Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV

The Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV: What You Need to Know

The top option in TVs is right at your fingertips if you know where to look. The Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV is a great option to help you get that. But of course, there are plenty of features to look at before you jump in. So let’s see what you get with this particular model.

The Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV is the 2021 version, but don’t let that stop you because it has a lot of excellent capabilities. This TV has a Crystal processor of 4K, giving you the power and precision you want. Not only that, but the crystal display means you get the best color and very clear detail to anything and everything you want to watch.

UHD resolution gives you even better detail with 4x as much resolution as you would get with full HD. And the HDR bumps the contrast between light and dark so that you can see everything. If you decide to head to another room or need to grab something, you can easily mirror your phone to your TV, so you don’t miss a thing. And even use split-screen for multiple options at once.

You get an 86” TV, which is large enough to put you in the middle of your favorite movies, especially with the boundless design. But, of course, that means you’ll have a slim bezel around your TV that lets you see what you want without the frame around the outside. After all, who wants to look at that frame?

When it comes to gaming, you’ll also have the real game enhancer+, which offers even better coloring even for darker parts of your game. And it means you’ll have better motion, less stuttering, synchronized sound, and much more. So your gaming experience gets an upgrade while your movie-watching experience improves.

Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV Voice Assistant

For those who don’t want to search around for the remote (since it’s always getting lost), there’s voice assistant compatibility built right into the Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV. So you can use your favorite voice assistant to adjust settings, schedule recordings, and even search for whatever you want to watch next. That way, you can sit back and relax while you surf the options.

While you’re at it, the universal guide means that you can easily find the content you want to watch in one spot. You don’t have to search through several catalogs to get what you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll be able to scroll through so you can find the show and then figure out where you will watch it. The smart hub helps you get there fast.

For those who want the remote, you’ll be able to control everything from one place, including your compatible connected devices. No more worries about finding the remote for each of your devices separately.

If you’re looking for a TV that can do it all and make you feel immersed, the Samsung TU9010 Crystal TV is the way to go.

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