Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD

Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD Review: About the New 960 PRO Drive, Its Architecture, Speeds, and Other Details

It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have and what you need to use it for. Fast storage solutions with high capacities are always worth investing in. Solid State Drives are becoming more and more affordable, as SATA RPM hard drives are not the standard anymore. One of the best storage drives to buy is the Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD.

It offers unprecedented performance for any workload, including multimedia or even engineering applications. Several capacities are available: 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. The previous-generation 950 Pro had a maximum 512GB capacity, so there are improvements, including higher capacities, with this new 960 model. It works best with high-end computers and workstations.

The sequential reads get up to 3,500-MB per second, and the sequential write maximum is 2,100-MB per second. A V-NAND-based architecture ensures that the Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD delivers excellent performance in an M.2 form factor. This compact drive weighs a maximum 8.3-g (512GB), 8.5-g (1024GB), and 9.0-g (2,048GB).

PCIe Generation 3 x4 lanes are supported for lower latency and enhanced bandwidth compared to standard SATA SSDs. The 360 PRO can provide end-to-end integration at an advanced level and fine-tune each component for optimal results. Random reading and writing speeds can get up to 440K / 360K IOPS, respectively.

With the 2 TB model, the drive boasts 1.2 PBW (Perabytes Written). In addition, a Dynamic Thermal Guard (DTG) feature monitors and adjusts the tempo of the Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD so that the drive will protect the data. The operating temperature listed under the “Environmental Specs” is 0 C to 70 C or 32 F to 158 F.

Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD Specifications

To prevent any overheating issues, a thin strip of copper is placed underneath the SSD’s label, which sits directly on top of the controller and storage packages, efficiently spreading the heat appropriately. This feature, combined with other new package features, allows the new drive to handle nearly twice as much sustained sequential reads and roughly three times the sequential writes.

Some more features and specs:

  • M.2 Form Factor / PCIe 3.0 x4 / NVMe 1.2 interface
  • Client’s PC application
  • AES 256-bit – User Data Encryption / TCG Opal
  • Samsung Polaris Controller
  • TRIM Support
  • SMART Support
  • 1.5 Million Hours Reliability (MTBF)

The Magician advanced software solution has been upgraded with the new Samsung 960 PRO SATA SSD. It allows the user to monitor, manage, and maintain the drive like an IT pro. In addition, it provides firmware checking and updating and other functions personalized for the user’s drives.

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