Dell Inspiron desktop series

Dell Inspiron Desktop Series Overview: A Look at the Most Popular Models, Budget PCs, All-in-Ones, & More

The Dell Inspiron desktop series includes a variety of business desktop PCs available in different forms, from standard towers to all-in-ones.

The Most Popular Choices

One popular model in this series, the 3650, has literally thousands of reviews – most of which are positive. It has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Why is it so popular? It offers everything a business user needs for completing tasks. It’s a powerful tower desktop that offers extensive storage options in an innovate black design.

The 3650, as well as other Inspiron desktop towers, come with enhanced entertainment capabilities. They can easily conect to large HDTV displays or small tablets.

Inspiron Gamer Edition

While many of the Dell Inspiron Desktop PCs are intended for business use, there is still a Gamer Edition available. It offers an AMD FX CPU (2.1 GHz 8800P) and quad cores (up to 3.4 GHz) as well as Turbo Core Technology. You can equip it with a SATA 7200RPM hard drive (up to 2TB) and Radeon R7 or R9 graphics (AMD FX 8800 P). There is always room for expandability with Dell’s gaming desktops – even ones with smaller towers.

Newer Inspiron Desktops

The newer models come with revolutionary space-efficient designs, capable of reducing desk space by 45% or or more without compromising system performance.

The interior is also easy to access, whether you need to switch out or replace hardware or add some more. An optical drive may or may not come already included, depending on which series you select. They are all compatible with optical drives, however, so you can always add one later on.

Another great thing about newer Inspiron desktops is that they have an improved inlet airflow design for allowing optimal system cooling. In other words, they never overheat and always work quietly, even when you’re multitasking.

Budget PCs

If affordability is a concern, the AMD Inspiron Desktop is a good choice. It’s under $400 and offers pretty good performance for its price. It really is possible to get a very inexpensive PC with AMD quad-core processor (A8); there are a lot of positive reviews for this model as well.


There are also all-in-one Inspiron PCs avaialble from Dell. They come in a variety of sizes and prices and have a lot to offer in terms of configuration. The 22 3000 series is a good family computer at just under $500. If you want something more powerful and even touch-enabled, the 24 5000 series might be what yo’re looking for.

Regardless of what kind of computer you are after, you can always count on a Dell Inspiron Desktop to deliver on performance, speed, durability and design.

Dell Inspiron desktop coupons are available on a regular basis, so be sure to check for new deals everyday. You’ll surely find some Dell discount offers that will be of use to you, no matter which desktop you settle on.

For prices, check out the Dell page.

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