Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11

Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11 Review – Compact Desktop With Windows 10, 1TB Drive, and AMD A Series Processor

There are many benefits to buying a budget PC by Acer. The brand offers a variety of nicely built machines for everybody: students, professionals, casual users, gamers, etc. If you’re after a compact desktop with AMD Radeon graphics and decent memory, a good place to start your search is with the Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11. This is a very affordable computer considering the good specs it comes with.

Windows 10 Home comes with some nice technologies as well, including InstantGo, which allows you to boot up and resume your applications quickly. Windows 10 also helps you stay up to date with its built-in security features that help protect your machine against malicious software.

With the HDMI port (with HDCP support) and VGA port, you can connect the tower up to two monitors at the same time. The AMD Radeon R4 offer fast and efficient graphics speed. Even if the memory accessibility is shared, it is still faster than typically Intel HD graphics.

In addition to Microsoft Office 365 and McAfee Internet Security Suite (one-month trials), there are also a number of useful apps already pre-installed and ready to use under the Start screen: Netflix, Acer Cloud, Amazon Kindle Reader, AccuWeather, etc.

Hard Drive and Dimensions of the Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11

There is a decent amount of storage on the Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11. It is a serial ATA /600 drive with a 1TB capacity. There is also an optical drive that supports all CD / DVD formats. The processor and chipset is an AMD A6-9220 dual-core model with 2.50-GHz. This A-series processor is capable of 64-bit processing. The standard memory is 4GB (DDR4 SDRAM technology) and maximum memory is 16GB.

Not every desktop comes with wireless internet technology built-in. Many require additional accessories. This Aspire XC computer, however, comes with Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11ac standard) technology, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.2 LE. As for I/O expansions, there is one expansion slot / PC Express x16.

The chassis measures 11.61-in. x 3.9-in. x 13-in. (H x W x D) and features a sleek black cover. It’s a nice looking, compact tower that can fit under any desk or on any counter or table. While you likely won’t be able to run higher end games as smoothly as you’d like, you can still run many casual games. This desktop is pretty capable for its design and configuration. It comes with everything the average user needs for regular tasks.

In summary, the Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11 is affordable, nicely designed, and versatile in its use. It’s a great desktop PC for anyone who wants as much power as possible in the mid-price range.

It’s very easy to order – just visit the Discount Acer store to find deals on everything from desktops to accessories. There should be some type of Acer Aspire XC XC-330-UR11 coupon or discount offer. Just customize the desktop with the hardware and features you need.