Best Laptop for Photo Editing: Devices Perfect for Professionals

For visual artists, the best laptop for photo editing definitely depends on a variety of factors. Amateurs and professionals alike want something that fulfills every need and desire. This means high-quality speeds and processing, and big storage space, all with a high level of portability and top of the line visuals. A job in the visual-world, after all, requires great attention to detail and something that allows for it.

Because almost everything is in HD nowadays, image files are much larger than they used to be. Digitally-produced works or altered images may not take up as much physical space as physical works, but they certainly do eat up memory in high volumes. Most importantly, while high-end CPU and graphics-processing power is definitely high on the list of requirements, a screen that allows for vibrant and clear visuals is another must-have. And because quality images and art are in such great demand, portability and long battery life as well are necessities for artists on the go. The main downside is that there’s no such thing as a “budget” laptop in this case.

So, what kind of specs would be best? The importance of a screen that has a full HD resolution and accurately reproduces all colors of the rainbow are necessary. A bigger screen is also preferable, since it would allow more to work with. For these specialized suites, graphics are certainly important, yes, but it would be wiser (and somewhat cheaper) to focus on having as much processing power as possible. Top-grade CPUs, like the Intel i7s combined with drives that run with at least 16GB of RAM are what would be necessary to run professional image-manipulation software.

Unsurprisingly, MacBooks are among the primary choices for all professionals. MacBook Pros can commit to the job very well because their processing speeds and graphics are perfect for photo-editing. The best part about Apple’s computers is that the screens have some of the most true-to-life image reproduction, so artists can trust that Macs give accurate color representation.

Recommendations for the Best Laptop for Photo Editing

MacBook Airs are also great for professionals, since they can handle programs like Adobe Photoshop at a much lower price than a Pro. The screens tend to be smaller, however, as are the memory and RAM sizes. But while the Pro can handle more than the Air, the smaller Apple device does a great job in handling full photo-editing suites while being slightly more portable than its larger counterpart.

For PCs, one very appealing option is the HP ENVY. Even fully upgraded, this HP series certainly beats Apple in price, since it can cost well below the mid-$1000 range that Macs cost. As long as it’s got an i5 or i7 processor and a RAM of at least 8GB, an ENVY model can handle premier editing suites while also allowing for full HD visuals with accurate colors.

While there may be a large number of laptops that can indeed handle professional programs for video-editing, the ones with the most accurate colors and highest possible resolutions are the ones that stand out the most. This one factor can affect an artist’s entire career in the digital visuals field. Whether it’s graphic designers, photographers, or illustrators and other artists, knowing which specs to prioritize makes all the difference.

The best laptop for photo editing needs to not only fill all of this criteria, but also personal needs and preferences. For more information about the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air, visit the series’ main pages on the Apple website. And for anyone interested, go to HP to learn more about the HP ENVY series and for a full list of all possible upgrades and specs.

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