Lenovo G700 Review – What Does This Mid-Range Notebook Offer? What Features Can Buyers Expect?

If you are trying to find a good deal on a laptop with a large screen, you will find the Lenovo G700 to be a good choice. It offers the performance you need for your daily internet and computer tasks. It can also handle a lot of multimedia rather smoothly, so you can get some entertainment out of it.

This mid-range laptop comes with a high-definition 17.3 inch display, which is protected by anti-glare and scratch-resistant technology. The resolution is 1600×900, and the screen is viewable from different angles. You can expect bright colors, clear text, and details in old photos that you’ve never noticed before.

The G700 comes with an AccuType keyboard, which, as its name suggests, delivers accurate results. Each key is ergonomically designed for comfort and good friction. You won’t have to worry about your fingers slipping off of the keys. The keyboard is situated in a low position on the interior of the body. The trackpad is spacious and well-designed. It is highly intuitive and reacts to your gestures quickly and accurately.

Typical for Lenovo is the low position of the keyboard; the frame leaves a solid impression. The lower positioned keyboard provides a pleasant typing experience but the case can be bent in the keyboard area. Fortunately, this does not affect the typing experience.

Connectivity is an important thing to consider when shopping for laptops. You’ll need to know which devices you can plug into the G700. It comes with a variety of USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) and a 2-in-1 card reader. The USB ports are for connecting devices such as printers, digital cameras, iPods, and so forth. The syncing process between external devices and the notebook is fast and easy. There is also an HDMI slot on the notebook. This will allow you to use another display if you want something bigger than the 17.3-inch screen the computer comes with. For older models of television, you can use the VGA port.

Lenovo G700 Graphics

The average notebook can’t handle NVIDIA GeForce graphics, but this one can. You can add a 1 GB NVIDIA graphics card to your G700 if you plan on using it for gaming.

These graphics go well with Intel Core processors. There are options for Intel Core i3 or i5, both of which are 3rd generation. The 4 GB of memory it comes with is ample enough for a laptop.

With its good, durable build and advanced technology, the Lenovo G700 is a laptop that’s worth investing in. Whether you want to use it for gaming, watching movies, internet browsing, or productivity, it won’t let you down.

It’s always best to shop for laptops online so that you will get the best deals. Lenovo promo codes are exclusive and available only to online shoppers. If you are interested in this notebook, you can check out some Lenovo G700 discounts right now! It’s a mid-range laptop that can be ordered at a very low price.

For prices, check out the Lenovo page.

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