Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819

The Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819 is Your High-Tech Winner

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that’s made to bring you all the features you’re looking for. This mid-range laptop will help you get the significant tech aspects you need with a computer you can take anywhere you want to travel. So take a closer look at the Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819.

The Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819 is extra durable. In addition, it has an excellent battery life, which is great for those who love to travel. This laptop can take up to 13 hours of battery time, so you will have no problem heading out on that next trip. And if you need to work at the airport, in the car, or anywhere else, you won’t have a problem doing it. Plus, it’s a great size at 14”, so it fits into your travel bags with no issues.

The Windows 10 Home operating system pairs well with the Intel Core i5 processor, giving you the power it takes to run your files, music video, and much more. You’ll also have 8GB of system memory, which gives you the access you need to get everything going. And the 512GB solid-state drive keeps everything you need directly on the laptop. No need for an external drive, even for your more memory-intensive projects.

There are five different ports available on this laptop, including 4 USB ports and an HDMI port that will allow you to add all the peripheral devices you may need. No reason you should have to go without when you’re creating your ideal setup. Instead, connect everything you need to create a home system that works for you.

Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819 Features

The Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819 gives you all of the features you’ll need to get your work done, whether that means creating presentations, typing up reports, or even creating your video content. While it’s not designed for high-end gaming and creating, it will handle the basics and then some.

You want a laptop that will work as hard as you will, and this laptop will do it. You’ll have all the general features you need including a standard keyboard and touchpad. You also get keyboard backlighting, two speakers, and a microphone. That means you can carry on your online classes and meetings with ease.

There’s a lot that the Acer ENDURO Urban N3 EUN314-51W-5819 can take care of for you and can definitely be configured to handle even more if that’s what you’re looking for. So take the time to check it out for yourself and see.

For prices, check out the Acer page.

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