HP Pavilion 17z-e000 Guide – What You Can Expect with This Notebook, Its 17.3-Inch Display, Quad-Core Processor, & More

If you want a laptop with a large display and quad-core processor, you can’t go wrong with the HP Pavilion 17z-e000. It can be used for a number of tasks, ranging from gaming to office work. This notebook has been tested for reliability. It’s available in different colors, each of which is a vibrant shade: red, blue, purple, and black. The sleek black chassis is the default option.

It can handle just about any task thrown at it. HP has engineered this notebook with everything it needs to ensure quality results. The operating system it comes with is Windows 8. The full-sized keyboard comes with a numeric keypad. The trackpad is fairly large and smooth. It’s easy to interact with the system by gliding your fingers across the trackpad.

Thanks to technology such as HP Connected Photo, you can easily sync your images across all of your digital devices, including the notebook itself, smartphone, iPod, tablet, camera, etc. You can also edit the photos and share them with friends via social networks and email.

There are a number of quad-core processors you can choose from when customizing the 17z-e000. The default processor is an AMD A4-5000 model at 1.5 GHz. It comes with AMD Radeon HD graphics. The upgrade options include an A6-5200 (2.0 GHz) model with AMD Radeon HD graphics and an A6-5200 model with 1 GB MD Radeon HD discrete graphics.

The 17.3-inch display has HD+ Brightview technology with a resolution of 1600×900. It’s designed to resist glare and scratches.

HP Pavilion 17z-e000’s Memory Choices

The default option for the memory is 4 GB DDR3 (1-DIMM). This is included in the base price for the notebook. There are upgrade options for 6 GB or 8 GB of memory, both of which are 2-DIMM. The 4 GB is enough for handling most everyday computing tasks. If you want to use the notebook for multimedia, however, you might want to upgrade to 6 GB or 8 GB.

The choices for the hard drive include 500 GB, 640 GB, 750 GB, and 1 TB. You can go with the standard 500 GB hard drive or upgrade. This is enough storage space for most users. However, if you tend to download a lot more multimedia than the average user, you might want to go with a larger hard drive. A SuperMulti DVD optical drive also comes with this notebook. It’s an 8X optical drive that offers double layer support.

There are other customization options for the HP Pavilion 17z-e000. No matter how you choose to customize it, you can count on it to provide good performance and speed.

Grab yourself some HP Pavilion 17z-e000 promo codes and start customizing this great notebook! It’s great looking, fast, and very affordable. You can use it as a replacement for a desktop and keep it in the home, or take it around with you. It comes with just about anything a computer user could need.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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