Dell Precision 3540

Dell Precision 3540 Guide: Looking for a Fast, Reliable Mobile Workstation? Here is a Good One to Consider

One new addition to Dell’s Precision lineup of mobile workstations is the 3540, a successor to the 3530. This newer model is powered by 4-core Intel Core 8 Gen. i5 or i7 processors and is available with windows 10 Pro for a versatile PC experience. Since it has just a starting weight of 4.04-lbs, the 15.6-inch laptop is good for portability. It’s built with premium, yet lightweight materials, and comes with an impressive battery life. The Dell Precision 3540 is a good choice for professionals and small business users, although it has something to offer for everyone.

The narrow-edge bezel around the display gives users more screen space, on which they can view and work on projects such as excel spreadsheets and CAD applications more easily. This is a workstation designed for productivity.

If you are looking for a portable workstation to help you be more productive, this is a good choice. It can be ordered with professional graphics so that you can do 2D and entry level 3D CAD projects. There is even an option for next-generation, dedicated AMD Radeon Pro graphics (2GB). Integrated graphics just aren’t enough for most users these days.

There is tuned performance that includes free tools, such as the Dell Precision Optimizer that helps speed up application optimization and automatically tunes the Dell Precision 3540 to run ISV software / apps at the fastest speeds possible. The Optimizer has automated system updates and even provides you with analytics to help address resource bottlenecks.

Processor and Video Card of the Dell Precision 3540

The ideal configuration includes an Intel Core i5 processor / 4-core with turbo boost (up to 4.1-Ghz), vPro technology, and 6MB cache. As mentioned above, there is an AMD Radeon Pro WX (2100) dedicated video card with 2GB (GDDR5).

For memory, there is 1 x 4GB Non-ECC (DDR4 2666MHz), and for the storage, there is a 7200RPM SATA hard drive with 500GB capacity. Some models are expandable for up to 32GB memory (2400-MHz3). This amount of memory will really accelerate workflow and improve responsive time.

Port selection is pretty impressive, with two USB 3.1 Gen. 1, one USB 3.1 Gen. 1 (w/ PowerShare), 1 USB-C w/ Thunderbolt (optional), power adapter port, HDMI, Rj45, security lock, and a smart card reader. The best battery with the 3540 is a 4-cell ExpressCharge capable battery (68-Whr).

In summary, the Dell Precision 3540 is built with productivity in mind. It offers everything you want to keep it with you in the office or take it with you as a mobile traveling companion. Use Dell coupons before placing your order online.

For prices, check out the Dell page.

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