Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A

Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A Overview: A Thin, UltraPortable Machine with Four Color Options & Great Performance

A lot of laptop companies claim to make “attractive, lightweight” machines these days, but none match up to MacBooks. You really can’t get wrong with a machine such as the Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A, as it delivers a full-size experience in the most compact, lightest form possible, much in part due to the PCIe-based flash storage it comes equipped with, which is considerably more space-efficient than a traditional hard drive.

The design includes a keyboard featuring a “butterfly mechanism”, which means that the keyboard is constructed as a single assembly from a more durable material than that of the traditional “scissor mechanism”. Thus, the keys have a larger surface area and deeper curvature, along you to type more easily and naturally.

This machine is available in four gorgeous colors: gold rose gold, silver, and space gray. The Retina display is 12-inches and paper thin at just .88-mm. The edge-to-edge glass is only .5-mm thick. Not only is the display thin, it has a high resolution of 2304×1440 and 178-degree viewing angles. The aspect ratio is 16:10. Additionally, the display is free of mercury, BFR PVC, and beryllium. The glass is arsenic-free. The 12-inch display is an upgrade from the smaller iPhone and iPad displays.

As far as performance goes, you get an Intel Core m5 or m3 processor and 515 Intel HD graphics. Max Turbo speed allows for up to 2.2GHz with the dual-core processor. The 8GB of RAM (LPDDR3 SDRAM) has a speed of 1866MHz.

Hard Drive Options for Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A

As mentioned above, the storage comes in the form of a flash drive. 256GB is the cheaper option. You can go with 512GB when making the initial purchase of the Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A.

It’s not just the display and the keyboard that are great on this machine; the trackpad is as well. Unlike those found on other notebooks, the Force Touch trackpad uses sensors that detect the amount of pressure you are applying and provides you with an immersive way of communicating with the MacBook.

The sensitivity is customizable. You can adjust how much pressure you feel should be provided in order to register a click. The trackpad is able to detect whether you are clicking with your finger or thumb, and automatically adjusts the level accordingly.

The battery is very impressive, with its 41.4-Wh capacity and run time of up to 11 hours. Some users even reportedly get 13 hours of usage with the display brightness turned down. Plus, a standby time of 30 days cannot be beat!

Anybody who appreciates sleek, thin designs will love the look of the Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A. It packs a good amount of performance for its size.

Apple MacBook MLH72LL/A reviews give you an idea of what you can expect with this notebook. If you really want to buy it, you may want to first get yourself some MacBook promo codes. There are plenty of savings options available for online shoppers.

For prices, check out the Apple computers page.

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