Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV

Checking Out the Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV

When it comes to the high quality, you probably think of Samsung easily. They know what they’re doing when it comes to technology. But there’s more to consider than just any Samsung options. You should look closer at Samsung TVs like the Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV.

The Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV starts with 3 HDMI connections, so you can easily connect all your favorite devices. Of course, that includes your game systems and a lot more, but that’s only the beginning of what you’ll get with this device.

You’ll have a 60” screen that provides plenty of viewing area for just about anything you want to watch. In addition, of course, you’ll have Quantum HDR to give you a great picture, but that’s where the Quantum Processor Lite 4K will also help. Altogether, you will have crystal clear images when you’re watching anything because of the quality design of the LEDs built into the screen. Quantum Dot is one aspect of this, offering 100% color volume to create excellent details no matter how bright the screen is.

Several voice assistances are available with your TV, which means you can easily set this up with your current smart home system and connect all of your devices. That way, you don’t even need the remote to switch channels, start up your favorite apps, and much more. But of course, if you need to use the remote, you’ll love that the solar cell remote means you don’t need batteries. Instead, the remote is ready to go with a bit of solar power.

Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV OTS System

The OTS Lite system means that you’ll also have a great experience and authenticity to your sound while watching. The overall TV is also super slim, which means it’s ready when you are but also out of the way when you aren’t watching. It fits right up against your wall to make it unobtrusive in your space.

If you want to watch something else or play some of your favorite games, you can use the Smart Hub to make it happen. All your favorite apps are already there or easy to add to your home screen, so you can easily switch between anything you like. That’s how it should be when you’re ready to sit for a show, right?

For those who need an enhanced workspace, this TV even works as a larger computer screen that connects with eligible phones, laptops, and a whole lot more. So you’ll also have the large screen you need for your work with all the clarity and qualities you get when you’re watching your movies.

The Samsung QN60B Neo QLED TV has various features that provide more than the basics you may be used to in a TV. So instead, you will have a TV that fits your needs.

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