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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Info: These are the Best Galaxy Earbuds to Date – Find Out Why

It’s not easy to find the perfect pair of earbuds. Everyone’s ears are different sizes and shaped differently. What might be a comfortable fit for one person will not be for someone else. Samsung seems to understand this and has put out some new Galaxy Buds (Pro) designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro should deliver the best sounds and detailed audio possible – right into your ears.

These are the brand’s long-awaited active noise-canceling buds that Samsung upgraded for even better audio and meet higher standards of consumer requirements, both music lovers and business users alike. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite playlist, listen to podcasts, or make business calls, everything will come in crystal clear.

One elegant feature for those out for a walk or jog is the “Touch Music Control” function, which allows you to control your playlist simply by tapping the buds. There is no need to dig your phone out of your pocket or have to deal with the wrist strap if it’s on your arm. You can also answer calls just by tapping on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

There are neat color options, including Phantom Black, Silver, and Violet. You can even enjoy water-related workouts with your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, as they are water-resistant. The IPX7 water-resistant earbuds keep the music going even when there is some rain and can survive in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Battery Life

The battery itself can last anywhere from 5 – 18 hours, depending on usage. The wireless charging case is a bonus to these great earbuds. You can conveniently and easily charge the buds with the case. However, the case itself is not waterproof. The battery is both iOS and Android compatible. This compatibility means that iPhone users can use them as well.

For those who already have a Samsung phone, these buds offer multi-point pairing and hands-free Bixby support, and the Wearable app (available on Android).

There are 2-way speakers by AKG, 6.5-mm tweeter, and 11-mm woofer built into each earbud. With this technology, all of the highs, lows, and mids can be experienced through the sound when wearing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

These can be worn over an extended period and don’t cause pressure build-up due to the external vent. Thanks to the Auto Switch feature, those who have multiple Galaxy products can switch seamlessly with the earbuds.

Overall, there are many positive Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro reviews out there, as users praise the benefits such as sound quality, battery life, touch controls, noise cancelation, voice detect, and so on.

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