HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt

HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt Review: A Close Look at This Nice Gaming, Compact Gaming Tower & Its Features

Don’t let anything prevent you from playing your favorite games on a desktop PC – especially price. HP’s Omen Obelisk series is known for high-performance AND affordable desktop PCs that can handle most games. You can even have a desktop personalised with all of the specs you require. The price on desktops like the HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt varies depending on which model you choose.

As far as desktop computer aesthetics go, the 875 is actually a bit “boring”, but that’s a good thing for those who don’t want a giant, heavy flashy machine sitting in their room. This one is available in either small form factor (SFF) tower or a mid-size tower. It’s just large enough for a bit of serviceability and expansion. There is a full-tempered glass side panel with some interior RGB lighting, which can be customized along with the Omen logo on the front. These are separate lighting zones, an you can change their colors and patterns if you want. There is an option to turn the lighting off altogether.

The chassis features a “Shadow Black” front bezel, a dark chrome logo, and a glass side panel.

While this series starts off with just the basics for casual gamers, the HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt itself is customized for mid-level to hardcore gamers. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Bronze registered machine. HP usually does a good job at meeting strict energy-efficient requirements to help reduce carbon footprints.

Liquid cooling technology allows for hassle-free thermal management to keep sensitive components from overheating or overloading. With a tool-less design, owners can easily get inside to swap out the hard drives. With just a double-sided screwdriver, owners can get all the way inside.

HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt Specifications

Here is a rundown of the HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt:

• OS: Windows 10 Home-64
• Processor: Intel Core i7-9700K – 3.6-GHz base frequency – to 4.9-GHz with turbo boost / 12MB cache / 8-cores
• Memory: HyperX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4-2666 SDRAM – upgradable to 64GB (4-DIMM)
• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX (discrete) 2070 Super (8GB GDDR6 dedicated)
• Storage: 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 solid state drive
• Secondary storage: 1TB 7200-RPM
• power supply: 750-W Platinum Efficiency

A few other features include DTS Studio Sound, Liquid Cooling Solution (for the processor), dust filter, HDMI, 3 DisplayPort, and 1 Virtual Link – USB Type-C.

The OMEN Command Center makes it easy to control all of the custom settings for a unique, personal gaming experience. All it takes is a few clicks and you can safely over-clock CPU, optimize connectivity with “Network Booster”, and customize chassis lighting with the HP OMEN Obelisk 875-1055xt.

For prices, check out the HP page.

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