Dell Inspiron One 23 Overview: Learn About This All-in-One Touchscreen Computer & What It Can Offer You

If you’re looking for a Windows-8 compatible PC, you can’t go wrong with something like the Dell Inspiron One 23. This all-in-one not only offers a huge display, it also offers great performance, speed, and flexibility.

The combination of a gray and silver palette and subtle curves makes the One 23 a great looking computer. You can set it up anywhere in your home or office with ease. It’ll look great in any setting. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that this all-in-one desktop comes in the form of a 23-inch display. It weighs nowhere near as much as a tower and monitor would have a decade ago. It’s surprisingly light for its size.

What is it about this all-in-in particular that stands out from other desktops? For starters, it offers great connectivity options. It comes with the latest generation of inputs as well as old-school in-puts, meaning you can connect it to the newest devices and older ones both.

Its touchscreen capabilities also make it an excellent all-in-one machine. You can experience apps, the web, and other activities by simply swiping your finger tip across the screen. It’s easy to toggle between tasks. If you would rather use a mouse, you can add a wireless one to your order.

The 23-inch display is a full high-definition widescreen with WLED backlighting. You’ll be able to enjoy high contrast, vivid colors, crystal clear text, etc. If you’re tired of straining your eyes trying to read computer screens, then you’ll be really impressed with this one.

Dell Inspiron One 23 Performance

You can expect good performance with the processor, memory, and graphics. The Dell Inspiron One 23 is compatible with up to 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processors. You get to choose the amount of processing power you want. The standard choice is an i3 model. As for the memory, the system is compatible with up to 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM (Dual Channel). This all-in-one computer comes with your choice of integrated graphics or AMD Radeon HD graphics.

You’ll definitely want to go with the AMD Radeon HD graphics if you can, it’s the superior choice. Why get a 23-inch display if you’re not going to enjoy the graphics the way they were meant to be enjoyed? The high-definition visuals and graphics go well with the superior audio, which is delivered with Waves MaxxAudio technology.

Not only does Dell offer you the chance to select the features and technology you need, it also offers you the chance to deselect the features you DON’T need so that you can save some money. No matter how you choose to customize the Dell Inspiron One 23, you can expect to get a great desktop.

The great thing about shopping for computers online is that there are Dell promo codes available. If you want this all-in-one PC, you can use a Dell Inspiron One 23 coupon or two – all you have to do is order it online. Look over each offer carefully so you’ll know how to get a good deal.