Dell New XPS 17

Dell New XPS 17: Review and Specifications of the Lion-Strength Laptop of the XPS Lineage

The new XPS lineup is an incredibly sculpted design one can’t walk by at the store without a double-check. Dell New XPS 17 being a member of this series isn’t anything short of that dazzling admiration. According to Dell’s website of the XPS lineage, this is an exceptionally rated laptop, strength-wise, till late.

Performance and Thermal Design

The typical Dell performance helps wriggle through four different modes. These are cool, quiet, performance, and optimized. Each of these modes is targeted at moderating your computer’s fans’ performances and battery life. In addition, the exceptional thermal design features opposite duo fans that provide an all-around continuous airflow, maintaining a cool temperature. In the end, you have an overall flawless performance at the utility of your PC.

The 12th Gen Intel Core processors, DDR5 memory, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics are your anchors in this process to handle your creative tasks. The processor contains 16 threads and eight cores which gets your 2D and 3D graphical programs conveniently running.

A clear visual display is another quality of Dell New XPS 17. You’re entirely in your imagined creative world with excellent resolution, ample viewing space, and colored panels. Intelligent technology is included in the design to shield your eyes from harmful lights, especially blue light. While your eyes are well guarded, you’re still assured of vivid views.

An increased screen-to-body ratio provides enough space to contain every detail of your on-screen display. The brilliant screen design is a 17-inch but rather in a 15-inch format. This is a needed feature for creators to enhance productivity with their works. And if you are one, you’re up for a suitable device. Also, this privilege is extended to music producers and video editors with AI video editors and free studio drivers.

Now, to the structural makeup of the laptop. The immaculate architecture is made to be by the CNC machining technique. This includes an aluminum chassis that gives it a robust nature. In addition to this are the diamond-cut edges that’ll fail to reflect any scratches. Rest assured, none of the structural materials are hazardous to the surrounding.

Some Dell New XPS 17 Specifications

  • OS: Windows 11 Home
  • Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H, 12 cores, close to 4.5GHz, 18MB cache
  • Display: 17.0”, Anti-Glare, 500-nit, infinity I’d be, FHD+ 1920×1200
  • Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics
  • Hard Drive: SSD, 512GB, PCIe NVMe, M.2
  • Ports/Slots: 1 eDP port with Type-C USB, 4 Thunderbolt ports, one global audio jack, 1 SD card slot, one wedge-like lock slot
  • Wireless Connectivity: Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 2×2 1675, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Audio System: 2 Stereo woofers, 2 Stereo tweeters
  • Dimensions & Weight: 19.5mm × 374.45mm × 248.05mm (H×W×D) & 2.21kg or 2.42kg
  • Camera: 720p 30 fps HD RGBlr camera plus double array mics
  • Battery: 97 Wh, integrated, six-cell

For a more pleasant user experience, Dell New XPS 17 has cushy touchpads, keyboards with huge keycaps, long battery life, and backlights in place for you. In addition, face recognition, fingerprints, and an instant log-in sensor make your laptop a quick reach, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

For prices, check out the Dell page.

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