savings like Dell discount, Lenovo promo codes, and Acer coupons right here.

Lenovo Legion T530

Cheap Custom Computers Online Guide: Alienware? Lenovo? Learn About Your Options

There are several custom computer builders online from many smaller brands as well as a few major ones. Options include selecting from several pre-built configurations or choosing the hardware separately (as long as it’s within the manufacturer’s ability). It doesn’t matter what you are looking for. Even if you are after a gaming laptop or desktop, there are still some cheap customer computers to shop for online.

For the higher-end gaming rigs with advanced cooling systems, VR-capable hardware, 4K displays, etc., always expect to pay more It’s not quite possible to find those at low prices What you CAN do is be on the lookout for special promotions, seasonal sales, online store coupons, and more to find ways to save. Some brands even offer a variety of payment plans and financing options.

It is also essential that you pay close attention to the warranty conditions. Nobody likes actually sitting and reading through the terms and conditions, but it is extremely important when it comes to cheap custom computers. There should always be at least some kind of warranty package.

How much liberty will you have in the actual “customization?” How much would you feel comfortable with? Some have limits on the components and specs while others offer literally everything, from the hardware to the chassis paint and lighting.

If you want to stick with a popular brand, Dell and Lenovo both offer some customization “build your own PC” options. Alienware is offered by Dell and is considered to be one of the most well-known names in the gaming world. If it’s a gaming PC you’re after, this is where you might want to start your search. However, with quality comes price, so try to find Alienware discounts or special offers wherever you can.

Cheap Custom Computers by Lenovo

Lenovo, on the other hand, is more versatile in its offering for cheap customer computers. Many of their ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, and other lines are available with at least 3 or 4 pre-built configurations as well as a “build your own” option. Choose which features you want and which you want to upgrade. The pricing can be very, very affordable.

A few other custom computer building online stores include iBUYPOWER, Origin PC, CyberPowerPC, and Falcon Northwest. These, like Dell’s Alienware, tend to focus on gaming PCs.

If Dell is still your preference, you’ll find that it does OCASSIONALLY offer a few non-Alienware custom build options for all-in-ones, G-Series, Inspiron, and XPS.

You can learn more about cheap customer computers, and even find Dell coupons and Lenovo promo codes at this website.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Review: All the Details You Need to Know About the New Nano-Sized Workstation

This “Nano” sized workstation is described as being smaller than an old VHS tape, yet it still offers full support. It’s able to pack a whole lot of good hardware in its small form factor. With the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n, users can get the same amount of performance as a full size workstation, without having to compromise space. It also uses less power – as much as 15% less energy than a regular desktop computer.

Ports and Graphics

Since it’s small enough to literally hold in one hand, the “Nano” obviously has ports placed all around it. On its front, there is a power button, USB-C port (3.1 Gen 2), headphone / microphone port, and two USB 3.1 (Gen. 2) ports. On the other side, there is a DC-in port, another USB 3.1 (Gen 2) port and USB-C 3.1 (Gen 2) port, DisplayPort (full-sized), Kensington lock slot, and RJ45 port.

While it isn’t a graphics powerhouse, it’s still capable of delivering good graphics performance for its price, size, and configuration. There are integrated Intel UHD graphics (620).


The reason for the price discrepancy is obviously due to the various configurations available – and there is even an option to build your own. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n comes with various 8th Generation Intel Core processors (i3, i5, i7), up to an i7 8665U with vPro, 8-threads, 4-cores, and 8MB cache. Speed ranges from 1.90-GHz up to 4.80-GHz with Turbo Boost technology.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n – Additional Specs

• OS: Windows 10 Home
• Memory: Up to 16GB soldered – DDR4 2666-MHz
• Power supply: 65-W adapter
• Storage: maximum 1TB PCIe Solid State Drive
• Wireless connectivity: Intel vPro 9260 OR 9560 802.11 AC (2×2) and Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Cheaper models come with 8GB of memory and 128GB – 512GB of storage.

Security and Build

Despite its small size, the M90n is tough and durable. It has undergone military-specifications requirements testing and meets it all, as well as other quality checks. This “Nano” device can actually withstand extreme weather conditions, such as being exposed to desert sand and Arctic cold.

