HP ENVY 17t-j000 Select Edition – What Specifications Can You Expect? What Are Your Options With This Laptop?

HP has always done a good job at making its laptops stylish and appealing. The new HP ENVY 17t-j000 Select Edition is an example of this. It’s a sleek metal laptop with a good display and keyboard.

This is a pretty versatile laptop. It can be customized for entertainment, work, or a bit of both. Since it comes with a good processor, you can expect a responsive experience, no matter what kind of task you are doing.

It’s compatible with 3rd generation i5 processors from Intel. This is a good amount of processing power for a laptop these days.

There are some good memory options for this HP laptop as well. The base option is 6 GB system memory (2 DIMM). It’s expandable to 8 GB, 12 GB, or 16 GB. It’s better to order more memory than you think you’ll need as opposed to not ordering enough. If you decide to add more later on down the road, you’ll find that the 17t-j000 Select Edition is built for easy access to the internal components. The body is easy to take apart if you want to swap components or add new ones.

The diagonal display is 17.3-inches with full HD. This type of screen is usually found on high-end entertainment laptops, so it’s a very welcome addition to this affordable HP notebook. Whether you’re watching a movie, video, or simply want to look at photos, you can expect to have a high-definition experience.

HP ENVY 17t-j000 Select Edition Graphics Cards

You can also immerse yourself in your favorite games if you add NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics to your laptop when you order it. The base option is Intel HD Graphics (4000), but you can easily upgrade to NVIDIA if you wish.

There is enough room for a large hard drive and optical drive both. You can save all of your favorite files on the hard drive and make backup copies on discs. The base option for the hard drive is 750 GB (5400 RPM). If you require more for your storage needs, you can upgrade to 1 TB, 1.5 TB, or 2 TB. There is also an option for a dual hard drive and hybrid hard drive. As for the optical drive, a standard SuperMulti 8X is the default option. It comes with double layer support. You can also add on a Blu-Ray writer or player if you want.

This is just an overview of what all you can expect from the HP ENVY 17t-j000 Select Edition. It’s a good, affordable laptop that offers plenty of configuration options. Even if you want to stick with its base specifications, you’ll still end up with a great laptop that offers speed and good performance.

Check out some HP ENVY 17t-j000 Select Edition coupons if you want to get a good deal on this laptop. The best place to buy any laptop is online, since HP offers some exclusive discounts to internet shoppers. This is a great laptop, so you don’t want to miss out on your chance to get it.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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