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HP Sprout Pro Review – A Look at This All-in-One Workstation & 3D Scanner and Everything It Offers

If you want a high-quality, powerful workstation that can handle advanced 3D scanning and editing, and provide a highly accurate precision active pen, the new HP Sprout Pro is probably for you. It has been completely redesigned and is a lot more technologically advanced than its predecessor. This machine offers everything you need to manipulate the digital and physical words in innovative ways. It is essentially a PC, high-resolution camera, and projector all in one.

The Touch Mat and 3D and 2D capture capabilities are very impressive. With the “Quick 3D Capture” feature, the Sprout Pro can read just about any object that you hold and rotate in front of the camera. The “Touch Mat” touchscreen supports 20 simultaneous touch points. Another neat feature is the WorkTools app suite that allows you to scan and save objects in 3D / 2D in an interactive clipboard.

What kind of processor, memory, and other specs can you expect with the HP Sprout Pro?

• Processor: Intel Core i7 quad-core w/ Intel HD Graphics (640) / 2.9GHz / 8MB cache
• Dedicated graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2GB GDDR5 (960M)
• Display: 23.8-inch diagonal full HD / touch-enabled/ white LED backlit display / 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Storage: 512GB SATA SSD
• Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400 (non ECC) SDRAM
• OS: Windows 10 Pro 64

An M.2 connectivity slot (2280) is included for optional M.2 PCIe Solid State Drive. With 2 SODIMM memory slots, you can add an additional memory module.

The problem many users had with the previous version of the Sprout is that the stylus was passive. This new one with the Pro model is active and very precise. The Pro G2 is able to distinguish between input from the stylus and your hand.

HP Sprout Pro’s Ports and Connections

There are multiple USB ports for charging and an HDMI 2.0 output for connecting the HP Sprout Pro to another display. The four USB ports are versions 3.0. You also get 1 SD media slot and a microphone / headphone combo.

Additional features include Bang and Olufsen audio technology, an HP high-definition 14MP web camera, and an HP wireless full-featured keyboard. The overhead beamer is programmed to project an additional screen on a touch-sensitive placement. An Orbbec Astra S sensor is integrated into the machine.

It’s obvious that HP has done a good job at making 3D scanning and manipulating as simple as possible. Perhaps the best thing about the HP Sprout Pro is that it offers both professional and fun possibilities. You don’t have to just use it for work – you can simply play around and experiment as well.

If you are worried about the price of this all-in-one machine – don’t be; there are HP discounts available for you as long as you shop online. Take the time to look over some HP Sprout Pro coupons to learn about how they can help you save money.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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