Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV and Everything You Need to Know

The 50” Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV offers a range of features that will make your movie nights much more fun. But you’ll want a little more information before you jump into a new TV purchase. So let’s take a closer look at what this TV offers.

You can choose between the 2021 and 2022 versions of this TV, which upgrades some of the features and enhances your viewing experience. Then, select the size that works best for you with options from 43” up to 98”. Of course, the larger your TV, the more you will feel like all that action is happening around you.

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV is designed to give you excellent viewing even in the brightest spaces. That’s because it uses mini LEDs that offer high-quality images with just the proper color saturation. You can also use the EyeComfort mode to cut down on blue light and its effects just before sleep.

You’ll get Quantum HDR 24X for the most realistic contrast and a great look even from the furthest edges of the TV. Likewise, the coloring is the closest thing you’ll get to exactly what the director meant, with the highest dynamic range for every part.

If you’re looking to feel in the middle of the action, the 3D sound will make it even better. That goes together with the Dolby Atmos sound system and the Object Tracking Sound+ that make sure you feel exactly like what’s happening in your movie is happening all around you.

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV Processor and Anti-glare Technology

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV offers an intelligent AI-based processor that provides you with even better optimization and content. You’ll get 4K upscaling to go along with it. All of this provides an excellent experience when you’re watching all your favorite shows.

Add in the anti-glare function, and you and your entire family can sit around all sides of the TV and easily watch without the distorted view you may be used to. On the other hand, suppose you’re not quite sure about the quality of your picture. In that case, you can upgrade it to the proper settings using smart calibration and have the exact quality you expect in moments.

Ready to watch a movie but have to step away from the TV for a few moments? You can easily transfer your shows to your mobile device and back again. You can even split the screen to watch two things simultaneously.

Suppose you’re looking for high-quality movie watching. In that case, you want to look at the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV, which offers the best features that Samsung has to offer in a convenient package. So maximize your features and next movie night with the right tools to help you along the way. And the superior look and sound you want.

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