Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11

Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11 Guide: Sleek Black Desktop with Up to 32GB Memory, Good I/O Ports, & More

Are you in the process of shopping for a budget desktop that comes with enough features for all of your home or office needs, as well as Wi-Fi capability and room for hardware expansion, then one good choice is the Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11. It’s a mid-range PC that is available at an entry-level price. The tower itself is attractive, shiny and black. There is enough room for good hardware and expandability.

One area where it really stands out is its built-in power management unit. This feature monitors system activity, and if there is no activity detected for a certain period o time, the PC stops some or all of the connected devices (mouse, keyboard, etc..) as well as some of the processes such as video memory. The power supply wattage is a maximum of 300-W, which isn’t bad at all for a desktop of this size and price.

Even thought the tower is spacious, it’s still small enough to fit on most office desks, including those with limited space. This is a mid-tower chassis that weighs approximately 18.4 pounds. There is a top tray that really comes in handy when you need to either sync or charge your mobile device via one of the USB ports.

Connectivity is good with the Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11 as well. With two HDMI ports and VGA, you can connect it to any high-definition display, or multiple displays. There are a wide variety of USB ports, including four USB 2.0, two USB 3.1 Generation 1, and USB 3.0 ports. Another area where the desktop stands out is its optical drive, which isn’t something the average desktop tower comes with anymore. You get a DVD-Writer that supports all DVD and CD + / – R and RW multimedia formats.

Processor of the Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11

The processor is an Intel Core quad-core i3 (8100) model with 3.60-Ghz speed and 64-bit processing capabilities. The 8GB of standard memory can easily be expanded to 32GB if your needs require additional RAM. There is an SD memory card reader. As for the hard drive itself, there is a Serial ATA / 600 1TB drive included in this machine. What about graphics controller? The Intel UHD Graphics (630) are pretty powerful for shared DDR4 SDRAM graphics.

Some additional features that come with the Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11 include HD Audio, LAN Standard (IEEE 802.11 ac), Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Gigabit Ethernet technology, USB mouse, and USB keyboard. As long as you order it at the online Acer store, you might get a good warranty.

There is one thing for certain: you can get it at an affordable price if you take advantage of Acer Aspire TC TC-865-UR11 coupon offers, which are available right now. There’s never any need to spend much money on a desktop – especially if you shop with Acer.

For prices, check out the Acer page.

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