HP OMEN X 900-260XE

HP OMEN X 900-260XE Review: A Powerful Gaming Computer with Unique Design and Great Hardware

This is one, unique looking gaming desktop. This really isn’t your standard gaming desktop. It looks like a neat cube, with one of its edges rested on a stand tilted at a 45-degree angle. The case is constructed of all-black galvanized steel, which features customizable lightning (red is the default LED color). The HP OMEN X 900-260XE is designed for gaming and features industry standard components. The interior is spacious and chambered to allow plenty of cooling. Speaking of which, liquid cooling technology is an option you might want to consider when customizing your order.

This isn’t the lightest desktop, as it weighs 40.12-lbs and measures 19.85×15.98×20.28 inches (WxDxH), so if you plan to invest in it, make sure you have enough space for it! You’ll need a display as well, and there is plenty of connectivity that will allow you to connect it to not only a high-definition display, but all of the essential accessories as well. Need to swap out the hard drive? Or add an additional one? It’s easy to do so, as the design allows for easy interior access.

Select configurations of the HP OMEN X 900-260XE are VR-ready. If you want to enjoy VR games, be sure to select the right specs when customizing your order. Even the cheapest configuration option is very impressive.

HP OMEN X 900-260XE Specifications

Here are the base specs of this Omen desktop:

• Processor: Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU (7740X) / 4.3-GHz
• Hard drive: 2TB HDD + 256 SSD storage
• Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400 (2 x 8GB)
• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX by HPI / 1070 8G
• Operating system: Windows 10 (Home version)
• Wireless technology: WLAN RT (8822BE) ac / 2×2 + Bluetooth 4.2

For the processor, you can upgrade all the way up to Intel Core i9 Dodeca Core (7920X). The memory is expandable up to 4 x 16GB for a total of 64GB. An option for GFX NVIDIA GTX 1080ti video graphics (FH G6 SLI / 11GB) is available if you want ultimate power.

This machine gets it power through a 1300-W AC adapter, which gets its own individual compartment with ventilation. On the exterior, there are tons of ports, including 6 USB 3.0 ports and a microphone / headphone combo.

Even though you might have to sacrifice a bit of room for it, the HP OMEN X 900-260XE is well-worth the investment. It offers rock solid performance when it comes to 3D content and gaming. You can customize it with all of the hardware you need for staying on top of your favorite games. This is a very popular computer with tons of positive reviews.

Take a percentage off of your order at the online HP store or use an HP OMEN X 900-260XE coupon code. There are many savings options, so be sure to use them so that you can afford the gaming accessories you need in addition to the computer itself.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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