Apple MacBook Pro MUHQ2LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MUHQ2LL/A: A Quick Overview of the Improvements, Apps, Design, and Other Features of This New Model

Get up to 90% faster performance with the new quad-core Intel processor that comes with the Apple MacBook Pro MUHQ2LL/A. Many users are upgrading their older MacBooks with this newer 13.3-inch model, and are praising it for its fast processor, lighter design, colorful Retina display and True Tone technology, as well as its improved keyboard and touch bar.

It’s the perfect size for anybody who doesn’t want to carry around a laptop all day, yet still wants something a bit bigger than an iPad. It weighs 3.02 lbs and has a battery life that can be stretched to 8 – 10 hours, depending on what kind of applications and programs you are running and if you are multi-tasking. Use it for business, school, or your own personal entertainment. Since it comes with all USB-C ports, you’ll need a USB to USB-C converter for older accessories such as thumb drives. However, this shouldn’t be a big deal if you mostly use the cloud anyway.

Since this is an Apple product, it’s obviously going to come with all of the popular apps from the Apple store, many of which are already installed and ready to go, like FaceTime, iTunes, QuickTime, Safari, Siri, Messages, and more. If you already have an Apple account, everything will sync with all of your other devices such as iPhones / iPod Touch / iPad, and so forth.

Apple MacBook PRo MUHQ2LL/A Screen Resolution

The display that the Apple MacBook Pro MUHQ2LL/A comes equipped with is a 13.3-inch IPS widescreen with an LED backlight thanks to LCD backlight technology. Its resolution is 2560 x 1600 and it has an image brightness of cd/m². It’s made of entirely clean materials and nothing harmful like beryllium, arsenic, or mercury.

The processor is an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU with 1.4-GHz base speed (quad-core) and up to 3.9-GHz turbo speed. In addition to turbo boost technology, it can do 64-bit computing. As for the memory, there is 8GB of provided RAM with 2133 MHz. Users get 128GB of storage capacity with the SSD drive. Once again, this MacBook comes with a bunch of Apple iCloud storage space as well.

The graphics processor is integrated Intel Iris Plus 645 and the camera is 720p, capable of HD video and FaceTime chatting. The 8 – 10 hour battery life is due to the 58.2-Wh Lithium polymer included in the MacBook.

The Apple MacBook Pro MUHQ2LL/A even looks great with its elegant silver aluminum casing. It’s also affordable as long as you order it online at a MacBook discount store like MacMall.

For prices, check out the Apple computers page.

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