Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3

Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3 Review: All the Details about This “Smart” Washer, Its Technology, & Features

This 7.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer looks excellent – especially in its Champagne finish. You can also purchase it in Platinum or White. Whichever color you get, you can be sure that the Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3 will work well. It will effectively dry clothes and bedding. The dryer will also use Steam Sanitize+ technology to eliminate 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. It even eliminates 100% of dust mites and 95% + pollen.

You won’t have to worry about wrinkles either. Multi-steam technology “relaxes” the fabric and smoothes out the wrinkles. Sensor Dry optimizes the temperature and cycle time to dry the entire load without damaging the clothes thoroughly. You won’t even have to do as much ironing thanks to the steam feature.

Like most Samsung appliances, you can control the dryer via smartphone. The Smart Care function makes it easy to do troubleshooting from your phone or tablet. The app also interacts with the compatible Samsung washer and the dryer, should you decide to invest in both.

There is zero lint to worry about, as the Vent Sensor feature continually monitors the air ducts and notifies you whenever there is a lint buildup. The Lint Filter Indicator will remind y when to clean the filter in the Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3.

Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3 Drying Cycles

There are ten drying cycles: Steam Sanitizer+, Refresh, Heavy Duty, Normal, Bedding, Permanent Press, Delicates, Air Fluff, Time Dry, and Quick Dry. When drying, choose one of the five temperature settings: Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, and High. This machine is a high-efficiency dryer with steam function, moisture sensor, and “fill-hose” water source.

Some of the options and programs include Adjust Time (down and up), Damp Alert, Eco Dry, Wrinkle Prevent, Alarm Off, Smart Care, Child Lock, and Drum Light. Additionally, an internal drum light allows you to see what you’re doing when loading and unloading the Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3. The light illuminates the laundry and the interior of the dryer, allowing you to see every single item, including stray socks that would ordinarily be hard to spot and left behind.

It doesn’t matter how you organized your laundry room or what is its layout. The reversible door allows you to open the dryer up in any direction for maximum convenience. An 18:88 style display with Ice Blue LED lighting complements the design.

They made the Samsung Dryer DVE45R6100C/A3 to last. It’s affordable thanks to Samsung discounts and financing options at the online store. The washer is worth looking into as well – the pair work great together.

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