Acer Switch 5

Acer Switch 5 Overview of the Design, Configuration, Built-in Devices, and More

The Acer Switch 5, which is available in various configurations and at different prices, is a 2-in-1 device that rivals the 2-in-1 models offered by other brands. It’s similar to the Acer Switch 3 except that it’s bigger and more powerful. You can use it as a regular laptop or as a tablet. The screen can easily be detached and you can view everything from presentations to movies in full HD+ resolution.

The rear of the case and kickstand are made out of solid aluminum. There is a “lock” which allows placing the screen at a slightly tilted position for comfortable viewing. The kickstand is foldable and can be folded out up to a 165-degree angle. When it’s not being held, the device automatically folds back to the lock position. As for the keyboard, the underside is constructed from a solid material. Its backlight can be turned on or off. Even though there is a touchscreen and stylus-support, the Acer Switch 5 also comes with a touchpad, which presents excellent gliding properties. It measures approximately 3.7 x 2.1 inches and all inputs are detected quickly and implemented accurately.

Even if you’re multi-tasking, you can still expect the 2-in-1 to be cool and quiet. With LiquidLoop technology, there is a noise-free atmosphere. This technology forgoes the traditional cooling fan in favor of a “closed-loop” liquid-cooling solution that uses the physics of condensation and evaporation to efficiently dissipate heat.

Another impressive feature is the battery. This two-cell li-ion battery has a 4870-mAh capacity and maximum runtime of 10.5-hours. Even when doing demanding tasks like watching movies, the battery can last for around 8 hours. It’s enough to get you through the entire workday or school day. It’s great to have when going on a long plane ride as well.

Acer Switch 5 Specifications

As mentioned above, there are different configurations available. Here is one of the lower-priced configurations:

• Windows 10 Home OS 64-bit
• Intel Core i5 (7200U) processor dual-core 2.50-GHz
• 256GB Solid State Drive
• 8GB standard LPDDR3 memory
• Memory card reader / support for microSD and microSDXC
• 12-inch LCD QHD LED display / IPS technology /multi-touch / 2160 x 1440 resolution
• HD graphics (620) / LPDDR3technology

The built-in devices that come with this laptop / tablet combo include a front webcam (1600 x 1200 resolution / 720p HD), rear webcam (2594 x 1944 resolution / 1080p full HD), microphone, and fingerprint reader for security.

The Acer Switch 5 comes with the best wireless technology as well so that you can easily connect to a Wi-Fi spot. This little machine comes packed with everything you need for enjoying most computer and internet tasks.

Order your 2-in-1 today and use an Acer coupon code, which is available just for online shoppers. There are always ways to save on a notebook when you shop with this brand. Be sure to apply the Acer Switch 5 coupon or promo code to your order.

For prices, check out the Acer page.

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