Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A

Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A Overview – A Nice 12-Inch Notebook with Impressive Power and Performance

Get a full-size laptop experience with this 12-inch device. It has 8GB of memory, 512GB of storage, and dual-core processor. The newly-designed keyboard is getting a lot of good reviews. There is a lot to like with the Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A. It’s also affordable and offers a lot of value.

Many of the features you would expect on a normal laptop are found on this MacBook. There is a 3.5-mm headphone jack for audio, as well as stereo speakers and dual microphones. The integrated FaceTime camera is 480p. You can connect to the internet and home networks via Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how light and thin it is. Despite its small size, it comes with everything you need for work, school, research, entertainment, and just regular web browsing. No, it’s not a powerhouse. It’s not intended for intense graphics and 3D content but it still performs very well for a notebook in its price range. Not only does the trackpad feature a unique design, it’s also adjustable. You can change the “clicking” settings to firm, medium, or light.

Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A Specifications

The specs of the Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A include the following:

• Operating system: Apple mac 10.12 Sierra
• CPU: Intel Core dual-core m5 (1.2 GHz)
• Memory: 8GB soldered LPDDR3 SDRAM 1866 MHz
• Storage: 512GB flash
• Display: 12-inch IPS widescreen LCD backlight technology with 2304 x 1440 resolution
• Battery: Lithium polymer with 4.14 Wh capacity / 11 hour runtime

The battery life is exceptional – not only does it last for up to 11 hours with regular use, it has a standby time of up to 30 days. The USB-C port is multifunctional and allows for fast syncing with compatible devices.

The m5 processor contains no moving parts. This makes it both silent and effective when processing programs. The RAM works with the Intel HD graphics (515) to deliver quality images.

Just how compact is this 12-inch machine? The Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A weighs 32.45-oz and measures 11 x 7.7 x 0.5 inches (WxDxH). It’s easy to carry around and can last for an entire work or school day on battery life.

You get all of the Apple software you need for entertainment, productivity, communication and more: Apple DVD Player, FaceTime, iTunes, QuickTime, Dashboard, iBooks, Keynote, GarageBand, and more.

There are a lot of great things people are saying in Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A reviews, such as its excellent speakers and ability to stay at a low temperature. You never have to worry about it getting too hot or noisy. It’s really a nice notebook to own.

Use MacMall coupons when ordering your Apple MacBook MLHC2LL/A. Other online stores charge too much for this MacBook. Not only does MacMall offer low prices, it also offers good customer support. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

For prices, check out the Apple computers page.

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