Speaking of its size, the starting weight of this little ThinkCentre workstation is just 1.1-lbs, and it measures (in inches) 7.05 x 3.46 x 0.87 – W x D x H.

There is also built-in security. In addition to the Kensington lock slot, it also comes with the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chipset.


Whether you want it in your office, school, dorm, or simply want to have a computer smaller than a VHS tape in your home, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n is a good buy – so start looking over the available models today.

HP Pavilion TG01-0185t

HP Pavilion TG01-0185t Guide: Why Buy This Gaming Desktop w/ 9th Gen. Processor & NVIDIA GTX 1660 Graphics?

HP has put out this gaming desktop with dual storage solutions, high amount of memory (DDR4), latest Intel Core processors, and more. You can tell by looking at the HP Pavilion TG01-0185t that it comes with plenty of USB ports, as there are some standard ones and a USB-C one located just on the front right side, along with a headphone port, media card slot, and more.

If you want to use this desktop for gaming, you can do exactly that, with advanced NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 (Ti) dedicated graphics. GTX 1660 (Ti) is built with breakthrough graphics performance, based on NVIDIA’s award-winning Turing architecture. Its dedicated hardware also allows you to stream your game in high-quality as you play it.

As for the ports / connections, here is a quick list:

• 4 USB 2.0
• 2 USB 3.1 (Gen 2)
• 2 USB 3.1 (Gen 1)
• 1 USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen 1)
• 1 headphone / mic combo
• 1 HDMI
• 1 HP 3-in-1 media card reader

Since this is a mid-range desktop, it might not be able to handle 4K content, but you might not need that anyway if you’re not a hardcore gamer, or simply prefer consoles.

HP Pavilion TG01-0185t Tower Design

The design of the tower is sleek and space-saving, yet still offers plenty of room for component upgradability. The HP Pavilion TG01-0185t also comes with customizable LED lights to enhance the appearance and make it look more “futuristic” like.

The Intel Core i7 processor is 9th Generation and has a 3-GHz base frequency. With Turbo Boost technology, its frequency can get up to 4.7-GH. This is an 8-core processor with 12MB cache. Also, think about all that you can accomplish with 16GB of SDRAM memory (DDR4-2666), which comes as 2 x 8GB. There is enough room for up to 32GB, with this 2-DIMM setup (2 x 16GB).

The power supply that comes with this desktop is 400-W platinum efficient. For the dual storage solution, there is room for both a SATA hard drive and Solid State Drive. With the SATA (7200-RPM), get a capacity of up to 2TB. For the PCIe NVMe M.2 drive there is room for up to 256GB of storage.

Additional features of the HP Pavilion TG01-0185t include a USB keyboard featuring volume control and optical mouse, RealTek Wi-Fi 5 (2 x 2), Bluetooth 5, Windows Home 64 OS, 5.1 surround sound audio, 1 DVI-D, and 1 DisplayPort (in addition to HDMI).

HP ENVY All-on-One 32-a0035

HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035: A Summary of This Impressive 32-Inch 4K AiO, Its Construction, Design, & Specs

One of the best things about owning an all-in-one computer is that you essentially get a desktop and new TV all at once – especially if you get one that has a 4K display with true-to-life colors. If 32-inches sounds about right for your needs, then you might want to look into getting the HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035. With its superior quality build, 16GB of memory (upgradable), 1TB of storage, and 4K (3840 x 2160) display, most users have only good things to stay about this AiO.

It is an intuitive designed computer that offers easy access to ports, a multi-device keyboard, subwoofer and accurate audio with tweeters (B&O), and a privacy camera that gives you a peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about anybody peeking in on you or hackers, as the cam only pops out when you want to use it. The camera itself is capable of good performance, with a 1920p resolution and 88-degree wild-field view. There is also a microphone that is enabled only when you use it.

Additional construction features include authentic, uniquely-crafted wood inlay and micro-edge display that has a barely visible bezel. This allows you to view more of the screen. The DCI-P3 color space means more accurate and vibrant colors, deeper hues, and a wider color gamut than the standard sRGB. Also, on the HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035, which has a VESA-certified HDR 600 display, HDR movies and games appear even more lifelike.

