HP ENVY 15z-j000 Review – A Mid-Range Laptop That Offers Good Entertainment Features & Configuration

With the endless array of notebooks out there today, how do you know which one is for you? If you want something that offers good expandability, you might want to consider the HP ENVY 15z-j000. It’s a laptop that offers a bit of everything: speed, performance, productivity, performance, and so forth. It’s also pretty affordable. Even though it’s new to the market, there are already some good reviews on it.

It’s a mid-range laptop that weighs just under 5 lbs. The design includes a metal finish and full-size keyboard. Overall, the machine is compact enough to be carried anywhere. You can also customize it with good processing power and speed if you want to keep it around the house for entertainment.

Even though the 15z-j000 is good enough as it is, there is still room for expandability in the future. It’s compatible with AMD processors. You can choose between quad-core A8 and A10. These accelerated processors are known for their efficiency and superior technology.

There are two options for the display. The display it comes with is a 15.6-inch HD BrightView model with a resolution of 1366768. If you want a full HD experience when you’re on the laptop, you can go with the 1920×1080 model.

This notebook comes with 6 GB (2 DIMM) of system memory. This is a pretty good amount for a notebook. It’s enough for you to run applications quickly. However, if you find that you need more, you have the option to add it. It can hold up to 16 GB. You probably won’t need this much unless you plan on playing games on high settings.

Storage Space of the HP ENVY 15z-j000

The hard drive has 750 GB of storage space. You can store thousands upon thousands of files and documents on this amount of hard drive space. If 750 GB isn’t enough, you can go with 1 TB. There is also an option for a 750 GB hybrid hard drive.

There is plenty of entertainment where the HP ENVY 15z-j000 is concerned. It comes with everything you need to enjoy movie, videos, and audio in high definition. These features include Beats Audio, HDMI port, dual microphone with noise-cancelling technology, multi-card reader, and so forth.

One of the best things about the laptop is that it can run AMD Radeon graphics. AMD Radeon HD is superior to the integrated graphics found in other laptops of the same pricing.

The HP ENVY 15z-j000 is overall a great laptop that comes with the technology and features you need for just about any task imaginable. If you ever find that you need additional storage space or memory, HP gives you the option to do so.

You can get this new laptop online at a low price thanks to HP discounts. Get yourself an HP ENVY 15z-j000 promo code or two and apply it to your order. This is a great choice of a notebook. It comes with everything you could ask for, and you won’t be disappointed.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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