HP ENVY TE01-0150xt

HP ENVY TE01-0150xt Review: An Affordable, Sleek, Competent Desktop Tower with Expandability

This a simple, yet solidly built HP desktop tower with 9th Gen. Intel Core processor options, at least 8GB of memory, optical drive, Wi-Fi, and more. The HP ENVY TE01-0150xt is meant to be a mid-priced standard desktop with a starting price of around $500 or so. Even with its compact size, it still comes with an optical drive, which is something most desktop towers lack these days. You can load your favorite movie collection or read and write CDs and DVDs.

The chassis itself is available in “Nightfall Black” and has a 400-W internal power supply. With the most basic configuration option, its overall dimensions are 6.10 x 11.42 x 13.27 (W x D x H) in inches, and weight is just 13.12-lbs. There is still room for expandability, so if you want to add more powerful graphics or increase the memory in the future, you’ll be able to do so.

With the cheapest configuration, you get integrated graphics, but there are several options for dedicated video graphics that really don’t cost much at all, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 5550. With either of these, you get 4GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics.

Another nice feature of the HP ENVY TE01-0150xt is its x16 slot (as well as PCie x1 and 2 M.2). However, the x16 slot will come already occupied if you order this desktop with a discrete GPU. This may or may not be a problem, unless you need both dedicated graphics and duplexed Ethernet.

HP ENVY TE01-0150xt Ports and Specifications

There are several ports on both the front and rear, including USB 3.1 Type-C Generation 1, headphone / microphone combo, 4 USB 3.1, RJ-45, 4 USB 2.0 type-A, audio-in and audio-out.

Here are some more details of the specs you can expect with the HP ENVY TE01-0150xt:

• OS: Windows 10 Home (Pro is also an option)
• Processor: 9th Gen. Intel Core i5 or i7 (9400 or 9700)
• Memory: 8GB (1x8GB or 2x4GB) all the way up to 32GB SDRAM (2x16GB)
• OPTIONAL 16GB NVMe Intel Optane memory
• Storage: 1TB – 3TB HDD or 128GB – 1TB SSD as well as optional secondary storage
• Graphics: integrated or NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RTX OR AMD Radeon Rx 5550
• HP memory card device: 3-in-1 card reader

Overall, it’s a very capable everyday PC that offers good productivity performance in a sleek chassis with some room for expansion. And all you’ll need to do is expand it a little bit to turn it into something even more capable, such as a gaming.

With HP ENVY TE01-0150xt discounts, you can save even more on this solid desktop computer if you order it today.

HP ENVY TE01-0150xt

HP ENVY TE01-0150xt Guide: A Nice, Compact Affordable Desktop That is Getting a Lot of Praise – Find Out Why

This is a desktop that has been getting a lot of positive reviews lately – particularly for its speed efficiency. If you’re interested in a new, basic desktop that can handle all of your daily needs without a hitch, the HP ENVY TE01-0150xt is definitely a good choice. It boots up in under 10 seconds and has a very fast internet connection. It also comes with a nice wireless mouse and keyboard combo (depending on the configuration).

The Windows 10 Home OS brings back the same Start Menu from Windows 7 and comes with new features like Windows Hello and Edge Web Browser. Configurations are available with either Windows Home or Pro.

As for the chassis design, it weighs 13.12-lbs and features a “Nightfall Black” front bezel with a 180-W or 400-W internal power supply. The dimensions are 6.10-inches in width x 11.42-inches in depth x 13.27-inches in height.

Get next-generation wireless connectivity with the Realtek Canary ac 2×2 technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 interface syncs easily with all compatible devices. There is M.2 (2230) PCie + USB WW w/ 2 antennas.

HP ENVY TE01-0150xt Specifications

Here are some more details and specs of the HP ENVY TE01-0150xt:

• Processor: 9th Generation Intel Core i5 (9400) or i7 (9700)
• Memory 8GB (1x 8GB) OR (2 x 4GB) up to 32GB (2 x 16GB) DR4-2666 SDRAM
• Intel Optane memory: optional 16GB NVMe Intel Optane
• Primary storage: 1TB – 3TB HDD storage or 128GB – 1TB SSD storage
• Graphics: integrated with options for dedicated NVIDIA GeForce (4GB 0to 8GB dedicated) or AMD Radeon (4GB dedicated)

There are numerous ports on this compact tower, including 4 USB 3.1 Generation 1 ports, 4 USB 2.0 Type-A ports, 1 USB 3.1 Type-C Generation 1, 1 microphone-in, 1 audio-out, RJ-45, and headphone / microphone combo.

Additional features include 5.1 surround sound audio, 2-DIMM memory slots, 3-in-1 media card reader (HP), 1 PCIe x1, 1 PCIe x16, 2 M.2. The built-in media reader allows for simple photo transfers and it supports most memory card formats.

There is plenty of room for secondary storage, with options ranging from 1GB HDD to 3TB HDD. With this desktop, you can get both speed with the primary drive and a large capacity in the secondary drive.

The great thing about HP computers is that they are almost always on sale if you order them online. There should be at least one HP ENVY TE01-0150xt discount or promo code on this desktop to help you save.