HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition Overview – What Can Consumers Expect from This Mid-Range Laptop?

With its 2nd generation Intel core i5 processor, the HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition packs a lot of power. This laptop comes with enough processing muscle to run just about any game or program. It’s also great to look at with its midnight black aluminum finish. The lit-up HP logo on the back adds a nice touch to the overall design.

The 7000 Select Edition stands out in a number of ways. While it doesn’t have a large display as its bigger cousin, the Quad Core Edition, it still makes an excellent entertainment laptop. For starters, the Beats Audio technology it comes with is amazing. It comes with a separate sub speaker, making it an ideal for choice for user who enjoys listening to music on their PC.

Although it was only released three months ago, there is already tons of positive HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition reviews online. Consumers are praising everything from the fast boot time to the display. There are actually two 15.6 inch displays from which consumers can choose: HD BrightView and Full HD Anti-Glare.

The system has enough room for a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 M graphics, which more than enough for users to run their favorite games and websites. The 7000 Select Edition comes with 8 GB of memory, although upgrading options are available for those who wish to customize their HP laptop.

The optical drive is a SuperMulti 8x with dual layer support. The laptop also comes with a TrueVision HD webcam. Users can have video conferencing with friends, family, and co-workers in high definition.

As for battery life, the 6-cell Lithium Ion model can last for up to nine hours, depending on the settings and the amount of power being used. At 5.7 pounds, it isn’t the lightest laptop in the world, but it’s still considerably light and easy to carry around compared to others in its class.

HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition Cooling Technology

Not only is it reasonably light for its size, it’s also cool. Thanks to HP CoolSense technology, the temperature automatically adjusts depending on performance settings. HP ProtectSmart protects the hard drive from being destroyed whenever the laptop is dropped or banged up against something. This feature helps to protect the user’s investment.

Connectivity includes 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports (backwards compatible), 1 HDMI, headphone and microphone ports, 1 VGA, and 1 US 2.0. This HP laptop comes with everything needed for an enhanced networking experience.

Overall, the HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 Select Edition is a great addition to the Pavilion laptop family. Even though it’s an average size laptop, it has just as much to offer as a larger, more expensive model.

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