All of your home’s internet connections will be completely solid with the Wi-Fi 5 (2×2) technology / WLAN adapter. There is also Bluetooth 5.0 and support for MU-MIMO.

HP made this into an environmentally-friendly product with its mercury-free backlights, arsenic-free glass, and low halogen. It is ENERGY STAR certified.

HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035 Specifications

Here is a quick glance of the HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035 specs:

• Windows 10 Home (64) OS
• Intel Core i5 6-core processor / 9MB cache / up to 4.1-GHz with turbo boost (2.9-GHz base)
• 31.5-inch diagonal 4K / HDR 600 / IPS ZBD display with 600-nits (3840 x 2160 resolution)
• integrated Intel UHD (630) graphics
• 16GB memory (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 SDRAM
• 256GB PCIe NVMe – M.2 Solid State Drive primary storage
• 1TB 7200-RPM SATA secondary storage

With the 2 SODIMM memory spots, there is enough room for up to 32GB. If integrated graphics aren’t enough for you, you can get NVIDIA GeForce GTX dedicated graphics (1650).

This is just an overview of the HP ENVY All-in-One 32-a0035 and the features / specs it comes with, as well as its design. It’s a must-have AiO for any family.

HP Z2 Mini G4

HP Z2 Mini G4 Review: Powerful Mini Workstation with Enough Room for 128GB Memory, 2 Graphics Cards, & More

It doesn’t matter exactly why you need a workstation. You don’t have to have an expensive, giant machine to perform graphics-intensive tasks. With something like the HP Z2 Mini G4, a professional can easily work on just about any project without having to sacrifice much space. There are many different models available, starting from around $790 on up. This “Mini” workstation has the ability to support single-threaded and multi-threaded software applications and is certified to work with everything from AutoCAD and Vectorworks projects to Adobe titles (Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, etc.)

HP advertises that there are over a million possible configurations, and that consumers can “make it their own”. There is no need for adapters or dongles, since even the I/O parts are customizable, and they can be used with “specialized” and “legacy” equipment. The G4 comes with a USB mouse, USB keyboard, and a power cord, which runs using a 3-pin slim external power supply / 135-W with 88% efficiency. It operates using 100 – 240 VAC at 47 – 63Hz.

HP Z2 Mini G4 Uses and Capabilities

Architects will be able to create realistic models and interact in real-time with detailed 3D structures. Educators will have an easier time bringing real-world capabilities to the labs. Creative professionals can use the HP Z2 Mini G4 to enhance and speed up their processes for 2D design workflows, and get lag-free performance – even when working in multiple-layers.

The spec / data sheet by HP for this workstation is incredibly extensive since there are so many configuration choices. In short, for the processor, there are several options for Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors, combined with Intel UHD graphics – from 630 – P630.

There is no shortage of memory and storage options as well. At the very least, get 1 x 4GB of memory. There are 4 slots, and each can hold up to 32GB for a total of 128GB. Some of the options are for ECC unbuffered memory and some are for UDIMM ECC memory. Additionally, you can get Intel Optane (900P 248GB – 480GB) AIC SSD, as well as your choice of many fast internal storage solutions for all of the storage and speed you need.

With room for not just one, but TWO dedicated graphics cards and multiple Wireless / networking options, you really can’t ask for more from a mini workstation. Need a DVD-writer or even a Blu-Ray writer? There is an optical drive with this fully customizable computer.

The starting weight for the HP Z2 Mini G4 is 12.66-lbs. Order it today and connect it to your ideal display. Keep everything safe and secure with the hood sensor kit (optional) and HP solenoid hood lock (SFF).

HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd

HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd Review: A Look at This Newly-Designed Gaming Computer, Its HyperX Memory, & More

HP is redesigning its new gaming desktops with the new OMEN 25L -30L models. The names literally refer to the amount of liters that each chassis holds. In addition to size, the only other difference between the two is that the 30L has more room for cooling. If you don’t have much space to hold a tower and don’t mind a little less cooling with your computer tower, then the HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd model is obviously the better choice.

