Dell OptiPlex 7450

Dell OptiPlex 7450 Information: What Can Professional Users Expect with This Powerful AiO Computer, its Display, and Configurations?

When most people think if all-in-one computers, they think of home entertainment centers. However, there are now AiOs designed for business use as well, such as the 23.8-inch, sleek Dell OptiPlex 7450. Its connectivity and compact design make it ideal for multi-display setups in small spaces.

The 23.8-inch (optional) 4K resolution UHD WLED display is stunning. For increased work collaboration, productivity and creativity, a multi-touch screen is also available. Even if you choose the 1920×1080 resolution version of the display, it will still be FHD and great to look at. There is support for up to two additional displays if this one is not enough. The HDMI and DisplayPorts allow you to view more information at once without having to close or minimize applications.

Collaboration is also enhanced with the superior sound and video technology, making video conferencing and presentations simple and better. This technology includes integrated speakers on the Dell OptiPlex 7450, an HD web camera, dual-array microphone, and a variety of software applications, such as Skype for Business certification.

The stand is flexible and can be used to adjust the screen height from 17 to 20.75 inches. If you want to view the display in a different orientation, the stand pivots. It can also be turned to the right or left at 90-degrees. The sensors do a good job at automatically adjusting the information on the screen to follow in whatever direction or angle you move the screen. If the height-adjustable stand is not enough, you can also opt for an articulating stand, which is ideal for a collaborative setting.

Other Hardware of the Dell OptiPlex 7450

What about the other hardware that the Dell OptiPlex 7450 comes with, located in the back of the display? You start out with an Intel Core i5 processor (65-W / quad-core) up to 3.4GHz, which is available in the most affordable configuration. A configuration that includes an i7 processor up to 3.6GHz is also available. Get 8GB (1 x 8GB) of memory and an M.2 PCIe Class 40 SSD storage drive with capacity of 256GB as well when ordering this AiO. As for the graphics, there is an option to go with a next-generation AMD discrete card.

Even though this business-centric computer isn’t built for gaming, it’s still powerful enough to play some games here and there – especially with the AMD graphics and Intel Core quad-core processor.

In Dell OptiPlex 7450 reviews, some of the things users seem to really like about the all-in-one computer is its attractive display (especially the touch version), sturdy and flexible stand, and solid performance. Whether you want to use it for business, personal enjoyment, or both, this Dell AiO is great to have.

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