Alienware m17 R4

Alienware m17 R4 Review: One of the Top Recommended Gaming Laptops with NVIDIA-SYNC Display, Unique Keyboard Design, & More

If you search for a new gaming laptop, the Alienware m17 R4 is a highly recommended one. Dell is known for offering much value for a computer. Straight out of the box, it delivers the performance of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX (3060) graphics card and 360-Hz 300-nits 5-ms display with NVIDIA-GSYNC technology.

The laptop is very aesthetically pleasing and has a touch of classiness that many gaming laptops lack. It isn’t large and bulky, although there is still enough room for all of the memory and storage you need. It looks sleek in “Lunar Light” with its “high endurance” clear coat.” The starting weight is 5.51-lbs, although this is just an estimate due to the multiple configurations available.

There is durability with the m17 as well. It has a solid build throughout, and the interior components are well-protected. No gaming laptop is complete without an excellent keyboard. This one, in particular, has a highly responsive keyboard with keys that have 1.7-mm travel between them. The (optional) four-zone RGB N-Key roller technology and anti-ghosting. As for the touchpad, the Alienware m17 R4 features a precision-point glass touchpad that provides a quality experience.

An optional keyboard co-developed with “Cherry” is available. This keyboard comes with German-engineered switches made of stainless steel, which features a type of gold-plated electrical contact enclosure. There is uniformity across all the keys. They all feel the same and have assurance against failure, improving the typing experience and eliminating typos.

Alienware m17 R4 Processor and Storage

A 10th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor provides the power to the R4. It’s a processor with 8-cores, 16MB cache, and Max Turbo Frequency that can allow it to get as high as 5.0GHz. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics come as 3060 or 3070, depending on the exact configuration. We recommend opting for the Alienware m17 R4 model with a G-SYNC monitor for the best gaming experience possible.

This laptop has fast 2933-MHz memory, with either 16GB or 32GB (DDR4). For the SSD drive, some models come with RAID 0 or RAID 0 Plus. The base configuration has a single drive 256GB – 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD.

The 360-Hz display mentioned above comes with most models. It’s a 17.3-inch FH display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 100% sRGB color gamut with the optional NVIDIA-SYNC technology.

Lastly, the Alienware m17 R4 has Windows 10 Home as its OS. Windows 11 will be available for an upgrade when it comes out. Dell promises that it will be a free upgrade.

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