Samsung StormWash 48 dBA Dishwasher

Samsung StormWash 48 dBA Dishwasher Overview: A Smart, Heavy-Duty Dishwasher with 6 Options, Quiet Operation, and Convenient Features

This sleek heavy-duty dishwasher comes in Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel, both of which have a fingerprint-resistant finish. Six wash options allow you to customize the dishwasher to your needs. With powerful spray jets designed to clean every single angle of the dishes, including the hard-to-reach spots, consumers can count on Samsung StormWash 48 dBA dishwasher to do an excellent job on even the most challenging dishes.

The 48dBA means that all of the washes will be quiet, no matter how heavy the load or tough the job. There is a flexible third rack that provides plenty of extra space to load more silverware and utensils. Too busy with other tasks that you can’t be there the second the cycle finishes running? The AutoRelease door will automatically open to help circulate air and improve drying performance.

If you order from Samsung online, there are installation and haul-away services available. You can arrange to have fast, safe and convenient installation in your kitchen so that you won’t have to do anything yourself or hire some third party to come and install the Samsung StormWash 48 dBA dishwasher for you.

The six wash cycles include Normal, Auto, Heavy, Express 60, Delicate, and Rinse Only. There are six control options: StormWash, Half-Load Wash, Hi-Temp Wash, Delay Start, Sanitize, and Control Lock. You can select the ideal cycles and control settings via the digital touch control. The integrated panel makes it easy to choose your ideal functions with a soft touch. The panel sits on top of the door, and all of the options are clear and easy to read.

Samsung StormWash 48 dBA Dishwasher Adjustability

The top rack is easily adjustable, allowing you to maximize space whenever you need the taller items washed. The tub material is STSS, and the rack coating material of the StormWash is Nylon. There is a “Cancel & Drain” button should you ever need to stop the dishwashing cycle suddenly for any reason. A few other “convenience” options of the Samsung StormWash 48 dBA dishwasher include Control Lock, Delay Start, and a Digital Leak Sensor.

The product dimensions are 24.8-inches X 33.9-inches X 24.9-inches (D x H x W). The weight of the product is 94.8-lbs. Shipping weight is 106-lbs.

This dishwasher is an ENERGY Star Certified machine. The Heater is 1100-Watts, the drain pump has 35-watts, and the circulation motor watts are 150~190.

If you’re looking for a smart dishwasher for your kitchen that offers a lot of convenience, speed, and quiet operation, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung StormWash 48 dBA dishwasher.

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