Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV

What to See in the Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV

When it comes to precision quality, you can get it at a great rate with the Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV. In addition, this TV offers truly dynamic contrast to ensure you see the images and feel right in the middle of them and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for a TV with excellent features and everything you’re looking for when it comes to watching your favorite shows, this is a great way to go. It has a neo Quantum processor, which ensures you always have the best possible clarity and vision for each of your shows. Not only that, but it provides high-quality sound and a whole lot more.

The Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV offers quantum mini LEDs that provide an extremely bright and clear picture, even when you’re watching in the middle of the day (with plenty of sunlight around). You’ll also have 4K and dynamic contrast, all of which add to the picture you’ll see every time you turn on your television. But that’s only the start. There’s also 120Hz and Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, so you get less lag and less blur when trying to play games and enjoy your movie time.

Add in the 3D depth through Depth Enhancer, and you will feel like you’re in the middle of whatever is happening on the screen. And suppose you’re looking for a more relaxing experience. In that case, Comfort Mode can help you relax without worrying about your TV being too bright. It even reduces blue light. You’ll also get anti-reflection that lets you enjoy your movie from wherever you happen to be sitting around the room.

Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV Sound Options

This 55” TV has Dolby Atmos to project the best quality sound and even has specially placed speakers that ensure you get the sound right where it’s supposed to be. That means the sound you hear fits what’s happening in the movie you’re watching for an even better experience. In addition, you can add on a soundbar and get Q-Symphony to sync your sound experience and make it even better with your Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV.

When it comes to enjoying your other content, you don’t have to worry because this TV comes with Smart Hub, so all of your favorite platforms are at your fingertips and ready when you are. You’ll be able to enjoy everything you want to watch, and you can find them easily. Just take a look at your hub, and you’ll be able to add any platforms you need (or find them already loaded).

Suppose you’re looking for a TV that will give you high quality and ensure you have an excellent experience watching. In that case, you’ll want to look closely at the Samsung QN85B Neo QLED TV. It will help you create the movie-watching experience you’re looking for without sacrificing.