Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX

Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX Details: Learn All about This Product and Why It Is So Popular

If you are shopping around for a good, inexpensive 14-inch Chromebook, this particular model offers a lot of value. It is completely encased in aluminum alloy, and is very thin at 3.53-lbs and 0.67-inches in height, 13.4-inch in width, and 9.3-inches in depth. Just slip it inside of any purse or bag. In Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX reviews, users are praising its reliability and ease-of-use. It easily syncs with all other Google products and settings. All of your apps will be synced and kept up-to-date.

There is fast connectivity as the device comes equipped with dual-band 802.11 ac wireless technology and Bluetooth 4.2. New MIMO 2×2 802.11 ac wireless technology boosts internet speed up to 3x faster than previous generations. Whether you want to stream videos or audio, everything is done seamlessly without any interruptions or slowdowns.

The 14-inch display is Full HD IPS and boasts approximately 41% more pixels than with other HD screens. There is a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, and you can expect excellent viewing angles and brightness. The touchpad and keyboard are nicely designed and perform well, more so even than any other Chromebook you might find on the market right now.

Don’t worry if you are new to Chrome OS. The machine is very “instant-on”, meaning everything is pretty much ready to go as soon as you create a Google account (if you don’t already have one), a process that only takes a minute.

Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX Specifications

• Chrome OS
• Intel Celeron Processor (N3160) / 1.60-GHz / quad-core
• Graphics: Intel HD (400) LPDDR3
• Display: 14-inch LCD Full HD / IPS / 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Memory: 4GB LPDDR3
• Flash storage: 32GB
• Battery: Li-Polymer / 3950 mAh / maximum runtime of 12 hours

The long battery life of 12 hours is another reason why so many people love this Chromebook. It also comes with a power supply with 45-W maximum wattage. Keep in mind that this isn’t a powerhouse laptop. It’s likely not going to support 20+ tabs being opened at once very well. But it does perform most of the daily tasks that the vast majority of users need getting done.

Another neat feature is the high dynamic range webcam, which delivers clear, natural images and superior color, making the notebook great for photo album viewing and video chatting.

You really can’t get a better Chromebook at this price. It is very affordable AND there are Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C7EX coupons available sometimes to help you afford it even more.

For prices, check out the Acer page.

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