Dell Inspiron One 27 Review – An All-In-One PC with a Vibrant Display, Fast Processor, & Great Hard Drive Choices

Are you looking for a desktop with a large screen? Forget about a 20-inch. Or even a 23-inch. How would you like to go for something even bigger? The Dell Inspiron One 27 has one of the largest displays money can buy – and it doesn’t even cost that much. There is a touchscreen version available as well as a non-touchscreen version. You get to choose which of the two you would prefer.

When it comes to large displays such as this, pixel density is an important factor. The good news is that the pixel density is so high on the One 27-inch screen that the images appear amazingly vibrant. Text appears as clear as possible. The screen is protected by edge-to-edge glass.

The rest of the desktop has a nice appearance as well. The aluminum frame complements the glass. The display can be set up on a pedestal stand, or installed on the wall, provided you have a mount. Considering it only comes with one cord, it’s very easy to set up. Even though it’s 27-inches, it’s still designed for space-efficiency. You can fit it in any room in your home or office.

If you don’t want the touchscreen version, you can still get a wireless keyboard and mouse. The screen is so large that you can sit several feet away from it and still use the wireless keyboard and mouse.

You can expect plenty of room for storing your favorite files, programs, and projects. The SATA hard drive can hold up to 2 TB of space (7200 rpm). There is an option to add a 32 GB solid state drive as well. The SSD delivers a really fast boot time, as it comes with Intel Smart Response Technology. You’ll be able to access your favorite files programs very quickly.

Optical Drives of the Dell Inspiron One 27

On top of great hard drive configurations, the Dell Inspiron One 27 can also be customized with an optical drive. It comes with a DVD writer/rewriter with a fast slot load time as well as an optional Blu-Ray player. You can opt for a DVD RW (+/-) drive and Blu-Ray combo if you wish.

Last but not least the processor and memory need to be mentioned. This Dell Inspiron PC is compatible with 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. Depending on the processor you choose, you can expect 3.20 GHz – 3.90 GHz. The system memory goes up to 16 GB.

Overall, the Dell Inspiron One 27 is an excellent all-in-one computer with a large, yet thin display. You can choose the configuration that is right for you. There are some great customization options to choose from.

If this Dell Inspiron One 27 review has you interested in all-in-one desktops, you can take a look at exclusive deals. Don’t worry about the cost of such an awesome desktop – Dell discounts will help you finance an all-in-one PC that you might not otherwise be able to afford. You can customize the One 27 however you want at a reasonable price!