HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-f000 Sleekbook Review – A Touchscreen Notebook with a Nice Build, Upgrade Options, & Exclusive Features

Touchscreen notebooks are really popular these days. They are slightly smaller than a typical laptop, yet offer more than a typical tablet. All of the leading computer brands are offering a line of touchscreen notebooks. HP is the leader – especially with its TouchSmart series. The HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-f000 Sleekbook is a great choice, with its BrightView LED display and quad-core processor.

It’s easy to interact with the system via touch gestures. You can swipe or rotate your way around the display in order to access programs, flip through digital photo albums, and so forth. The LED-backlit feature provides the display with illumination in low lighting conditions.

The 14z-f000 Sleekbook is available in different colors, including black or white. The standard keyboard it comes with is easy to type on. The keys are engineered to provide good friction with the user’s fingers. You won’t have to worry about smearing or greasy keys.

There is a lot of technology built inside the notebook: TrueVision HD webcam, two microphones, advanced noise reduction software, quality speakers, and so forth. The notebook comes with enough technology to handle just about any task thrown its way.

Many of the programs it comes with are HP exclusive software. HP Connected Photo allows you to sync photos to and from the notebook and other devices such as the digital camera and smartphone. HP Connected Music allows you to discover new music and to build playlists. The music you can listen to comes from multiple sources.

The processor this Sleekbook comes with is an AMD quad-core processor. It’s an A4-5000 model at 1.5 GHz. The processor comes combined with AMD Radeon HD graphics (8000 series). There is an option to upgrade to an A6-5200 quad-core model combined with the AMD Radeon graphics.

RAM Upgrade Choices for HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-f000

The standard amount of memory this HP notebook comes with is 4 GB. You can add some more memory on if you think you will need more. The capacity is 8 GB (2 DIMM). Another expandable feature is the hard drive. A 500 GB hard drive is included with the price, but you can add more if you need it. The amount of storage you can add goes up to 750 GB. This is a considerable amount of storage space for a small notebook. If you want an optical drive, HP offers an external SuperMulti 8x DVD drive as an optional choice.

With all of these options for expandability, the HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-f000 Sleekbook can be a good investment. You can add more storage space and memory if you need it, as opposed to buying a brand new notebook every few years. This touchscreen notebook also has a nice appearance and a long-battery life.

You might be surprised at how low of a price you can get a touchscreen notebook like this. Thanks to HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-f000 Sleekbook coupons, it doesn’t cost much money at all. You can customize it with all of the technology you need and not have to worry about overspending. HP promo codes can be very helpful.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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