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HP Laptop 15t Overview: What Kind of Specs and Features Will You Find on HP’s Series of 15.6-inch Notebooks?

The HP Laptop 15t series consists of some basic, inexpensive 15.6-inch notebooks with entry-level to mid-range processors and optional touchscreen. If you are looking for an affordable laptop to use for basic purposes and maybe a bit of entertainment, this line is worth looking into.

The computing performance varies depending on the specs you choose. HP makes it easy to configure its 15t laptops. The most affordable choice includes an Intel Core i3 processor, which is sufficiently fast for an entry-level notebook. You can go up to an i5 Intel Core for extra speed and performance, and want to do some intense tasks like Photoshop or media creation. The ENVY 15t model is even compatible with i7 processors with Intel HD graphics, which is enough for playing casual and light games.

Battery life can last anywhere from four and to seven hours, depending on if you get a three-cell 31-WHr or four-cell 41-WHr unit.

System memory capacity is always an important consideration when it comes to laptops. For the general user, 4GB – 6GB is plenty enough to handle everyday tasks. With an 15t laptop, you can expand up to 16GB (2x8GB).

HP Laptop 15t Monitor and Full HD Support

As for the display, this series has a 1366 x 768 as the base option. Most of the models have optional touchscreen. If you would prefer a 1920 x 1080 resolution, some units, like the Pavilion 15t, actually support it. You can actually get a 1920 x 1080 resolution on a 15.6-inch display. Even with the 1366×768 version, there are still crisp, clear graphics and colors. Enjoy web pages, videos, and images in detail.

15t laptops come in a variety of colors. When placing your order, you get to choose from a variety of display lid colors, including purple, red, blue, gold, etc. They tend to weigh around 4.5 pounds and have a thickness of less than one inch.

You get ample storage space with this series, as the models start out with 500GB to 1TB SATA with 5400RPM. A DVD player/burner is included so that you can enjoy watching movies or making backup copies of important files. Wireless networking in the form of 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 is included in the price. You won’t have to plug the notebook up to the modem physically. Bluetooth technology is optional. Full-size island-style keyboards and nicely-designed touchpads are found on HP 15t laptops.

All in all, Hewlett Packard creates some good, reliable 15.6-inch notebooks. Consumers can expect a lot a value with an HP Laptop 15t – especially if you want an Intel Core processor and touchscreen display.

Which 15t notebook is right for you? Take a look at HP Laptop 15t coupons and you will surely find the perfect offer. HP is always consistent when it comes to giving online shoppers great deals on its computers.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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