HP Pavilion 570-a135m

HP Pavilion 570-a135m Info: What Benefits Does This Inexpensive, Mid-Range Desktop Computer Offer to Users?

Users can get a lot of work done with this PC. It comes with Windows 10, advanced graphics, plenty of storage space, and anything a user could need to transform their workspace. Each and every tower is put through over 100 rigged tests to ensure its durability, and the HP Pavilion 570-a135m is no exception. This is actually a space-efficient tower that can fit in just about any office corner or under a desk. It weighs just 12.57-lbs and measures 12.4-inches in width, 6.42-inches in depth, and 12.09-inches in height.

Of course, it’s not just for the business sector. This HP Pavilion makes an excellent mid-range desktop for home users as well. It’s a versatile computer that can be used for a number of tasks. It comes with a USB optical mouse for the pointing device and a black keyboard that matches the chassis. VGA and HDMI video connectors are included for connecting the 570 up to a high-definition display.

The AMD dual-core A9 processor APU has a 3.2-GHz base frequency. With turbo boost, it can go up to 3.5-Ghz. There is 1MB cache. The Turbo Boost technology delivers extra power when needed and increases energy-efficiency when it is not needed. For graphics performance, AMD Radeon R5 is included to enhance the overall power of the HP Pavilion 570-a135m.

8GB of memory and 2-DIMM slots (DDR4 2400 SDRAM) is pretty good when it comes to an affordable mid-range desktop such as this. The two drives include a 1TB SATA (7200-RPM) hard drive and DVD-writer optical drive. For extended storage, the memory card device is a 3-in-1 card reader that supports SDXC, SD, and SDHC memory card formats. There are two M.2 expansion slots. The optical drive not only plays DVDs, but reads and writes to a variety of media formats, including DVD-R / RW, DVD+R / RW, and CDs.

Connectivity and Ports of the HP Pavilion 570-a135m

Wireless connectivity isn’t just for laptops and tablets – it’s for desktops like the HP Pavilion 570-a135m as well. Next-generation wireless connectivity allows for it to be connected to any home or business network on all Wi-Fi standards. The Gigabit LAN port also allows for the desktop to be plugged into wired networks. The Bluetooth 4.2 interface syncs smoothly and efficiently with compatible devices. The power supply is a 90-W AC adapter.

There are so many reasons to invest in this desktop. There are many positive HP Pavilion 570-a135m reviews from business users and home users alike. Its biggest advantages over other mid-range desktops seem to be its speed, high storage capacity, compact tower, and efficient performance.

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