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Acer Laptops Guide: Which Series Should You Consider? Here is a Quick Rundown

If you want a good, quality notebook that doesn’t cost a lot of money, Acer is likely the brand for you. It offers a wide range of machines for business, school, entertainment, and everyday use. Whatever it is you are looking for, or what kind of budget you have, there should be Acer laptops that suit your needs. They are all well-built, expandable, and reliable.

Here are a few good ones to consider:

Predator Helios

These gaming laptops are perfect examples of what makes Acer stand out from the other PC manufacturers. You can count on Predator laptops to deliver everything you need for serious gaming at an affordable price. There are a few different models available with varying configurations. They are durably built as well, so you can count on your gaming laptop lasting for a long time.

Switch Series

Do you want a notebook that can double as a tablet, with touchscreens, detachable screens, and robust designs? The hinge allows it to be turned around and viewed from any angle. The touchscreens feature full HD+ resolutions and pen support. The Switch 2-in-1s are highly versatile and can be used by teachers, students, professionals, and any consumer who simply wants a notebook and tablet combo.

Swift Series

These Acer laptops are perfect for those on a budget who don’t need powerful specs or a lot of storage space. Sure, they’re not the most attractive looking devices, but those on a tight budget usually don’t care about the design. Just because they don’t look fancy, however, doesn’t mean they don’t come with impressible features. The Swift notebooks tend to have a long battery life, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, and ultra-thin builds.

Acer Aspire

When many people think of Acer laptops, “Aspire” is often the first name to come to mind. These machines are capable of everyday computing for both personal users and business users. There are plenty of performance options to choose from depending on your needs. The price tends to be in the low to mid-range.

Acer Chromebook

The Android notebooks are ideal for students and educators. There is access to many learning apps in the Google Store. Whether you’re a parent looking for an affordable laptop for your child or an educator interested in investing in laptops for your school, Acer offers a variety of financing options. These machines come with batteries that can last for up to 12 hours per charge.

Acer Spin

If you want a convertible laptop with Intel Core processors (up to i5), the Spin series is definitely worth considering. The 10-point touch display on these Acer laptops feature the brand’s Color IntelligenceTM technology to help bring the vibrant, crisp colors to life. BlueLightShield technology makes the display easy on the eyes by reducing the exposure of blue light.

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