Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV

Upgrading With the Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV

For those who want a great TV at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV. It offers a range of top features and ensures you’re on the right track to enjoying all of your favorite movies and shows.

The Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV has a Crystal processor of 4K, which gives you stunning images. You’ll have dynamic crystal color, which means everything is exactly the color the director wanted. No more dull spots in your favorite shows. Everything is full color and bright enough that you’ll see every nuance. No more missing out.

It’s called dynamic crystal color, making everything more true to life. Instead of a few basic colors, you’ll have millions of different shades that make everything you see pop in the best way possible.

With the HDR and a picture 4x as clear as you’d get even with full HD, you’ll have plenty of great shots. Plus, you get to choose the size of the TV that works for you so you can feel immersed in all of your favorite shows with no interruptions. There are plenty between 43” and 65” to get the right fit for your space.

The motion Xcelerator feature also makes sure you get all of the action that’s going on across your screen. No jerking, skipping or stalling. And no lagging when you’re ready to play your favorite video games. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of your favorite game just how you should.

Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV Voice Assistants

On top of that, you will have access to multiple voice assistants that will let you control just about everything for your TV. That means game settings, connections with your other devices, searching, scheduling your recordings, and a lot more are available without needing a remote. Instead, you can do it all just by speaking.

The slim design of this TV is another great way that you’re going to improve the aesthetic of your space. No more large, clunky devices that take up too much space. This one gets right out of the way so you can get back to designing a room that works for you. And when you can get that slim design and the excellent quality imaging that you’re looking for, why wouldn’t you want to?

Not sure what to watch? The universal guide lets you see what’s available in one place, so you can decide what you want to watch without scanning multiple places first. You’ll be glad for all the great choices available with the Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV.

If you want a TV that will give you great features and a great price to go along with it, then the Samsung AU8000 Crystal TV is the way to go. You’ll get everything you’re looking for and then some.

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