HP Pavilion 570-p015z

HP Pavilion 570-p015z Guide: A Budget Desktop with Powerful Processor, Graphics, 8GB Memory, and Scalability

One of the best known companies for making and selling budget desktops is HP. If you can’t afford a high-end desktop and want something as inexpensive as possible, your best option might be the HP Pavilion 570-p015z. It comes with an AMD quad-core processor and AMD Radeon graphics and it doesn’t cost much at all. This desktop offers a lot of value, no matter what you plan to use it for.

There are four USB 3.0 ports that you can use to sync with the latest high-speed devices. They are also backwards compatible with all of your USB 2.0 devices if you want to charge or sync them. With next-gen. wireless connectivity, you can wirelessly connect the Pavilion to an AC router in your home or office and get 3x the speed of Wireless-N. The Bluetooth 4.2 interface allows for wireless transfer of photos and other media between Bluetooth-enabled devices and the desktop.

Additional ports include an HDMI output and jacks for your microphone and headphone. Use the HDMI to connect the PC to a high-definition monitor.

This sleek, silver tower has been built to last. HP has put it through 100+ tests to ensure its reliability and durability. At 12.57-lbs it can be considered a small form factor tower. It measures 12.4-inches in width, 6.42-inches in depth, and 12.09-inches in height.

Here is an overview of the HP Pavilion 570-p015z’s specs:

• Processor: AMD Quad-Core APU A8-9600 / 3.1GHz / 2MB cache
• Memory: 8GB SDRAM DDR4 – 2400
• Graphics AMD Radeon R7
• Hard drive: 1TB SATA 7200 RPM
• Optical drive: DVD writer
• Operating system: Windows 64 Home 10

Since there are 2 DIMM memory slots, you can add more memory if the 8GB isn’t enough for your needs. There is also an M.2 expansion slot and 1 M.2 PCIe expansion slot.

Processor of the HP Pavilion 570-p015z

These are some impressive specs considering this is a budget desktop. You should be able to play most games on it at medium settings without any problems. Windows 10 is a good operating system that has new features like the Edge Web browser.

The quad-core processor allows for powerful multitasking performance. You can run multiple browsers and programs at once and easily switch back and forth between tasks without having to worry about anything crashing.

With all of these features it’s no wonder that HP is such a popular brand for personal home PC users and business users alike. Whatever your needs are with a computer, the HP Pavilion 570-p015z will surely be able to meet them – and it’s a lot more affordable than a high-end computer.

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For prices, check out the HP page.

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