Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga Info – A Look at the Design, Features, & Advantages of This Neat Mobile Workstation

If you want a mobile workstation that can handle everything from 3D modeling to animation, the Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga is truly one of a kind. You can use it as a laptop, tablet, display, and so forth. It’s an excellent machine for professionals, animators, engineers, researchers, and so forth. Digital artists and architects will especially enjoy the Wacom Active ES pen technology for sketching and drawing.

This is a lightweight, versatile 2-in-1 machine with strong graphics power. It has the same black design as other ThinkPad laptops and tablets. The only bit of color is the red pointing stick and blinking status light. The lid is constructed from a blend of plastic and carbon fiber, and the body is made entirely of a highly durable plastic.

The display is where the P40 Yogo really stands out. It’s a 14-inch WQHD screen with IPS glossy touch technology and 2560 x 1440 resolution. Everything is displayed flawlessly. Videoconferencing is made possible with the 720p HD camera.

This machine weighs 3.96-lbs and features two tight hinges that allow it to be tilted back to a full 360-degrees, transforming it into stand, tent, or tablet modes. There is also a Lift ‘n Lock keyboard, preventing the keys from depressing when the display is not in its “clamshell mode”.

Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga Specifications

What about the specs? What technical features can you expect with the Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga?

• Processor: Intel Core i7 (2.5 GHz)
• Memory: 8GB / 1600-MHz speed
• Graphics co-processor: NVIDIA Quadro (M500 M)
• Hard drive: 256GB solid state drive
• Operating System: Windows 10 (Pro)
• Battery: three-cell 53-WHr
• Power supply: 65-W

With the Quadro M500 M GPU and its 2GB of VRAM, this device is certified to run a wide range of professional applications without any problems.

If security is a concern, you’ll be glad to know that the P40 comes with advanced Intel vPro manageability and TPM encryption. There is also a fingerprint reader for your biometric logins.

The stylus comes included. You’ll find it tucked inside the notebook beneath the palm rest. This is its charging spot, where you can leave it to charge whenever you’re not using it. The pen is 4.5-inches long and allows you to sketch on the display with over 2,000 levels of pressure. It is highly accurate and offers a good paper-like experience. A traditional trackpad is included if you want to use the Yoga as a standard laptop.

Be sure to use Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga coupons or promo codes when shopping online, so that you can get this amazing mobile workstation at a discount price.

Is it any surprise that there is a growing number of positive Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga reviews? Everybody seems to love this new 2-in-1 machine so far. Be sure to use Lenovo discounts when placing your order so that you can get it at an affordable price.

For prices, check out the Lenovo page.

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