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Samsung EVO Select Review – Why These are Superior Memory Cards, Capacity Options, Pros, and More

SD cards are very convenient, as they can hold quite a bit of storage in such a tiny form. Moreover, they don’t take up much room as external hard drives or require a USB port like a USB-storage stick. As far as brands go, the Samsung EVO Select card is among the best. It’s produced the same way as the EVO Plus in the same factory, so there is no quality loss for either of them.

The EVO Select comes with “4-proof protection”: it can withstand extreme temperatures, survive up to 72 hours in seawater, and get through magnetic fields (magnetic proof of up to 15,000 (gauss) and airport security X-ray machines. In addition, its waterproof capability is Certified with IEC – 60529 and with an IPX7 rating.

The lowest capacity option is 32GB, which is under $10. The highest storage capacity with the Select cards is 512GB. Order the card individually or with the adapter if needed. All components and firmware are produced in-house, as mentioned above. In addition, Samsung includes its world-renowned NAND and DRAM to ensure quality.

As for the speed – even with the large files – the Samsung EVO Select is super fast and capable of up to 130 MB / s. This speed is considered Speed Class 10, although performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, interface, etc. Apps load quickly and run smoothly. Users can count on 4K video remaining sharp with A2 / V30 / UHS-I interface.

Another benefit is extended compatibility. The full-size adapter allows for the memory card to be used in laptops, desktops, cameras (for recording 4K UHD video), smartphones, drones, gaming, and any electronic device with a memory card reader.

Samsung EVO Select Specifications

Here is some more information on the Samsung EVO Select’s specs and other details:

  • 32GB / 64GB / 256GB / 5512GB capacities
  • 130 MB/s maximum transfer speed
  • UHS-I interface
  • Class 10 – rated
  • U3 Speed Class – Class 10 Rated
  • 10,000 mating cycles durability
  • -40 C to 85 C storage temperature

The write speed is always lower than the reading speed. Both the read and write speeds will be subject to those interface condition differences for electronics incompatible with the UHS-I interface.

With just the 32GB card alone, users can save up to 1 hour and 30 min of 4K UHD video / approximately 5 hours of FHD video, around 4,900 songs, or 9,400 photos. But, of course, these numbers go way up several times with the higher capacity cards.

These are estimates based on using Samsung Galaxy devices as the host. Also, like with all memory cards and storage products, the actual available storage with the Samsung EVO Select memory cards is usually lower than the lowered capacity.

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