HP Slimline p0025xt

HP Slimline p0025xt: Details of This Black Small Form Factor Desktop and Everything It Comes With

This affordable desktop is designed for those who are on a budget. It’s a great choice for basic office task. Home users can use it for tasks like email, internet surfing, listening to music, etc. As long as you’re not a “power user”, the HP Slimline p0025xt might be a good, inexpensive computer for you. It’s a “slim” machine that is around 5x smaller than older, bulky desktops.

The exact color and specifications vary depending on the model. The p0025xt has a Menlo motherboard with expansion slots like one M.2 socket 3 / 2280-type for SSD and one M.2 socket 1 / 2230-type for WLAN technology. There are also two x DDR4 DIMM memory sockets and Intel H370 chipset. The Intel Core i3 processor is Coffee Lake and has a 3.6-GHz base frequency / 4-cores and 6MB cache. The motherboard supports i5 and i7 processors as well, although the i3 is enough for the average home user.

This Slimline desktop isn’t overly flashy but it still has a nice appearance. The slim, compact tower is black and fits nicely on any desk. The weight is just 6.55-lbs (3.00-kg) without packaging. The height is 10.63-inches, width is 3.74-inches, and depth is 11.64-inches. With the HP Slimline p0025xt comes an HP USB-wired keyboard and optical mouse. The keyboard comes with special keys like volume control and a calculator. The optical mouse has a 6.6-ft cable and travel distance of .5 + / – .25 mm.

Ports of the HP Slimline p0025xt

On the front there are ports like the power button, two USB 3.1 ports, memory card reader, and headphone jack. On the back there is HDMI-out, VGA, more USB 3.1 ports, 2.0 ports, LAN / Ethernet, and more.

Get at least 8GB of memory (DDR4-2400). The dual-channel memory architecture supports up to 4GB on 32-bit systems, and up to 8GB (un-buffered) on 64-bit computers. There are integrated UHD graphics if you don’t install a graphics card, which is compatible with some configurations.

The hard drive, which is a 7200-RPM SATA, comes with a good amount of storage (1TB). HP even managed to put an optical DVD / CD drive in this chassis. CD reading / writing has data transfer rates up to 3600-KB/s, and DVD reading / writing has transfer speeds of up to 10,800-KB/s.

Additional features include a power supply (90% Efficiency), 3-in-1 memory card reader, integrated audio, and Wireless LAN (1×1) / Bluetooth 4.2.

The HP Slimline p0025xt is available right now at an affordable price. Consider ordering the display and other accessories as well.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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