You really get some impressive specs as well considering that this computer is under $1,000 (starting configuration). It’s just been released this past May, and it’s already getting a lot of positive reviews. Hook it up to your favorite monitor and get up to a quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440) and 350-nits of brightness. The tower itself is constructed with a full-metal frame, features a tempered glass side panel, and offers users complete RGB control.

HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd Dimensions and Ports

There are feet that raise the chassis a bit off the ground in order to allow for better intake so that the system will be able to stay cool. The overall dimensions of the HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd tower are 6.5-in x 15.53-in x 17.05-in and the weight is around 25.25 lbs.

It has several USB ports, including SuperSpeed Type-C, and Type-A which have a 10Gbps signaling rate, as well as 4 USB Type-A ports with a 5Gbps signaling rate. Additional ports / interfaces include 1 audio-in / 1 audio-out, 1 RJ-45, 1 microphone, and 1 headphone – mic combo. There is a button in the back that allows users to release one of the side panels in order to change out ports. The overall design is streamlined.

Get HyperX memory with the OMEN 25L, with the lowest option being 8GB (1 x 8GB), and the highest being HyperX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 2300 XMP RGB-SDRAM. This comes in addition with an AMD Ryzen 5 (six-cores) or 7 processor (eight-cores).

There is room for primary and secondary storage, although the second drive is unoccupied by default, unless you opt for a 1TB or 2TB SATA HDD. For the primary storage, there are various options, including 256GB up to 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive. There is also an option on the HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd for WD Black 1TB SSD drive (PCIe NVMe TLC M.2).

For graphics, choose between AMD Radeon RX (4GB – 8GB GDDR5 dedicated) and NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super (8GB GDDR6 dedicated) 2060 – 2070. Other features include 5.1 surround sound technology, DTS Headphone X support and 3-in-1 media card reader.

It is now available for order online, and there are HP OMEN 25L GT12-0225qd coupons or promo codes that pop up on a regular basis.

HP Pavilion TG01-0170m

HP Pavilion TG01-0170m Info: All about the Design, Graphics, Processor, Upgradability, & Pros of This Desktop

Are you looking for a good machine that can handle most mainstream games and video streaming? According to all of the positive HP Pavilion TG01-0170m reviews, this is a desktop that really can render realistic graphics. It comes with dedicated graphics memory, a fast processor and HDD or SSD, and many more features. Depending on the configuration, it might not be able to handle every single game you throw at it, but it does a good job with most of the non-VR content.

Some of the games for which the TG01 series does meet all of the requirements are all popular games like WoW, Fortnite, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and so forth. If you do want to play VR-content, you can upgrade to a more powerful configuration, although it might not be as affordable. The case is compact, yet still roomy enough for some easy upgradability and expandability.

Not only are videos and visuals impressive, but everything is so easy to set up. The entire process to get it out of the box and ready to play games will take no longer than 10 minutes for the average consumer. For the processor, it is equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 or 7. The processor with the HP Pavilion TG01-0170m is 6-cores (Ryzen 5) or 8-cores (Ryzen 7).

HP Pavilion TG01-0170m Possible Upgrades

As mentioned above, it is easily upgradable. For instance, there is one 2.5-inch internal bay available. You can upgrade up to 32GB of Ram altogether (2 x 16GB). The cheapest configuration includes 8GB (2 x 4GB). The 1 M.2 slot allows for a SSD in the tower, which you can order when you configure it online. There is room for secondary storage, so some users opt for both an HDD and SSD.

The design is somewhat simple for a gaming desktop, but it still has a neat “Acid Green” logo and pyamid-shaped LED light at the bottom, giving it a bit of glow. The front bezel itself is in “Shadow Black”. A 400-W power supply, black wired keyboard and mouse come with the HP Pavilion TG01-0170m tower.

Get NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RTX graphics, or opt for a configuration with AMD Radeon RX (5500) with 4GB GDDR6 – dedicated graphics. With the GeForce RTX, get up to 8GB of dedicated graphics. It comes with all of the ports you need, as well as wireless technology – Realtek Canary ac (2×2) and Bluetooth 5.

There are many other features the HP Pavilion TG01-0170m comes off as well, which add to its versatility as a desktop PC. Use it for not only gaming, but any other entertainment or business activity too.